Standard height and weight chart at the age of 14

One of the most accurate ways to help you know if you have developed properly is to refer to the standard height and weight chart at the age of 14. This article will help you answer “all” questions about growth. physical development at the age of 14.

What is the standard height at the age of 14?

The standard height at the age of 14 for men is 163.8cm and for women is 160.4cm. Weight corresponding to two standard height levels at the age of 14 is 50.8kg for men and 47.6kg for women. This is the result of a healthy lifestyle that meets all of your nutrition, exercise and sleep needs. Continue to maintain these good habits to be able to achieve the tremendous growth rate of puberty!

Table of height and weight standard age 14

The standard height and weight table for the age of 14 years given by the World Health Organization (WHO) is as follows:

Height (cm) Weight (kg) Height (cm) Weight (kg)
13 years old 156.2 45.3 157.1 45.8
14 years old 163.8 50.8 160.4 47.6
15 years old 170.1 56.0 162.1 52.1

Compared with the age of 13, the height at the age of 14 has changed markedly and the growth rate is different between men and women. The average 14-year-old male increases by 7cm per year, while the female has an increase of 2-3cm per year.

14 years old is the time when you are in puberty, your height will change constantly not only through each age but also in each month. You can refer to the table of height and weight standard age 14 through each month below.

0 first 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ten 11
male 163.2 163.7 164.3 164.8 165.3 165.8 166.3 166.8 167.2 167.7 168.1 168.5
Female 159.8 160 160.2 160.4 160.6 160.7 160.9 161 161.2 161.3 161.4 161.6

You may not achieve the growth rate month by month as the table above, as long as your actual height and weight are still within the standard range, you can rest assured.

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Does puberty affect height growth?

According to research, puberty is one of three stages that directly affect the natural growth of height. So what’s the difference between puberty in boys and puberty in girls and how do they affect them?

Puberty in boys

Puberty in boys usually begins between the ages of 9 and 14, with an average age of 12. In some cases, you may have early puberty (before age 9) or late puberty (after age 14). Common signs of puberty in boys are:

  • Massive growth in weight and height, broader shoulders and muscular development.
  • The sweat glands develop strongly, which can cause acne.
  • Penis and testicular growth, having “wet dreams” at night.
  • The voice will be lower.

At the age of 14, your height will grow very strongly, on average each year can increase from 7-8cm and peak 8-10cm in any 1 or 2 years. The growth of height can be prolonged and slow down to 17, 18 years old. Some cases can develop until the age of 20, 21 but the growth rate is very low.

The height of boys and girls increases very rapidly during puberty

The height of boys and girls increases very rapidly during puberty

Puberty in females

Puberty in girls begins earlier than boys, from 8 to 13 years old, with an average of 11 years. If you hit puberty before the age of 8, it is early puberty, and after the age of 13-15, it is considered delayed puberty. The telltale sign of puberty in girls is breast growth, not the appearance of menstruation, but many people often think.

Many people think that the process of female height growth takes place continuously from childhood to puberty. Based on the first menstrual period to predict the possibility of stopping height growth.

Females will have their first period 2 years after breast development. From this point, the height will increase by 2 – 2.5cm, then stop completely. That is also the reason why women often have a limited height than men, most of them stop growing at the age of 15, 16.

Early puberty or late puberty can cause your height to grow more slowly than your peers, and your ability to reach the standard height as an adult is also significantly reduced.

How to increase height at the age of 14?

You can apply the following ways to increase height at the age of 14 effectively:

Reasonable diet

At the age of 14, the bone regeneration process will take place continuously, promoting a rapid increase in bone length. Meanwhile, nutrition is the most important factor for natural height growth, so building a reasonable diet is essential.

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Make sure to provide the body with about 2,200 – 2,400 calories and essential nutrients for the body through:

  • 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day.
  • Incorporate a variety of foods in your meals.
A healthy meal will help you get enough nutrition for maximum growth

A healthy meal will help you get enough nutrition for maximum growth

Here are some nutrition tips that you can refer to and apply to your meals:

  • Prepare a serving with 50% vegetables, 25% starch and 25% protein.
  • Replacing fast-metabolizing starches with slow-metabolizing starches (sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc.) will keep you fuller for longer.
  • Legumes (especially soybeans) and eggs are foods that contain a lot of protein as well as essential amino acids for height.
  • Use products that support height increase.

The products that support height increase all work for one main purpose, which is to “fill” the nutritional gap that the meal does not provide enough. This is also an effective way to optimize nutrition to increase height at the age of 14 that you should not ignore.

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Be physically active, do sports

Exercises and sports will put a lot of force on bones, promote mineralization and modeling, and increase bone density. Exercise also stimulates the production of growth hormone – an important factor for height growth. Some stretching exercises like yoga also have musculoskeletal rehabilitation properties.

Don't skip exercise if you want to improve your height at the age of 14

Don’t skip exercise if you want to improve your height at the age of 14

Choosing a suitable sport and having a regular exercise schedule every day is a way for you to maximize your ability to develop at the age of 14. Some sports have a strong impact such as: Swimming, football , basketball, skipping rope, volleyball, badminton, etc. Please spend at least 45 minutes – 1 hour a day to practice.

Improve living environment

Sleep and environment govern 25% of height growth. So creating a good environment for yourself will also help you maximize your height during this breakout period.

About sleep:

  • Maintain good bedtime habits for better sleep.
  • It is best to start sleeping at 10pm and sleep continuously for at least 8 hours a night.
  • Pay attention to the bedroom environment (light, sound, temperature, …).

About environment:

  • Take care of social relationships and always stay positive.
  • Think optimistically, seek support when needed.
  • Avoid prolonged stress because it can affect height growth.

Improving the environment requires not only your efforts, but also the nurturing from your parents. If possible, talk to your parents about this and ask for their help!

Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is an indispensable component for the growth of height at the age of 14. Vitamin D plays a role in the metabolism of Calcium and Phosphorus, helping the absorption of Calcium take place better. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to malnutrition.

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You can get vitamin D in three ways:

  • Use natural foods: Fish (salmon, herring, sardines), egg yolks, mushrooms, milk, …
  • Sunbathing: Sunlight when exposed to the skin can produce precursors to create vitamin D. In addition to sunbathing, you can exercise in the sun for about 7-10 minutes every morning or afternoon.
  • Supplementing from supporting products: The processing of food can lead to loss of the inherent amount of vitamin D, supporting products both help supplement vitamin D and add other nutrients necessary for height.
Sunbathing activities in the sun is a way to supplement vitamin C for the body

Sunbathing activities in the sun is a way to supplement vitamin C for the body

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight

Wearing clothes that are too tight will not make you shorter by a few centimeters, but it does have an indirect impact on your ability to grow taller through 3 different effects:

  • When you wear clothes that hug your body, you will tend to eat less to control your weight.
  • Wearing overly quality clothing also limits mobility, increasing the tendency to be lazy to move.
  • Clothes that are tight, rough, too thin in the winter or too thick in the summer can make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Choosing an outfit that fits your body makes it easy for you to perform activities and can enhance the healthy features of your body.

Milk supplement to increase height for 14-year-olds

Does adding milk to increase height for 14-year-olds really work? The answer is yes, but on condition that you use it in a reasonable amount.

You can add animal milk (cow’s milk, goat’s milk, …) in your daily diet to increase height. These types of milk are rich in calcium, vitamin D is very beneficial for bones. In addition to animal milk, you can also add nut milk (almond, walnut, …). Nuts stand out for their calcium, magnesium and especially protein content.

Nut milk is also an ideal choice to help you increase your height at the age of 14

Nut milk is also an ideal choice to help you increase your height at the age of 14

Although milk is good, it is still high in fat by nature. To optimize the effect from drinking milk to increase height for 14-year-olds, you should only use about 500-600ml per day and divide it evenly into 3 meals. Importantly, milk is only a nutritional supplement, but cannot completely replace a nutritious meal.

Possessing a standard height will open many opportunities in the future. The age of 14 is the time of puberty, so make the most of your potential height by the ways that Health and Beauty is gold suggested to you in this article Height and weight standard at 14 years old . Wish you soon achieve the height “thousands of people desire”!

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