Why did yoga for knee pain become so popular?

Yoga has been shown to be useful for people with knee osteoarthritis, the most positive effect is alleviating pain, proved effective in the acute phase of joint pain. Exercising when your feet hurt may sound ridiculous, but stretching and strengthening exercises will strengthen your knee joint rather than keeping your foot in place. Let’s find out with easyhealthylive.com about the reasons why yoga cures knee pain!

Osteoarthritis is a fairly common disease among middle-aged people. Many symptoms of this condition make the patient feel pain in the bones, joints, the body is always in a state of fatigue, not eating well.

Arthritis is a disease that is difficult to cure completely and often recurs when the weather changes. According to some recent studies, the practice of yoga has helped patients with osteoarthritis to reduce pain, tone muscles, loosen joints, increase blood circulation to muscles, and increase muscle strength. joint flexibility.

Arthritis is a disease that is difficult to cure completely and often recurs when the weather changes

Arthritis is a disease that is difficult to cure completely and often recurs when the weather changes

To get the desired results, the patient should practice yoga daily, regularly, with exercises suitable for ability. Besides, you should avoid performing heavy exercises that put pressure on the joints.

In addition, yoga also helps patients improve health, enhance breathing, help the spirit to always be comfortable, bring better sleep. With the practice of yoga to treat knee joints, patients should combine with a reasonable diet to make the treatment process faster.

How does yoga treat knee arthritis?

When it comes to yoga, the most positive effect that this subject brings to patients with knee arthritis is pain relief. Because yoga is a combination of many different physical therapy methods, from static to dynamic, it helps to soothe and minimize muscle pain, joint pain.

With specialized movements applied to treat knee pain such as mountain pose, bridge pose, dog face down… make patients feel comfortable and relaxed in the knee joint area. Focusing and maintaining a steady breathing rhythm while practicing will also help control anxiety and stress in the practitioner.

Downward Dog Pose

Downward facing dog pose is very useful for people with knee arthritis

In a 2014 study of 36 women with osteoarthritis of the knee, those who underwent a yoga practice had significantly improved health outcomes compared with women who did not practice yoga. The practice groups participated in a yoga class lasting 60 minutes/day continuously for 1 week.

They then continued to practice at home for the rest of the days, averaging 112 minutes of yoga alone per week. After 8 weeks, it was reported that the number of people who practiced yoga experienced a 38% reduction in pain and a 35% reduction in stiffness in the knee joint.

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Knee pain, joint swelling are significantly reduced, the body is energized, the mood improves in a good direction, the ability to walk is also more comfortable. Meanwhile, joint pain symptoms seem to worsen for those who don’t practice yoga.

3 benefits of learning yoga

  • Breathing awareness and breathing techniques: When you learn this skill it will help you control the way you breathe. When you breathe gently, it can also reduce the pain and tension of the joints.
  • Movement: helps improve flexibility and flexibility. The movements and poses in yoga can help you relieve joint pain.
  • Relaxation and meditation: Using these skills will help you reduce stress effectively. This will help you combat muscle tightness and reduce joint stiffness and soreness.

The advice for you is to listen to your own body, drink plenty of water and continue to exercise at a gentle level. These healthy habits will help you maintain flexibility, reduce pain, and improve your life.

Note when practicing yoga to treat knee pain

Yoga exercises suitable for people with knee osteoarthritis need to be gentle, slow and minimize the impact on the legs. Therefore, patients should pay attention to choose appropriate exercises so as not to affect the knee joint and aggravate the condition.

cobra pose

You should choose gentle postures to practice every day

Besides, before practicing yoga to treat knee osteoarthritis, patients should pay attention to some of the following issues:

  • When practicing postures, patients may consider using specific support devices for people with osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Build a reasonable practice time. You should only practice for 30 minutes a day, which can be divided into many different training sessions to ensure the joints are rested and have time to recover.
  • Practice regular movements every day to achieve maximum effectiveness in treating knee osteoarthritis. Practice under the supervision and guidance of a yoga instructor or physiotherapist.
  • During exercise, if you notice unusual signs of pain, you should stop exercising immediately. At this time, the patient should rest, massage and apply heat to relieve pain. If the pain does not improve after 2 days, call your doctor.
  • Develop a suitable diet for people with knee osteoarthritis to support the treatment of the disease.

Through this article, you probably already know why yoga for knee pain has become so popular. To be on the safe side, you should consult your doctor or specialist to choose the right exercise. To update information about health, nutrition and exercise, please download the easyhealthylive.com app right away.

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