Yoga for children – The secret to help children develop comprehensively

Yoga for children not only has the effect of supporting height growth, but also very good for the comprehensive development of both physical and mental.

Many scientific studies have proven that yoga brings a lot of great health benefits. Many people think that this sport is only suitable for adults. However, in fact, children can also practice yoga, even very well.

Children who practice yoga regularly will learn to accept their bodies, learn discipline and calm, focus. Not only that, if children practice for a long time, yoga also helps to strengthen both physically and mentally.

The importance of yoga for children’s health

Yoga is an ancient science that combines the exploitation of physical energy and mental energy to bring out the full potential of the body. In Vietnam, this subject has only been introduced recently, but it has become a “fever” in the community.

Many people have tried and recognized that this subject is really good. Specifically, yoga is a great tool for improving and maintaining perfect body shape and focus.

Every day, you only need to practice for a few hours, surely after a short time, flexibility, immunity and health will be improved. The hustle and bustle of today’s life makes people stressed and under a lot of pressure.

Not only adults but children also have their own troubles. Moreover, along with the advancement of science and technology, children these days are also very easily distracted by the distractions of digital devices and various toys.

This has a huge impact on a child’s attention span and concentration. In particular, unhealthy eating habits and increasing pollution are also one of the many sorrows of modern parents because these factors will cause negative impacts on children’s health. children’s immunity.

If you are a parent and are also having the above concerns, try to consider giving your baby yoga. According to research by experts from Charlotte Kid’s Yoga, yoga for children not only enhances concentration but also helps reduce stress very effectively. In particular, children who practice yoga regularly also improve their academic performance and increase their sense of self.

Amazing benefits of yoga for kids

Yoga is not only an effective height increase exercise but also has benefits for children that are more appreciated than in adults. According to experts, here are the benefits that children can get when practicing yoga:

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Increase self-awareness

Yoga helps children love their bodies more because they understand that the body is unique. Practicing yoga is a way to teach children self-acceptance. When they overcome acceptance, children will know the value of their bodies and love themselves more.

Enhance concentration

Yoga helps children re-align their focus and focus more on goals. Because yoga requires children to focus on breathing when practicing, it can be applied to other activities.

Prevent disease

Yoga boosts immunity and energizes the body. This protects them from respiratory problems as well as many other dangerous diseases.

Relieve stress

In today’s competitive world, young children are under a lot of pressure from their peers and the world around them. Pressure to achieve good results in academics and extracurricular activities.

This inadvertently causes many children to feel stressed and anxious. Yoga not only helps children relax and relieve stress, but also helps promote mental health and positive thinking in children. You can also let your child do boxing in addition to yoga sessions to make them more active.

Be calm and composed

When practicing yoga, children can meditate or practice breathing regularly, this helps children regain calm, helps children eliminate stress, relieves agitation, hyperactivity, thereby regulating Adjust to become calmer and more composed.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Yoga is a form of exercise, an activity that you should teach your child from an early age to get him used to a healthy and active lifestyle. Children who practice yoga will lead an active, calm, healthy lifestyle, this is done through concentration and calm the mind through regular practice.

children practicing yoga

The benefits that yoga brings to children are even more appreciated than those of adults

8 yoga poses for children to help children develop comprehensively

Here are 8 yoga poses for kids that you can give your kids a try when they’re just starting out:

1. Downward Dog Pose

Children practice bowing dog pose

Downward Facing Dog (English name is Downward Facing Dog, Sanskrit name is Adho Mukha Svanasana) is one of the extremely familiar poses in yoga exercises to strengthen muscles. With young children, this pose is especially helpful in improving blood circulation to the extremities of the body and strengthening bones. In addition, this is also an exercise to improve flexibility to set the stage for performing other complex yoga poses.


  • Kneel on both feet and hands, knees hip-width apart, fingers spread
  • Use your arms to push yourself up, legs straight
  • Move your arms forward and your feet back to lengthen your torso.

2. Tree Pose

Tree pose

This yoga pose helps in cognitive development, improves physical appearance, and relaxes the mind. Children may find it difficult to balance with only one leg. So, let your child put his feet wherever he feels comfortable. Holding hands high above the head can help children maintain the position for a long time.

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  • Start in a standing position, feet together, hands along hips
  • Place your weight on your left leg, bend your right leg up, and place your right foot on the inner thigh of your left leg. You can start from lower points like the ankle if the child is not used to it.
  • Palms facing each other, placed in front of chest in prayer position. On an inhale, extend your arms over your shoulders, separating your hands and facing each other.

3. Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose improves balance and overall strength of the body. Not only that, this pose also helps to create a positive body image, thereby helping children boost their confidence. In particular, this pose is also very helpful in reducing aches and pains in the chest, ankles, knees and arms.


  • Step your right foot forward, bend your right knee to form a right angle, and bring your left foot back
    The body is facing towards the right arm. Tilt your left foot at a 45 degree forward angle
    Exhale, put your hands together in a prayer position, then gradually raise them above your head, bending backwards
    Breathe deeply, gently return to the starting position then switch sides.

The warrior pose is very suitable for young children who are just starting to practice yoga. Make practice fun for your child by encouraging him to act like a warrior, which can be shouted out during practice for added eloquence.

4. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose

This is a very simple yoga pose and a great starter exercise for kids who are just getting started with yoga.


  • Stand straight, feet parallel to each other slightly apart, hands down the same body.
  • Inhale and stretch your shoulders, reaching your arms up. Raise your heels, making sure your weight is on your toes.
  • Feel the stretch in your whole body from head to toe. Hold the pose for a few seconds, then exhale and release.

When studying in class, young children often have bad sitting postures that affect the spine. More dangerous, in the long run, this condition can also lead to scoliosis, causing discomfort and pain for children when they grow up. Mountain yoga pose is a very good remedy for this condition.

5. Corpse PoseCorpse Pose

If your baby doesn’t like napping or rarely stays still, then this is a yoga pose for young children that is especially suitable for your child. Let your baby lie on his back, breathe evenly and slowly relax his whole body. You can take this opportunity to introduce some breathing exercises to your baby or how to listen to his body.

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6. Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose

This pose can be fun for kids as it mimics the action of a butterfly. In terms of benefits, this pose works to open up the hips and thighs and improve flexibility for the parts. At the same time, it also helps to relax and stretch the calf muscles, stretch the shoulders, ribcage and back.


  • Start in a sitting position with your back straight, legs straight and parallel, and hands resting on your knees.
  • Bend both knees, open hips so that the soles of the feet touch
  • You can encourage your child to hold the soles of their feet with their hands and bounce their knees up and down like a butterfly.

7. Cat-cow pose

Cow Pose

By relaxing the muscles in the back and digestive organs, the cow-cat pose helps children create emotional balance. As you teach your child these simple poses, try to create a relaxed atmosphere by impersonating adorable animals playing with each other. You and your child can imitate the sound of dogs and cats during the exercise to add excitement and fun.


  • Support 2 hands and 2 feet on the floor
  • As you exhale, arch your spine toward the ceiling. Keep hands, hips, arms, elbows, knees in the right position
  • Inhale, return to the starting position
  • Repeat 10-20 times.

8. Breathing exercises

How to practice breathing

Breathing exercises are a very important part of yoga and bring a lot of great benefits to the body. Specifically, these exercises have a calming effect on the body and improve self-awareness levels. Practicing these breathing techniques regularly will equip your child with calmness in the face of the world.

In particular, this pose also helps reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections by reducing the body’s allergic reactions. To help your child fall in love with the practice of yoga, you should find ways for them to approach this subject in the most creative and interesting way.

You can teach your child yoga poses by incorporating imaginative play. For example, with a simple pose like bending over and touching your feet, you can tell your child to reach out and touch the stars. This method not only helps children learn quickly, but also motivates them to pursue every day.

If you don’t have time to teach your child, you can try inviting a personal trainer to make sure your child is exercising properly. You can find a personal trainer through the app – The new age coach connection app in just 1 tap.

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