What is pure water? Distinguish pure water and mineral water

Drinking clean water is essential for maintaining good health. Currently, there are many famous bottled water brands on the market. However, in general, only a few types of water are common. In particular, pure drinking water and mineral water are used by many people. Today, Ocany will introduce to you what is purified water? Benefits and risks of using purified water.

What is pure water?

Pure water is water that does not contain impurities, bacteria, viruses and even trace minerals. Water is produced using specialized filtration techniques to remove impurities from a variety of water sources from tap water, groundwater and well water.

Pure drinking water has good solubility. This type of water has many uses, but most of it is still used for drinking. In addition, water is also used to provide drugs, in technical experiments.

Pure water

Pure water is water that does not contain impurities, bacteria, viruses and even trace minerals.

Benefits of pure water for the body

The amount of water supplied to the body needs to be constant, and the water source needs to be clean. Any natural water source can contain impurities and pathogens, so we need to use purified water such as purified drinking water. Pure drinking water also brings many unexpected benefits to your health. The following are the positive effects of purified water on health.

Reduce the risk of disease

Purified water is a source of water that has been treated, filtering out bacteria, impurities and metals harmful to the human body. Using this water daily is an effective way to prevent diseases such as cholera – cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, etc. In addition, purified drinking water also improves blood circulation for the immune system.

Maintain and control weight

There are no calories in water, which helps to maintain and control weight. It is possible to use pure water for weight loss support because of its safety and effectiveness. The benefits that this method of weight loss brings:

  • Safe, natural
  • Save
  • Suppress appetite
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce water retention

Drinking enough water will help curb your appetite. Studies and analyzes have shown that water enhances metabolism, helps reduce calorie intake, the main cause of obesity.

For youthful and healthy skin

Skin and water have a special bond with each other. When surveying some models and actors, their skin care secret  was simply drinking water regularly.

Drinking pure water regularly helps to bring youthful and healthy skin

Drinking pure water regularly helps to bring youthful and healthy skin.

Some effects of pure water on your skin:

  • Moisturizing:  The skin needs to be adequately moisturized, otherwise dry, cracked skin will appear. Drinking enough water will help keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Increases skin elasticity: Water helps maintain skin’s moisture. This also improves skin elasticity. When drinking enough water, promote the body to produce collagen, also help wounds on the surface of the skin to heal faster.
  • Detoxify the body: Pure drinking water will bring healthy and youthful skin as they help to detoxify the body. Water helps to remove toxins through sweat and urine.

Good for joints

Water makes up about 31% of bone. The moisture of the water will help the joints move more flexibly. It acts as a lubricant between joints and ligaments. Many people share they have reduced swelling and joint pain after using purified water.

Boost metabolism

Many scientific studies have shown that water is related to the body’s metabolic rate. Specifically, the study observed that a group of people who drank 500ml for about an hour increased their metabolic rate by up to 30%, even during rest. In particular, if you drink cold water, the calorie-burning effect will be stronger because the body will have to use energy to heat the water.

Pure water helps the body to increase metabolism

Pure water helps the body to increase metabolism.

Good for the kidneys

Drinking water will support the kidneys to eliminate toxins outside, drinking water needs to take place regularly, so drinking too much water at the same time will cause the opposite effect, putting pressure on the kidneys which is harmful to health.

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Each day, depending on the condition, living habits and needs of each person, the amount of water needed will not be the same. Usually 1-2 liters of water is the ideal number for each person.

Pure water or cooled boiled water, which is better?

To answer this question, we need to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of pure drinking water and boiled water.

About pure water:

Bottled and bottled purified water products have become popular, especially in urban areas and big cities. According to experts, you can drink purified water daily, they are safe for health with advantages such as:

  • Treated with modern filtration technology: pure drinking water can be drunk directly, no need to cook and contains no harmful pollutants to humans.
  • Filters out over 95% of bacteria: the treatment system will almost completely remove bacteria, contaminants, impurities, metals, etc.

Regarding cooled boiled water:

Review of boiled and cooled water, this is an age-old way of treating drinking water. They are simple, fast and low cost. When the boiling point is reached, certain types of bacteria in the water are destroyed. The disadvantages of this type of water are:

  • It takes time to boil and cannot drink directly, must wait for the water to cool.
  • Boiling water cannot remove impurities and heavy metals
  • Heavy electricity consumption
  • Loss of natural taste of water
  • Reinfection is possible after a period of exposure to the air.

So what kind of water should be used? In fact, these two types of water are safe, if you know how to use them. With pure water, you need to choose a water source with quality filtration technology. As for cooled boiled water, you need to choose a clean input water source (pure water can be used for cooking instead of tap water), do not drink boiled water to cool overnight, do not mix freshly boiled water with water. old will allow bacteria to thrive.

In addition to these two types of water, you should combine other types of water to supplement minerals fully for the body such as mineral water, lemon juice, coconut water, etc.

Distinguish pure water and mineral water

To evaluate a water source, there are usually 3 common criteria: origin, composition and production process. Let’s distinguish between  pure water and mineral water, what’s the difference?

Distinguish pure water and mineral water

Distinguish pure water and mineral water.

Water source

Mineral water:   Produced from natural underground springs and springs. This water source contains beneficial mineral trace elements.
Purified water: Produced from easy-to-find water sources such as domestic water, well water is filtered through a specialized filtration system.


Mineral water: In addition to water, it also contains trace minerals such as Ca, Na, Mg, Fe, etc., which are beneficial to the body.
Pure water: Water (H2O) with almost no minerals in the composition table or very little.

Production process

Mineral water

  • Step 1:  Pump water into the tank, filter out all impurities. Kill microorganisms with chlorine.
  • Step 2:   Filter through a quartz membrane to remove suspended solids remaining in the water.
  • Step 3:  Use activated carbon to retain dissolved solids.
  • Step 4:  Let the water pass through the microfiltration system with a microfiltration membrane of only 1.45÷1μm, removing 100% of the remaining impurities in the water.
  • Step 5:  Finally,  sterilize by ultraviolet light system to avoid re-infection, maintain the stability of mineral water.
  • Step 6:  Pour into bottles and jars that have been cleaned according to standards.

Pure water

  • Step 1: The multi-purpose filtration system contains 3 layers of membranes with different materials. Each layer is about 66 – 102 cm thick. The first layer is activated carbon, the middle is Calcined Alumim Silicate and the last layer is a layer of quartz sand. The water will be filtered turbidity, rebalancing the pH in the water.
  • Step 2:  Activated carbon system will help decolor, deodorize, residual chlorine (THMs). Besides, activated carbon can absorb some particularly dangerous chemicals such as Aldicarb, Aldrin, Endrin, Perchlorethylene (PCE), Trichlorethylene (TCE) and Benzene.
  • Step 3: The water softening system (Softner) uses cation exchange resin to soften and regenerate NaCl. Softner water softener will accurately calculate total dissolved solids. After that, the necessary plastic particles and NaCl are determined to help the most stable water quality.
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Potential dangers when using purified water in the wrong way

Abuse or improper use of purified water will cause your body to encounter very serious problems. Therefore, learn carefully to prevent and protect the health of yourself and your family. Besides benefits, pure drinking water also brings health risks if abused.

Potential dangers when using purified water in the wrong way

Potential dangers when using purified water in the wrong way.

Confusion between clean water and pure water

As mentioned above, purified water has almost completely removed impurities, including healthy minerals. It will give you only one thing which is H2O (water).

There are still many people who mistakenly believe that purified drinking water is a clean and very safe water. But clean water is the kind of water that only removes substances that are harmful to the body, but it will also add other beneficial elements besides H2O.

Cause water shock

According to a warning from WHO, the use of purified water with low mineral content too much will cause negative effects on the body, especially with children. It is easy to cause water sock when drinking water too quickly. This is a very dangerous thing.

Risk of cerebral edema, convulsions and osteoporosis in children

If children regularly use purified water, they will face the risk of cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases. The main reason for this is that in pure water there is absolutely no calcium and magnesium content – two minerals important for the development of young children.

Gastrointestinal and cardiovascular risk

Studies by Russian scientists show that, when using water with low mineral content daily, the body is susceptible to dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, inflammation. stomach ulcers.

Drinking water with low mineral content can lead to cardiovascular disease

Drinking water with low mineral content can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Risk of goiter and growth retardation

Recent studies have shown that children living in areas with low mineral water content are more likely to suffer from diseases such as goiter, anemia, osteoporosis and growth retardation. Therefore, using purified water without mineral content regularly will be extremely dangerous.

Feeling of headache and dizziness when using pure water when hungry

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Hong Con, Department of Chemistry, Hanoi National University, said that: “Pure water is also considered as “dead water” for living organisms. They usually have a sweet sweet taste that is easy to drink. But if a person is in a state of hunger, thirst, if drinking pure water, it is easy to feel a headache and dizziness.

This is explained that when the body is hungry or thirsty, but when you put pure drinking water in, the body will have a reverse reaction, will have to secrete minerals and micronutrients for the purpose of neutralizing the electrolyte solution. in the body and balance the concentration of water to penetrate into the intestines. This is a very dangerous thing.

TOP 9 popular pure drinking water brands on the market

Purified water is widely used in daily life. Some of the following drinking water companies have been highly appreciated by customers for their product quality.


Aquafina is a drinking water company that is no longer a stranger to Vietnamese people. This is a beverage company belonging to Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, the parent company is PepsiCo Inc 700 Anderson Hill Road, USA.

Aquafina is a famous drink brand

Aquafina is a famous drink brand.

Products of Suntory PepsiCo are manufactured under the copyright of Purchase, New York 10577, PepsiCo Inc 700 Anderson Hill Road, USA.

Aquafina water is produced with a closed proprietary method with 7 steps of Hydrogenation. The RO reverse osmosis system and UV sterilization technology will make the water more pure and free of harmful impurities.

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Bidrico’s name is increasingly known after becoming the only beverage brand sponsoring APEC 2017.

Bidrico pure drinking water

Bidrico pure drinking water

Bidrico pure drinking water product line is produced by Tan Quang Minh company. Bidrico water is extracted from high quality groundwater, treated with modern technology and lines to ensure absolute quality and safety when reaching consumers.

Bidrico purified water has many packing specifications to suit the diverse needs of customers. For individual activities, you can choose Bidrico 350ml, 500ml bottles. In addition, the Bidrico 19L bottle is chosen by many families and businesses.


Sapuwa is a leading brand of pure drinking water in Vietnam. Was honored to receive the “Gold Cup of Vietnamese Prestige – Quality Products in 2006”.

Pure water Sapuwa

Pure water Sapuwa

Sapuwa has been on the market since 1992 and is also the first product to receive international certifications for water quality. The most outstanding feature of Sapuwa comes from the core factors, they focus on quality water source and modern treatment system.

After selecting a quality input water source, the water is put into a closed treatment system and sterilized by Ozone beam before being transferred to the packaging process.


PETAL purified water is researched and produced by Hoang Tran company. This brand is quite popular because of its quality, reputation and reasonable price.

Pure water PETAL

Pure water PETAL

PETAL has received prestigious awards, including the gold medal of the International Trade Fair 2010 and became a member of the International Quality Association. To achieve that, PETAL is always strict in each production process.

After finding a quality groundwater source, the water will be treated with modern RO technology. This technology helps to almost completely remove impurities and metals that are harmful to human health. As a result, PETAL’s products are always the ideal choice for users.

Lavie Viva

Lavie is a brand that leaves many good impressions in the minds of Vietnamese users. With the production process based on the most advanced and modern technology, Lavie purified water is highly appreciated by experts for the safety and quality of water.

Lavie Viva 

Lavie Viva

Lavie water was born after a series of closed filtration processes, ensuring the removal of 99.9% of dirt, impurities, bacteria and odors … present in the water. The plus point of this brand is that the water source is exploited from underground aquifers or water in rock caves. Thanks to that, Lavie Viva pure water still retains the freshness of mother nature.

Lavie Viva pure water products are widely sold at grocery stores, markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc., at affordable prices suitable for the majority of Vietnamese users. The product has been granted clearance by the Ministry of Health, ensuring full compliance with quality and safety criteria for users.


Dasani drinking water is a product pure water the company’s slogan is to keep the green environment sustainable. Dasani water has pure water taste, water quality is always up to the standard to help customers always be most satisfied.




Satori is a famous Japanese beverage company. The company applies an 8-step filtration process, which helps to retain some beneficial minerals, enhancing the taste of the water.

Drinking water ensures water quality certifications such as QCVN, ISO 17025, FSSC 22000, ISO 2200, HACCP.




Vihawa pure water is the “brother” of Vinh Hao mineral water. These two products are both manufactured at Vinh Hao mineral water company. Vinh Hao has been in the market for a long time, considered the “elder” in the bottled water industry in Vietnam.



Therefore, the “brother” of Vihawa pure drinking water will certainly not disappoint you.

Vihawa pure water is created on a completely closed chain. The original water source will be purified of impurities by the RO system. Along with UV technology, Vihawa water is completely sterilized, eliminating impurities such as bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. in the input water.


Wami pure water is produced by Southern Aviation Trading Joint Stock Company. This brand is currently a partner to supply water for Vietnam Airlines. However, you can still buy Wami water to serve your daily needs.



It is known that Wami is a member of the world quality association and Wami’s purified water product was also awarded a gold medal at the 1999 International Trade Fair.

This achievement is thanks to Wami’s unremitting efforts. Wami has used natural mineral water and treated it with the world’s most advanced filtration line. Therefore, Wami was voted as a safe and pure drinking water product for public health.


Purified water and mineral water are used as daily drinking water. However, each type of water has different uses and indications. If you use mineral water, you need to pay attention to high blood pressure and kidney problems. Hopefully the article has helped you have a more in-depth view of information what is purified water and the benefits and risks of using purified drinking water as well as distinguishing it from mineral water.

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