What water to drink for diuretic? 15 effective diuretic drinks

What water to drink for diuretic?? The habit of regularly using diuretic foods will help stimulate urine output and help the body get rid of water retention. Excess water retention inside the body can lead to swelling in areas such as the face, legs, hands, hands and feet. To prevent the body from retaining water and help with diuresis, check out the following Ocany article!

What water to drink for diuretic?  Drinking sugarcane juice helps effectively diuretic

What water to drink for diuretic? Drinking sugarcane juice helps effectively diuretic

What is Diuretic?

The term “diuretic” is used to refer to substances that can help eliminate excess fluid and salt from the body through the excretory system. These substances can be introduced into the body in the form of prescription drugs, drinks, foods, herbs or other supplements.

These substances when entering the body will help the kidneys excrete more salt in the urine. The body then tries to balance the increased salt by drawing water from the blood vessels into the urine during urine formation.

As a result, the fluid circulating in the blood vessels will be reduced and also reduce the pressure on the artery walls. In addition, drinking beverages containing diuretics also helps prevent high blood pressure and other heart problems.

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Why shouldn’t diuretics be used?

Before we learn about natural diuretic drinks, let’s first find out why we should not use diuretics. Experts recommend that people with kidney stones should not use diuretics for the following reasons:

For young children

Children taking diuretics will reduce their resistance

Children taking diuretics will reduce their resistance

Using diuretics will make the baby’s body reduce resistance, from which the baby may have frequent fever. Moreover, the ability to adapt to the weather will, at the same time, children are also susceptible to allergies to the environment and food.

Pregnant women should not take diuretics

Pregnant women are advised to limit their use of antibiotics and other medications. This is to ensure the health of the fetus and limit the possibility of some diseases at birth. In addition, limiting the use of drugs will make the fetus’s body perfect and develop faster, and help improve the baby’s resistance.

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Patients in the process of treatment

Patients who are in the process of treatment, the use of diuretics can cause some other side effects. Using more than one drug in the body at the same time can cause them to interact and counterproductive.

This also makes the resistance of the patient’s body weaker, leading to the possibility that the treatment is poor and has no good effect. Therefore, for patients, it is recommended to add more diuretic water instead of antibiotics.

Elderly people should also not take diuretics

The body of the elderly is always much weaker than the body of the average person. Elderly people with kidney stones, using diuretics can cause many other side effects such as:

  • Sudden drop in blood pressure
  • Numbness in limbs
  • Convulsion
  • Cramps
  • increase blood fat
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Even more severe cases can cause stroke and death

What water to drink for diuretic?

Here are the drinks with diuretic effect for your reference:

Alkaline ionized water

When alkaline ionized water is alkaline, it will help neutralize the acid. At the same time, alkaline ionized water is also rich in micro-minerals, containing electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, … with the effect of supporting the dissolution of kidney stones and diuretics. This process both helps dissolve kidney stones, is a diuretic, and you won’t need to worry about consuming too much calcium anymore.

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Coconut water

To the question of what water to drink for diuretics, the answer is coconut water. Coconut water in addition to the effect of refreshment and cooling in the summer is very good, coconut water also has another effect that is a diuretic that few people know. Coconut water contains many electrolytes and amino acids that help release heat and diuretic.

Coconut water contains many electrolytes and amino acids that help release heat and diuretic

Coconut water contains many electrolytes and amino acids that help release heat and diuretic

In addition, the potassium and magnesium in coconut water are mostly minerals that have an effective diuretic effect. These ingredients will be able to completely remove toxins through urine to get out. It also helps prevent inflammation or urinary tract infections and is extremely diuretic.

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice contains natural sugars, organic acids, proteins and fats and many other beneficial minerals. This is considered a cooling drink, a diuretic drink and can prevent kidney stones very well.

Corn broth or corn silk

Corn silk juice is a special cool water that helps prevent kidney stones and dissolves kidney stones extremely well. However, because they have such a good diuretic effect, the doctor recommends that only a reasonable amount be added to avoid dehydration and amniotic fluid depletion.

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What water to drink for diuretic: Warm ginger water

Ginger is one of the herbs from nature that has the effect of curing many different diseases and in which ginger has an extremely effective diuretic effect. So if you are experiencing water retention in the body, do not forget to drink 1 glass of honey ginger every morning to overcome this situation extremely effectively. In addition, drinking warm ginger is also very good for people with kidney stones.

Warm ginger water has a very effective diuretic effect

Warm ginger water has a very effective diuretic effect

Note that you should avoid drinking ginger water in the evening because ginger is hot, so it can make it difficult for you to sleep.

Lettuce fish juice

Lettuce is a food containing a lot of fiber, this is also the method handed down in folklore as one of the extremely good diuretic remedies. However, the taste of this vegetable will be quite unpleasant.

That’s why many people are having a hard time implementing this method. Many people recommend that it is much easier to squeeze or grind lettuce into drinking water.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice is a very nutritious drink for eyes, blood and many other uses. In particular, carrots are also a very good diuretic drink for people with kidney stones. Just adding a glass of carrot juice every day will quickly dissolve kidney stones and help the body recover in the fastest way.

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Coffee is a diuretic drink

Coffee is a diuretic drink

The caffeine in coffee is a diuretic, it helps the body excrete salt and water, thus making you pee more.

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion is a wild plant that is very close and familiar to many people. However, you may not know that this plant can also be processed into an effective diuretic drink. Dandelion extract is a popular herb often used for cases of water retention due to its high potassium content.

A small study in a group of people showed that taking dandelion extract increased urine production for 5 hours after taking it.

Horsetail grass

Horsetail is an herbal remedy made from the horsetail plant. This food has been used as a diuretic for many years and is also commercially available in tea and capsule form.

Although horsetail is quite safe, it is not recommended for long-term use. You should also not use this food too much when you have kidney disease or diabetes.

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Parsley juice

Parsley has long been used as a diuretic in folk medicine. Traditionally, parsley is brewed as a tea and taken several times a day to help reduce water retention.

Studies in rats have also shown that parsley can increase urine flow and that it has a mild diuretic effect. However, there have not been any human studies that have been able to test the effectiveness of this vegetable as a diuretic.

Hibiscus flower

The hibiscus plant contains ingredients called calyces, which are commonly used to make hibiscus tea or “sour tea”.

Hibiscus flowers have a mild diuretic effect

Hibiscus flowers have a mild diuretic effect

According to a 2014 study, hibiscus tea has health benefits. Especially the effect of helping to reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Hibiscus tea is also considered a mild diuretic. However, this type of hibiscus tea has not been shown to be absolutely effective in humans in a number of studies.

Green tea and black tea

Both black and green tea contain caffeine and can act as a diuretic. However, the diuretic effect may not be as pronounced as other drinks if you have a habit of drinking tea regularly. This means that the diuretic effects of green and black tea are only likely to occur in people who rarely drink tea.

The caffeine content in green and black tea will have a mild diuretic effect. So if you are experiencing cases of body fluid retention, swelling of the limbs, you can drink warm tea in the morning to improve this condition.


Caraway is a hairy plant also known as fennel or Persian fennel. Caraway is often used as a spice in cooking, especially in foods like bread, cakes and desserts.

Ancient therapies still often use plants as medicine such as the Hindu system of medicine in India used caraway to aid in the treatment of digestive disorders, headaches, and morning sickness during pregnancy. In Moroccan medicine, caraway is also used as a diuretic.

Black cumin seeds

Black cumin seeds are a spice characterized by medicinal properties and are also considered a diuretic food.

Black cumin seeds can be used with diuretic effects

Black cumin seeds can be used with diuretic effects

Animal studies have also shown that black cumin seed extract can help with urine production and lower blood pressure in rats with high blood pressure.

Although black cumin seeds have been studied to be effective for animals with high blood pressure, the effects in humans and animals with blood pressure are unknown.

Above is the answer to the problem What water to drink for diuretic?. To be on the safe side, you should still consult with your doctor about what diuretic foods to add and what foods to avoid in your diet. Most importantly, it is necessary to build healthy living habits by exercising, eating right and drinking enough water to avoid the harmful effects of water retention.

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