Yoga vs walking: Which method is better for weight loss?

Yoga and walking are both forms of exercise that work to lose weight. However, for best results, you should still incorporate both of these activities into your daily routine.

Are you planning to lose weight but don’t know how? You have heard that both yoga and walking are great but don’t know which one to practice to lose weight faster? Yoga is a gentle discipline with a combination of movements and breathing exercises.

Meanwhile, walking gives you the opportunity to get outside and get in touch with nature. So yoga or walking will lose weight better? Join to see the sharing below to find the answer.

How to lose weight is considered science?

Weight is the eternal obsession of women and the method of weight loss is what women seek first. To lose weight fast, many women also look to methods such as using weight loss pills, applying strict diets or even looking to cosmetic methods such as liposuction.

However, these are all methods that are not good for health, if you want to lose weight scientifically, you need to pay attention to the following:

Calorie intake must be less than calories expended

The basic formula for weight loss is that you must burn more calories than you take in each day. Calories are the energy to nourish muscles.

Therefore, the more muscle you use, the more calories your body burns. Of the two disciplines of yoga and walking, yoga is a discipline that uses more muscles through the performance of movements.

Reduce stress

The stress hormone cortisol is the main “culprit” of creating fat in the area between the chest and waist. This is because when the body releases more of the hormone cortisol, blood sugar levels will also increase.

This leads to the formation of glucose from noncarbohydrate precursors and causes fat to be concentrated in the abdominal area. Although physical activities such as walking, jogging, etc. have all been shown to reduce cortisol levels, yoga is still considered the most effective method.

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Sleep affects your weight in different ways

Sleep affects your weight in different ways

Positive thinking

Thinking, lifestyle is an important factor determining the effectiveness of weight loss. If you are conscious of a healthy lifestyle, you will choose to eat vegetables instead of chips, exercise in the morning instead of watching TV. Both yoga and walking can help you become aware of this and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Go to bed on time

Sleep affects your weight in different ways. If you don’t get enough sleep and feel tired all the time, the levels of the hormone cortisol in your body will rise and this will make you crave foods full of fat and sugar.

Exercise is a great way to regulate sleep cycles, especially yoga. If you find it difficult to fall asleep and are looking for a way to relax and clear your mind, try doing yoga for about 5 minutes. You will find yourself falling asleep very quickly.

Yoga vs walking: Which method is better for weight loss?

A study from Colorado State University found that yoga and walking both have an equal impact on weight loss. Because both forms of exercise burn the same amount of calories when exercising with the same intensity.

In a 90-minute yoga class, women will burn about 330 calories and men will burn about 460 calories. These calories are equivalent to 90 minutes of brisk walking.

Yoga and walking are equally effective for weight loss because they both burn the same amount of calories when exercising at the same intensity.

Yoga and brisk walking both have the same effect on weight loss because both burn the same amount of calories when exercising at the same intensity.

A 2007 study found that doing basic yoga burns about 2.3 to 3.2 calories per minute, which is about the same amount of calories you burn while walking. However, if you choose a more intense yoga class, you will burn more calories than walking.

In general, both yoga and walking have a very good effect on weight loss, however, yoga will be a bit “slight” because it has the ability to increase intensity and build lean muscle to help the body burn. burn more calories. However, to achieve fast weight loss results, you can incorporate both yoga and walking into your daily practice.

How long does it take to practice yoga to change the body?

To lose 0.5kg of body fat per week, you need to burn more than 500 calories. To achieve this, you can reduce your daily calorie intake by about 250 calories and do yoga 5-6 times per week, each time lasting 60-90 minutes.

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Remember, the more muscle you use, the more calories your body will burn. Ideally, you should invite a private yoga teacher of to guide you on the best weight loss yoga exercises.

Some frequently asked questions about losing weight by doing yoga and walking?

1. Can I combine walking and yoga?

Combining both walking and yoga is a great way to lose weight. To make sure your body isn’t overworked, you can alternate walking sessions in between your yoga sessions. For example, if you have practiced yoga today, you will not walk and vice versa.

2. Yoga and running: Which method is better for weight loss?

Technically, running burns more calories, so this method will help you lose weight faster than doing yoga. A 68kg person can burn more than 700 calories in an hour of jogging, while yoga can only burn 240 calories in an hour of exercise.

However, this is only true for basic yoga classes, the more intense the yoga, the more calories you will burn. Although running burns a lot of calories, it also presents many challenges for the body.

This form of exercise has been shown to increase levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. Yoga is a discipline that is often recommended to be combined with running because it helps prevent injuries and strengthens muscle imbalances.

3. Does yoga help reduce belly fat?

Yoga is an exercise that helps burn fat and build muscle from head to toe. In yoga, there are poses that help burn belly fat very well, such as bow pose. In addition to burning excess fat, yoga can also bring a lot of other benefits to the body.

Bow pose is considered one of the best yoga poses to reduce belly fat

Bow pose is considered one of the best yoga poses to reduce belly fat

To have a happy, healthy life, you need to be active regularly. Whether it’s yoga or walking, both types of exercise are great for the body.

Walking can be simple, but with yoga, you will need to perform the right movements for weight loss to be effective. If you are wondering how to practice, do not hesitate to download to your device, invite a private yoga teacher for detailed instructions.

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