6 ways to drink water to lose weight or not everyone knows

If you are a person who is interested in fitness and health, you must have heard of the method Drink water to lose weight. However, many of you are still wondering about this seemingly “easy as a mouse chewing rice” method, right?. To better understand this method, let’s Ocany learn about in the following article.

Why drinking water can lose weight?

Here are the great reasons and uses that make water a great aid in our weight loss process.

Drinking water helps suppress our appetite

When drinking water or eating foods and fruits with a lot of water, the stomach will be deceived that they are “full”. From there, the stomach signals our body not to need to take in food anymore. When the body is no longer “hungry”, we will also reduce our appetite.

Grasping the working principle of the stomach and water, try drinking a full glass of water before meals. Thus, cravings will disappear, making food intake significantly reduced.

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Drinking a glass of water before eating is an effective way to lose weight

According to a recent study of 50 overweight women, they drank half a liter of water about 30 minutes before a meal. The results also surprised them when the amount of fat and weight was reduced and the craving for “guilty” also disappeared.

Drinking water helps burn calories

The reason water works in the process of burning calories is because of the intake of water. Our body needs to expend a certain amount of calories to warm the water before it can be digested. Therefore, according to this mechanism, drinking cold water, ice will help burn more calories than drinking warm water.

In 2014, there was a study in 12 adults about the ability of water to promote calorie burning. They drank 500ml of ice and room temperature water at regular intervals every day. One positive result showed that they burned about 2 to 3% more calories than people who didn’t drink water within 90 minutes.

These studies have aimed to confirm the great use of water in promoting calorie burning in the body.

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Water helps burn calories effectively

Drinking lots of water reduces the risk of weight gain and obesity

Signs of weight gain appear when we eat too many high-calorie foods and drinks, which means that if we want to lose weight, we need to choose foods and drinks that have little or no calories. Filtered water is a great choice, both saving and effective weight loss.

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There have been a number of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of water in curbing childhood obesity. Specifically, one study was conducted at 17 school sites. Experts coordinate with the school to install a system of filtered water tanks, and regularly educate children about the importance of filtered water for the body. The study ended and released the statement: “The percentage of children with obesity has decreased by 31%” compared to 1 year ago.

Other studies have also concluded that: “Drinking plain water may limit long-term weight gain”. On average, every 4 years our body will gain 1.45 kg. Filtered water will help us change the amount of weight by:

  • Increase water intake in the body: Drinking an extra 1.2 cups of water a day can in the long run the body lose 0.13kg.
  • Replace sugary, carbonated water with filtered water: Eliminating sugary carbonated drinks in the long run will help you lose another 0.5kg.

Learn 6 principles of effective weight loss drinking water

Drink water throughout the day

Drinking water all day is effective in reducing cravings and drinking high-calorie drinks such as milk tea or snacks that are enemies of weight. Therefore, make it a habit to drink water regularly.

  • If you feel bored with plain water, you can add your favorite fruits. It has the effect of helping you lose weight, while helping the body to be detoxified and detoxified;
  • If you go out, always carry it with you bottled water lose weight to drink whenever you need to;
  • Remind yourself to drink water regularly by placing a newspaper on your phone. Gradually, drinking water will become a habit without prompting.

Drink water before eating

This is a method that you should not ignore if you decide to lose weight by drinking water. As mentioned in the previous section, drinking water before a meal helps you reduce cravings significantly, so about 30 minutes before a meal, try drinking a full glass of water. Your appetite will disappear, gradually the portion size will also be less.

Replenish water after drinking high-calorie water

If you have had soft drinks, milk tea or alcoholic drinks. Find a way to “fix” by drinking an amount of filtered water equal to or more than the amount of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks you already drink. This helps you flush out toxins and calories from those drinks. Note, this amount of filtered water is not included in the amount of water to drink in the day!

Make sure your body is getting enough water.

Currently, nutritionists have found a formula to calculate the amount of water needed in the body. This formula is based on each person’s activity level and weight status. You can also calculate the right amount of water yourself using the formula:

Weight (kg) x 2 x 0.5 = Amount of water required (oz)

In there: 1oz = 0.03l

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For example: a person weighing 60 kg should drink: 60 x 2 x 0.5 = 60oz = 60 x 0.03 = 1.8 liters of water.

Below is a table of the amount of water you need to take in based on your weight, you can refer to:

Weight (Kg) Amount of water to be refilled (ml)
40 – 43 960
45 – 49 1080
50 – 54 1200
55 – 59 1320
60 – 64 1440
65 – 69 1560
70 – 74 1680
75 – 79 1920
80 – 84 2040
85 – 90 2160











*Note: The left column represents the weight, the right column is the corresponding amount of water calculated according to the formula above.

=> Note: The table is for reference only, the amount of water to be loaded into the body depends on the condition and level of physical activity of each person. From there, you need to increase or decrease the amount of water according to your condition and personal living habits.

Combine drinking water and exercising regularly

Why do athletes carry a water bottle with them when they practice sports?

  • The first: During exercise, the body loses a lot of water, so it is extremely necessary to replenish water during exercise.
  • Monday: Water plays an important role in helping joints work smoothly and reducing the risk of cramps during exercise. Therefore, when you go to the gym, prepare a bottle of water about 1 liter for a training session of 50-60 minutes,

The combination of drinking water and exercise will greatly increase your weight loss effect and along with that, you will feel supple, active and healthy thanks to regular exercise. You can bring a bottle with you alkaline ionized water During exercise, alkaline ionized water will help rehydrate and supplement necessary minerals to promote better body metabolism.

Reduce salt intake in the body

In recent years, the press and experts have repeatedly reminded people not to use too much salt in their diets. That can harm the body causing cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stomach problems, etc. In particular, for those who want to lose weight, reducing salt intake is extremely important. .

According to the Queen Mary University nutrition study, “For every 1 gram of excess salt per day, the risk of obesity increases by 25%. Therefore, a diet with excess salt will make you gain weight faster. According to WHO, adults should not eat more than 5g of refined salt per day.

  • You can replace table salt with other spices to ensure health and still feel delicious.
  • Carefully read the product ingredient list, do not choose products containing a lot of sodium, which will not be good for weight loss.
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The “golden times” to drink water

When complying how to drink water to lose weight, You need to pay attention to the time of drinking water. The amount of water received by the body at the right time will bring fast weight loss effects.

  • Drink water after waking up

When you wake up, your body often loses water due to the metabolism during sleep and the effect of fans and air conditioners, causing the body to lose water. Therefore, immediately drinking a full glass of water in the time frame from 6 am to 7 am will make up for the lost water and “wake up” parts of the body such as the intestines and stomach to prepare for a new working day.

Drink water on time

Drink water after waking up

  • Drink water before main meals

After a morning of working at full capacity, the body needs to load a large amount of calories to compensate for the lost energy. About 30 minutes before the main meal, drink 1 cup of water from 300ml – 500ml to replenish water and reduce hunger and cravings, so that when you go to the main meal, you will eat less than usual. Not only that, in addition to helping to lose weight, drinking water also helps improve the digestive system, helping the stomach to work better when we eat food.

  • Drink water before going to bed

In the previous sections, we have learned the importance of drinking water regularly. You need to drink water throughout the day and right before meals. Not only that, about 2 hours before sleeping, your body also needs to provide enough water.

19h to 20h: Drinking water at this time will help balance blood pressure, reduce high blood pressure and stroke. Especially, if our stomachs often “protest” to snacking at night. Try drinking water at this time to quickly fill your night cravings

21h to 22h: Drinking water at this time will help the body regenerate cells, provide them with water and help the brain stay awake. Note that you should drink water 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime to avoid disrupting sleep when “flooding in the middle of the night”.

Above are the sharing around the topic of how to drink water to lose weight effectively. Hope you will find a suitable method of drinking water and succeed on your weight loss journey.

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