What’s Best for Children with Autism?

What should autistic children abstain from to help the treatment intervention process get better results, children learning how to take care of themselves early is what parents are extremely concerned about. Families need to control and discuss more about their child’s nutritional regimen every day with the doctor to both ensure their child’s good health and minimize the unnecessary impact on the child’s mind and body. .

What is the best diet for autistic children?

Statistics show that the number of children with autism in the world has not shown any sign of decreasing, even tends to increase, despite being warned by the press and the Ministry of Health. The use of certain drugs is not suitable during pregnancy; Mother’s frequent exposure to chemicals, inhalation of noxious gases or problems occurring during childbirth are thought to be related factors in the cause of autism.

What should autistic children avoid?
Having the right, healthy diet can have many positive effects for children with autism

According to experts, diet has a great impact on the intervention and improvement process of people with autism. Specifically, people with this disorder often have some problems in eating, leading to vomiting and discomfort, so if the family does not pay attention, it will make the child’s condition more serious. On the other hand, some parents believe that putting their children on the GFCF diet can be successful in reducing symptoms of autism.

Either way, it can be clearly seen that nutrition always affects the health and mental health of any individual, not only children with autism, so of course it also plays an important role. . So what is the best autistic child to abstain from?

Abstain from gluten-rich foods

Some studies suggest that the reason people with autism often have diarrhea is due to the influence of food groups containing the protein “gluten” from rice and also the protein “casein” from cow’s milk, goat’s milk or milk. and some other canned milk. Therefore, to avoid this situation, experts often encourage people with autism to abstain from these food groups.

What should autistic children avoid?
Many parents know that cutting down on gluten-rich food groups brings a lot of improvement for children with autism

What children with autism should abstain from should, accordingly, limit foods such as bread, whole grains, biscuits, flour… .Autism Speaks also believes that these food groups often have a different metabolic direction when entering the body of autistic people, making the symptoms of communication and social impairment worse.

The reason is that these substances can stimulate the formation of intestinal irritation (allergic intestinal irritation) that makes the body unable to eliminate toxins nor absorb other nutrients. This condition causes the body’s immune system to decline and the nervous system to be paralyzed, making autism symptoms more severe.

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Another study on the GFCF diet in autistic children and suggested that the intestinal system of children with autism lacks special intestinal enzymes, so it cannot digest gluten and leads to dysregulation of food. peace. The body absorbs gluten but cannot metabolize it, it will form large protein blocks, acting on the body like narcotic drugs morphine or vicodin, causing intestinal leakage, nervous system weakness.

In addition, according to the Opioid – Excess theory, gluten can secrete toxins (peptide groups) and can seep into the baby’s blood. Therefore, some children tend to not feel pain when they fall and hit their heads or even scratch their hands until they bleed without feeling it because the nervous system is paralyzed by this toxin. Therefore, the Opioid – Excess theory also promotes reduction of gluten and casein load for children with autism.

Or studies also show that gluten-rich food groups are more likely to cause allergies, causing diarrhea, aches, and fatigue. This is also the main cause of the baby’s irritability, fatigue, negativity, irritability, and reduced social interactions.

Many parents after applying the GFCF diet show that their children begin to show better signs of improvement. However, in fact, the GFCF diet for autistic children is still a very controversial issue between the advantages and disadvantages, the Opioid – Excess arguments have not been scientifically recognized.

Therefore, it is best for parents to monitor their children’s symptoms before and after using these food groups and try to cut down accordingly. On the other hand, it is also necessary to distinguish between abstaining from GFCF and not eating due to allergies, autistic children only need to abstain, so sometimes parents can still give their children milk or bread. If necessary, parents should discuss with their doctor to plan an appropriate nutrition for their child if following this regimen.

Corn dishes

Some studies also show that with the question of what children with autism should abstain, eliminating corn can also bring many positive improvements. The reason is said that corn is often sprayed with many pesticides to stimulate growth and eliminate pests, so the use of these food groups will not be suitable for children with autism.

To solve this reason, the simple way is that you should give priority to your children to use corn of clear origin, use quality soil, and clean irrigation water. However, this is also quite difficult, so it is best to limit your child’s intake of corn-based food groups, including fresh corn, processed corn, and canned corn.

What children with autism should avoid – Food groups high in artificial sugar

Cakes, carbonated soft drinks, milk tea or food groups containing artificial sweeteners are the answer to the question of what children with autism should avoid to improve symptoms. This is because sugar can cause inflammation, increase insulin, affect the functioning of brain cells. Children with autism who use too much sugar often show signs of slow thinking, irritability, and irritability.

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What should autistic children avoid?
Soft drinks or colorful candies should also be limited for children with autism

Besides, in snacks or soft drinks often contain artificial colors, sweeteners and are not good for health. People who abuse sugar too much are at risk of being “addicted” to sweets, making autistic children if they don’t drink soft drinks, eating cakes will be extremely irritable, uncomfortable, and easily agitated. Food groups with too much sugar also increase the risk of diabetes or depression in children, so be extremely cautious.

To solve this problem, you should prioritize using foods and fruits with natural sweetness such as watermelon, oranges, tangerines, carrots to juice or make natural snacks for your child. Or if you need to sweeten cakes or foods, the use of honey will also be quite appropriate but still need to be limited.

Children with autism should abstain from drinking milk

Although milk is one of the extremely healthy food groups, especially for young children in height and brain development, it is necessary for children with autism to abstain. The cause is thought to be casein from milk when taken by autistic children will increase exorphin production when encountering gastric juice. Exorphin substance can affect the nervous system causing brain fog (Brain Fog) with typical symptoms such as poor concentration, absentmindedness, confusion in children with autism.

Several trials have also shown that in children who limit or completely eliminate milk and dairy products (including cow’s and goat’s milk, cheese, cookies, and yogurt) changes often begin. more positive. For example, children eat more attentively, listen to their parents and also communicate more.

Autistic children should abstain from milk, however, this component of casein is usually only found in milk from animals. So if your child likes to drink milk, parents can process and use plant-based milk such as almond milk, walnut milk, etc.

Avoid eating soy-based foods

Soy, soy milk or tofu are also in the group of foods that children with autism should not eat. The main cause is often because soybeans belong to the group of foods that are prone to allergies because they are related to the genetic modification process in the culture process. This will make the symptoms of autism more severe, so it is best to limit it.

What should autistic children avoid?
Soy foods are very likely to cause allergies in children with autism

Similar to corn, if the family can be sure of the origin, quality of cultivation, and quality of water, it can still be used by children. However, to ensure that the diet is serious, to ensure that the child does not eat anything dangerous that can inadvertently cause allergies or discomfort, it is better for parents to control this.

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What children with autism should avoid – foods that cause insomnia

In fact, if fruit has a clear origin, it will not affect children with autism, on the contrary, it will bring many more wonderful effects to health. However, some fermentable fruits such as oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits, if used at the wrong time, such as at night, can make children lose sleep. Children with autism who lack sleep will be very agitated and impulsive, so parents need to pay attention.

In addition, foods that cause insomnia such as green tea, coffee, food groups rich in vitamin C, bacon or ginseng tea are also answers to the question of what children with autism should avoid. In general, parents need to keep their children away from food groups, drinks, foods that can stimulate the mind and cause insomnia.

Stay away from foods of unknown origin

This is also an issue that parents need to pay close attention to when preparing a daily nutritional menu for autistic children. The digestive system of autistic children is quite sensitive, sometimes there are foods that parents eat normally without any problems, but children who eat them experience nausea, discomfort, and severe abdominal pain. Children with autism who fall into this condition often find it difficult to control their emotions, are easily agitated, or have behaviors that hurt themselves.

What should autistic children avoid?
Always ensuring the source of food in nutrition for children with autism is something parents need to pay special attention to

What should autistic children avoid, parents should keep their children away from food groups of unknown origin, unhygienic street foods, fast foods or frozen foods. In addition, fried and greasy foods, hot spicy foods, and foods that have been cooked over and over again are not good for the mental and physical health of autistic people.

In general, parents of children with autism should try to control the source of food for their children to use every day as well as give priority to preparing their own dishes at home to control the amount of fat, sugar and suitable. for you. On the other hand, taking care of yourself, cooking with your child, and eating with your child every day also contribute to increasing interaction with children, helping them to be more active in talking and connecting with parents.

Above are some shared information to help answer questions about what children with autism should abstain from to help recovery and improvement. Families should also discuss directly with the doctor to know the nutritional regimen suitable for their child’s condition, thereby creating a varied daily nutritional menu to both improve health and help the baby develop comprehensively. than.

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