Yoga and diving: The perfect duo with many interesting things in common

Deep diving is famous for its adventurous and daring sport, while yoga is famous for its quietness and gentleness. It may seem like complete opposites, but in fact, these two disciplines have a lot in common.

Yoga and scuba diving are really an interesting couple with many things in common that few people expect. Both disciplines have the effect of building complementary skills. If you’ve learned to dive, learning more yoga will definitely help improve your technique. If you are a yoga addict, you will definitely enjoy diving.

Both yoga and scuba diving are tough challenges that require you to push boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. This is why these two disciplines become such a perfect couple. Let’s continue with to see the shares below to know some more interesting things in common between yoga and scuba diving.

Focusing on the breath is key

If you are a lover of deep diving, you will be no stranger to an important safety rule, which is to always pay attention to your breath. And this rule is, of course, unfamiliar to yogis.

During yoga practice, you will become familiar with pranayama exercises. These are breathing exercises that work to connect the body with the spirit, and help you control your mental and physical state through breathing techniques. As you get used to the slow, deep breathing in yoga, you’ll build and develop skills that will help you stay safe in the water.

Focusing on the breath is key

During the practice of yoga, you will become familiar with the exercises of pranayama

Do yoga teachers often remind you not to hold your breath in difficult poses? This is a great reminder for those who love and are passionate about scuba diving. Normally, when we are underwater and under pressure, we tend to hold our breath. However, if you hold your breath and forget to breathe evenly, you are very likely to get injured.

Breathing is an important skill

Injuries encountered during diving are often caused by sudden pressure changes. When you dive deep into the sea, the air in your body will be compressed due to the increased pressure of the surrounding water.

When approaching the surface of the water, that compressed air opens again. If you hold your breath, when that airflow opens, you’re very vulnerable to damage to your lungs, ears, and sinuses. Breathing deeply, evenly, and diving slowly is a skill that scuba enthusiasts need to remember.

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When practicing yoga, correct breathing will help you use oxygen more efficiently. This will be especially important when diving as it will reduce fatigue and use less air underwater. It can be said that breath control is the most important key for those who like and want to try diving. When using less air, that means longer diving time.

Both yoga and diving give you a peaceful mind

If you take a survey asking about why you like diving and why you like to practice yoga, you will find that the answers given will mostly sound quite similar.

Both yoga and scuba diving create such a peaceful feeling that it’s like you’re enjoying a vacation and a complete escape from the stresses of normal life. Both can create a meditative state and allow you to live fully in the present moment.

Both yoga and diving give you a peaceful mind

Yoga and diving both create a meditative state and allow you to fully live in the present moment

When diving, your mind will become free and relaxed so that you can enjoy the natural world, and at the same time you can feel the feeling of lightness and refreshment when you are on the seabed. Diving is an activity that can be viewed as a shortcut to a meditative mind.

If you feel distracted during a yoga session, remembering the physical sensations you experienced while diving will help bring your consciousness back into your body and into the present moment. This makes it easier for you to get into meditation.

Just like yoga, diving is a special experience that can only take place in the present. Practicing yoga and diving together can help you improve your skills and performance in both disciplines. With so many core similarities, yoga and scuba diving really are a perfect complement to each other.

Through the above sharing of, you must have felt a certain surprise about the similarity between diving and yoga. If you want to practice yoga to improve your diving skills but still don’t know how to start, download right away and connect with our yoga teacher for advice on a suitable training schedule. best.

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