Tell you 5 steps to do candle pose in yoga

The yoga candle pose is an inversion of medium difficulty. If you are new to this pose, you should practice under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher to avoid injury.

Candle pose in yoga, also known as “Shoulderstand” (standing up on the shoulders) has the Sanskrit name. Sarvangasana. This is a basic inversion and a foundation for you to do other inversions. Candle pose can bring a lot of benefits to the body, you will learn this pose in basic yoga classes and even if you have mastered it, you should continue to practice it regularly.

Candle pose is known as the “queen” of postures, made on the principle of placing the center of gravity of the body on the shoulders. During the exercise, the vertebrae, the area behind the back and shoulders must work very hard, and when lifting the body, you will have to tighten some large muscles in the body.

According to yoga experts, the candle pose should be practiced morning or after meals at least 4-6 hours. Because this will help the stomach have enough time to digest food, and the body still has enough energy needed for the exercise process.

Benefits of the candle movement

The candle pose is one of the ancient therapeutic yoga poses. According to many ancient documents, this pose can affect every organ in the body, helping to heal and strengthen the work of endocrine, exocrine glands and organs. Specifically, the candle pose will work:

  • Calms the brain, supports the treatment of mild depression and relieves stress
  • Stimulates prostate, thyroid and abdominal organs
  • Neck and shoulder stretch
  • Firming buttocks and legs
  • Improves digestibility and regulates metabolism
  • Relieves symptoms of menopause
  • Reduce fatigue, insomnia
  • Supports the treatment of sinusitis, asthma and infertility
  • Radiant, healthy facial skin.

candle pose

The candle move is one of the ancient therapeutic yoga moves

How to do candle pose

To do the candle pose, do:

  1. Start in a supine position, legs extended straight, placed close together, hands resting on either side of the body
  2. Raise your legs, buttocks, and back by using your shoulders as a pillar, putting your hands behind your back to increase body support.
  3. Once you’re stable, close your elbows with your hands near your shoulder blades. Lower your elbows to the floor and press your hands firmly into your back to keep your torso and back straight. Put your weight on your shoulders and upper arms, not on your head and neck.
  4. Keeping your legs tight, raise your legs up, straighten them, and point your toes to the sky. Keep the space between the neck and the floor, absolutely do not force the neck to the floor.
  5. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds, breathing deeply. If you feel a stretch in your neck, release immediately.
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Some notes when doing shoulderstand exercises

Candlestick pose is a relatively difficult move, so if you intend to try it, you need to remember some of the following notes:

  • Avoid exercise if you have diarrhea, headache, high blood pressure, are menstruating, or have a neck injury
  • If you are used to it, you can practice during pregnancy. However, if you have never exercised, you should not try during pregnancy.
  • In addition, since this is a It’s difficult, so you need to practice under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.

candle pose

BILLIONThe candle position is a difficult pose, so you need to practice under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.

The secret to practicing shoulderstand

When practicing the candle pose, you need to avoid letting the middle of your neck touch the mat or cushion to relieve pressure on your neck. Also, do not move the chin towards the chest, instead bring the chest closer to the chin.

You need to keep your chin fixed so that the neck flexor is also fixed and not squeezed (when the neck flexor is tightened, it can cause pain and injury to the practitioner). During the exercise, you should avoid turning your head back and forth because this puts a lot of pressure on the muscles, tendons and discs in the neck.

Besides, if you are not used to it, instead of squeezing tightly inward, the elbows can be brought out, causing the posture to collapse and causing the neck to stretch. To fix it, you can use a folded blanket to support your shoulders.

Each pose in yoga offers countless benefits to the practitioner, and the candle pose is one of them. Regular shoulderstand practice will help improve health effectively, and at the same time bring flexibility to the practitioner. However, when practicing, you need to pay attention to the correct technique to bring the highest efficiency and minimize unnecessary risks.

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