What yoga tools do beginners need?

Yoga equipment is quite diverse. However, if you are new to practice, you only need to equip a few basic tools.

Do you intend to practice yoga but are afraid to buy equipment that will cost you a good amount of money? Are you a beginner and have a headache and don’t know what to prepare? The following shares of easyhealthylive.com will provide practitioners with information about some must-have yoga tools and optional tools for you to consider your “wallet” when “shopping”.

Yoga outfit

As a beginner to yoga, you will surely wonder what to prepare. However, do not worry because yoga is a subject that does not require a lot of preparation. Here are some important yoga tools you need to equip:

Yoga studios do not require practitioners to wear anything to class. However, you still need to prepare a comfortable, well-fitting outfit for the exercise to be effective. If there are no conditions to “buy” right away, the practitioner can use comfortable sportswear.

1. Yoga pants

For pants, you can buy a pair of body-hugging pants like leggings, capri pants in a dark color like black, dark gray, navy or brown. You also don’t have to wear long pants, you can choose shorts. These pants are suitable for types of yoga that sweat a lot, such as hot yoga.

2. Yoga shirt

For shirts, you can choose sports shirts such as tank tops, T-shirts with stretch cotton fabric. However, the most important thing is that you must choose clothes that fit, hug your body so that you do not feel uncomfortable when you have to constantly adjust your clothes during practice.

3. Sports bra

If you are a woman, do not forget to prepare a well-fitting sports bra. Although yoga is not a very active subject, with a comfortable sports bra, you can easily switch between poses, so the practice will be more effective.

4. Hair ties or headbands

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if your hair is long, you need to tie it up neatly to avoid the “fluffy” hair flying into your eyes. At this point, a hair tie or headband is the item that you should prepare.

5. Yoga socks

This is not a necessary item because in fact, yoga is most effective when practiced on bare feet. However, if you are uncomfortable walking barefoot in crowded places, you can invest in yoga socks to protect your feet. Choose non-slip socks to avoid the risk of falling.

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Currently, on the market there are many different types of yoga clothes with different designs and prices. You can choose an outfit that suits you. If you only practice 2-3 times a week, you can prepare about two yoga sets to change. If you practice every day, buy more.

Yoga equipment

Yoga carpet

Yoga mats are commonly available tools in gyms. This is a very important tool because it not only helps you determine your personal space in class, but also helps you keep your balance and avoid slipping.

yoga carpet

Yoga mat is an impossible tool for every practitioner

Currently, most gyms have equipment or carpets for rent. You can try it for the first few sessions, but in the long run, this is not a good plan. These rugs are used by many people but are rarely cleaned. Therefore, it is still better to equip your own carpet.

When buying a yoga mat, in addition to the price, you also need to pay attention to important features such as length, thickness, material, durability, slip resistance …

Optional yoga equipment

In addition to the above mandatory tools, if possible, you can also equip the following equipment to support the practice:

Yoga ball

This is a great friend for those who love yoga exercises to lose weight or reduce belly fat. In addition, the exercise ball is also very good for the exercise of pregnant women, the elderly …

yoga ball

Yoga balls are very supportive for the elderly and pregnant women

Practicing yoga with the ball is very simple, gentle but requires concentration because you will use many muscles at the same time to burn calories and burn fat. From there, the body will become slim, toned, recover from injuries, enhance blood circulation …

Currently, there are many types of yoga balls on the market with the most commonly used material being rubber. The diameter usually ranges from 65 – 75cm with 2 main types: smooth ball and spiked ball.

Yoga circle

The yoga ring is an essential tool for those who practice back pain exercises and spinal massage. Back bending exercises with hoops will help open the shoulder joints and upper back, increasing strength and flexibility.

Yoga circle

Yoga ring suitable for back pain exercises, spinal massage

You should choose a training ring with a wooden or heavy-duty plastic frame with a layer of TPE, PVC or rubber outside to make it easy to move but still create a smooth and soft feeling when exercising.

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Yoga bricks

The effect of yoga bricks is to help you feel less stressed when performing yoga poses without enough flexibility. Yoga bricks are made from many materials such as foam, wood, etc. Soft wood is often loved by yogis.

The set tiles also have many sizes for you to choose. However, the practitioner should choose a spacious, firm size to create stability.

yoga bricks

Yoga bricks are the perfect choice for exercises that require high flexibility

Yoga hammock

If you are too familiar with ground yoga exercises and want to try your hand at aerial exercises, then you must resort to yoga hammocks. However, the yoga hammock is still suitable for beginners when they need to perform upside down, back bending …

Yoga hammock

You can enjoy the exciting feeling of flying with hammock yoga

Yoga hammock is usually made from parachute or silk fabric, very soft and airy. Although there is the support of a hammock, when doing aerial exercises you still need to be careful. Using a yoga hammock is also relatively difficult. Therefore, you should only use it when you have certain skills or use it under the guidance of a yoga teacher.

Yoga rope

This tool is very useful for beginners because it has the effect of supporting the stretching phase when the body is still stiff. You should choose yoga bands made of cotton fabric to be stretchy, soft and easy to clean.

yoga rope

Yoga ropes are very suitable for beginners

Above are the necessary yoga tools that you should equip. If you still do not understand and do not know how to use it, do not hesitate to download easyhealthylive.com immediately and connect with a professional yoga teacher for specific instructions.

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