What to Drink to Detox Your Body? 15 Effective Ways to Detox

To achieve a healthy and attractive body with a slim figure without any excess fat, there are two important things we need to do: change our lifestyle and daily eating habits. Additionally, maintaining methods to detoxify the body is considered a way to enhance the effectiveness of beauty and weight loss. So, what should we drink to effectively detoxify our bodies without causing fatigue? Let’s discover 15 safe detox drinks that can be easily made at home with easyhealthylive.com.

What to drink to detox the body?

What to drink to detox the body, purify toxins effectively at home?

What is the concept of body detoxification?

Body detoxification, also known as “Detox,” is a concept that can be simply understood as the process of regularly removing harmful toxins from the body to maintain good health.

Those who follow this regimen believe that proper body detoxification can improve energy levels, aid in weight loss, prevent constipation, and alleviate headaches, muscle pain, and fatigue caused by accumulated toxins.

In reality, our body has a mechanism for self-detoxification, which is carried out by organs such as the immune system, kidneys, and liver. However, the overload of toxins from contaminated foods, pollutants, and harmful organisms can create significant pressure on the liver, making it increasingly burdened with toxic substances.

Therefore, to reduce this burden, we need to take action to limit the consumption of harmful substances, enhance toxin elimination by consuming beneficial foods and drinking detoxifying fluids, and establish an effective detoxification system to maintain good health for our body and skin.

Headaches can be a warning sign of toxins in the body

Headaches can be a warning sign of toxins in the body

As a result, many people ask the question “what should I drink to detox my body?” and the answer will be provided in this article. First, you need to know the warning signs that your body is accumulating toxins and needs to detoxify immediately.

Signs that the body is “calling for help” due to harmful toxins

Recognizing the signs of toxicity in the body is the first step in the detoxification process. Don’t think that sudden fatigue, insomnia, or sudden headaches are normal…they can be signs indicating your health condition. Some physical signs of toxicity that you should pay attention to include:

Fatigue and constant depletion of energy

If you have a reasonable sleep schedule “enough sleep at the right time”, but during the day you still feel sluggish, tired, and lack energy, then this is a sign that you are in a state of alarm overload of harmful toxins in the body. When the body faces too many toxins and cannot detoxify in time, it will create tension for the adrenal gland.

Even if you get enough sleep, you still feel tired the next morning

Even if you get enough sleep, you still feel tired the next morning

The prolonged feeling of fatigue can put pressure on the adrenal gland and make you feel tired and drowsy throughout the day. Moreover, experts have found that some toxins, such as caffeine, can break down the function of the adrenal gland by forcing your body into a defensive mode to eliminate toxins.

Sudden weight gain

Sudden weight gain, despite serious calorie control and regular exercise, could be due to the accumulation of toxins in your body, such as lipophilic toxins derived from pesticides and dioxins. These toxins can trigger the production of fat cells, resulting in the accumulation of fat.

This is the reason why you may not achieve weight loss despite your efforts. Therefore, removing accumulated toxins can help support a more effective weight loss process.

Feeling hot inside

Feeling hot inside your body is also a sign of toxin accumulation. Studies show that when you are working hard, coupled with being exposed to toxins, the function of your liver is affected and visibly reduced, leading to a feeling of heat. Signs to look out for include feeling hot inside your body or sweating profusely even in a cool environment.

Or sweat a lot even when in a cool temperature environment

Or sweat a lot even when in a cool temperature environment

In addition, heat in the body can cause conditions such as dry and cracked lips, acne, and painful mouth ulcers, which may be the result of harmful toxins. To improve the heat condition in the body, it is important to know what to do and what to drink to detoxify the body.

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Unpleasant body odor

When too many toxins accumulate in the body, it produces unpleasant and foul odors. Signs of this can include bad breath despite regular oral hygiene, strong-smelling sweat, or urine.


If you have difficulty passing stools or have fewer than three bowel movements per week, it may be due to toxins that have accumulated and permeated into the body. If left untreated for an extended period, this can lead to fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms because the toxins have infiltrated the body. Therefore, it is important to consume more fiber-rich foods from fruits and vegetables to promote better digestion.

Skin changes

When the body is contaminated with toxins, the liver’s function becomes less effective, making it difficult to remove toxins, leading to fatigue, lethargy, and insomnia. With little time and energy for recovery and regeneration, the skin quickly shows signs of aging, such as brown spots, dullness, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of aging.

Toxins leave the skin with no time and energy to recover

Toxins leave the skin with no time and energy to recover

This is one of the signs of toxins when they are not eliminated from the body. You need to quickly recognize your health status, contact a medical expert for examination and proper treatment, as well as consider what to drink to detoxify the body, which many people combine with treatment for good results.

Great benefits of knowing how to detoxify the body

What to eat or drink to detoxify the body effectively is a question that many people wonder about. Maintaining the habit of drinking detox water will help the body neutralize toxins, eliminate harmful substances from the body, and avoid long-term health problems. To learn more, here are 8 health benefits of regularly detoxifying the body.

Cleanse the colon

The colon is considered one of the most important organs of the body. When it is cleansed, it means that its functions will work vigorously and productively, helping to eliminate toxins from the body through urine. A simple way to clean the colon is to drink plenty of water and supplement with fiber-rich foods.

The large intestine is considered one of the most important organs in the body

The large intestine is considered one of the most important organs in the body

Enhancing kidney health

Besides the liver, the kidney is also one of the body’s crucial detoxifying organs. Therefore, regularly detoxifying the body can reduce the “pressure” on the kidneys by filtering out harmful substances. This improves the excretory function of the kidneys and ensures the health of individuals with kidney-related illnesses.

Cooling the liver

An excessive amount of toxins in the body can be a burden on the liver, leading to a decline in liver function. Therefore, simple methods such as using detoxifying drinks can support the liver by reducing its workload, improving its function and efficiency.

Boosting immunity

When the body is free of harmful toxins, the immune system can enhance its beneficial activities. A robust immune system can reduce the risk of minor illnesses such as colds and flu. Furthermore, regular detoxification can help the body fight against nerve diseases, reduce the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

Effective weight loss with proper detoxification

If you have followed a strict exercise regimen recommended by your trainer but still cannot lose weight, consider the possibility that your body may be accumulating harmful toxins. According to experts, cleansing the body of toxins prevents harmful substances from entering the bloodstream, which not only helps in losing weight but also increases metabolism and speeds up the weight loss process.

Proper detoxification supports more effective weight loss

Proper detoxification supports more effective weight loss

Detox helps improve sleep quality

Toxins that accumulate in the body can reduce the quality of your sleep, causing insomnia or shallow sleep. Therefore, removing toxins is crucial, as it can help you have a better night’s sleep and your body will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Helps the nervous system function better

Toxins have a tendency to affect the nerves and brain function. Regularly cleansing your body of accumulated toxins can help the nervous system function better and improve mental clarity, decision making, and overall cognitive function.

Slows down and delays premature aging

Regular detoxification can limit and prevent the development of harmful free radicals or heavy metals in the body, which are among the leading causes of premature aging.

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Nowadays, there are many effective ways to detoxify the body, from natural remedies to medical detox supplements or simply incorporating foods that have detoxifying properties into your diet. One of the popular and simple methods that people use is consuming detox drinks for the body.

Residual heavy metals in the body are the cause of premature aging

Residual heavy metals in the body are the cause of premature aging

In the article “What to drink to detoxify the body,” you will be surprised to learn that common types of water have excellent detoxifying benefits for your health. Check out the list below!

What to drink to detoxify the body effectively?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money; you can make detoxifying drinks at home using simple ingredients found in your kitchen. To provide a variety of options, Ocany has compiled a list of 15 safe and effective detoxifying drinks that can also aid in weight loss if consumed properly.

Fresh lemon water

If you’re wondering “what to drink to detoxify the body?” then you can’t overlook fresh lemon water. This is one of the best detoxifying drinks that is widely used in daily life. The recipe is also straightforward and can be easily made at home.

According to experts, lemon is a fruit that is beneficial for the body’s detoxification process. The abundant nutrients in lemons, such as vitamin C, potassium, flavonoids, etc., are all excellent substances for eliminating toxins, promoting efficient digestive and kidney function.

"What to drink to detoxify the body", you can not ignore fresh lemon juice

“What to drink to detoxify the body”, you can not ignore fresh lemon juice

You can start the habit of detoxifying your body by drinking a warm glass of lemon honey water every morning, 15 to 30 minutes before having breakfast to stimulate the digestive system, reduce the amount of toxins in food, and boost the immune system. Many women also notice changes in their skin, such as reduced wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation (thanks to the antioxidant properties of lemon). Additionally, it supports fat burning, anti-inflammatory effects, energy boost, and toxin elimination for healthier kidneys every day.

Green tea

Green tea is a traditional beverage that is closely tied to the culinary culture of our country. You can easily see the image of older people gathering in the morning to drink green tea, and nowadays, the habit of drinking green tea has become more popular with younger generations.

What to drink to detox the body - Green tea is rustic but highly effective

What to drink to detox the body – Green tea is rustic but highly effective

From the perspective of experts, green tea is a wonderful beverage that can help support the conversion of excess fat cells and quickly eliminate toxins from the body. Green tea contains a compound called catechins, which is an antioxidant that supports liver function and helps process and remove harmful substances from the body. Therefore, if you are wondering what to drink to detoxify your body, don’t overlook green tea.

Alkaline ion water

Alkaline ion water, thanks to the electrolysis process, has water molecule clusters that are 5 times smaller than those in regular tap water. This helps the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins from cells to occur more efficiently and quickly.

Most foods and beverages today are acidic. When these types of foods enter the body and are not completely processed, they accumulate over time and increase the amount of harmful fat cells in the body, leading to many health risks. Therefore, alkaline ion water helps balance the body’s acid-alkaline environment, pushing acidic waste out through excretory systems such as sweat, urine, and bowel movements.

Mung beans

Mung beans are a familiar cereal in the World cuisine. Not only are they delicious, but they are also a folk remedy for chronic liver disease, cooling the body and eliminating toxins from the liver very effectively. In Eastern medicine, mung beans have a cooling, sweet, and refreshing nature. Using mung beans properly can help cool and purify the liver, and they can be prepared in various dishes such as mung bean soup, mung bean milk, mung bean and aloe vera dessert, and mung bean porridge.

Bottle gourd water

Bottle gourd water is a detoxifying beverage that can be easily prepared at home. According to research, bottle gourd contains many essential vitamins and minerals for the body. In terms of Eastern medicine, bottle gourd has a cooling, sweet and refreshing nature, and is capable of supporting liver detoxification and cooling the body effectively.

From the amazing benefits of pumpkin, people have been utilizing it to make pumpkin tea that effectively cools down and detoxifies the liver. It is a natural, gentle, and safe beverage for health.

Brown Rice Water

Brown rice (also known as unpolished rice) is a type of rice that has had its outer layer of bran removed but still retains the rice germ inside. According to experts, brown rice is highly nutritious and beneficial for overall health and especially for our liver.

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Brown rice is often used as a substitute for white rice in weight loss diets or can be boiled to make a refreshing beverage for the purpose of cooling the liver and detoxifying the body.

You don’t have to look far to find a beverage that can detoxify your body – brown rice water is the drink you need. People who are prone to body heat, acne, or indulge in alcohol, smoking, and other harmful habits tend to accumulate a lot of toxins in their body, especially the liver. Brown rice contains bran, which contains a special oil that can regulate air pressure, detoxify the liver, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Watery pennywort juice

Pennywort has a cooling property and a bitter taste, which is used to make refreshing drinks or dishes that help detoxify the liver, beautify the skin, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. For those who suffer from liver diseases, pennywort is like an effective medicine that cools the liver very effectively.

You can find pennywort in traditional markets at a very affordable price. To clean the pennywort, you should soak it in diluted salt water for about 30 minutes before grinding it.

Black Bean Water

In addition to green beans, black beans are a nutritious legume that contains many vitamins and minerals. The molybdenum in black beans is a component of the enzyme sulfite oxidase, which helps activate the process of sulfates detoxification in the liver. Therefore, black bean water is also on the list of drinks to detoxify the body.

Artichoke Tea

Artichokes contain cynarin and silymarin, two antioxidant compounds that are beneficial in restoring liver cell function, detoxifying, and eliminating toxins that accumulate in the liver. In addition, it also supports the treatment of liver diseases such as chronic hepatitis B, high liver enzymes, etc.

 Artichoke tea is a great choice

What to drink to detoxify the body – Artichoke tea is a great choice

Artichoke leaves contain cynarin, which regulates the flow of bile in the bile ducts and increases bile secretion by 4 times normal levels. This mechanism stimulates the liver to excrete toxins and recover better, resulting in a healthier and more efficient liver.

Honey water

Honey water is a familiar ingredient in our daily diet and is also used to make detox drinks. According to traditional Chinese medicine, honey has a sweet, neutral taste and has the effect of tonifying the middle, lubricating the intestines, clearing the lungs, and detoxifying the body. Additionally, honey contains nutrients that support digestion, improve glycogen and pigment levels in the liver, and enhance the liver’s ability to detoxify, purify and treat liver fibrosis and cancer.

To use honey water to cleanse the liver, simply mix warm honey water and drink it 30 minutes after breakfast or before bedtime.


Dandelion is a plant grown in the central and northern regions of the World. According to traditional medicine, all parts of the dandelion plant, such as the flower, leaves, stem, and roots, can be used as medicine to support the treatment of some liver diseases. Among them, people often use the roots of dandelion to reduce uric acid and help detoxify the liver from fatty substances.

What to drink to detox the body – use dandelion to make tea

What to drink to detox the body – use dandelion to make tea

Ginger Tea

Ginger is considered a “precious herb” for health. According to traditional medicine, ginger is effective in helping the liver detoxify toxins from the body.

Its mechanism of action when entering the body is to stimulate the digestive system, improve blood circulation, and keep the intestines functioning normally while releasing toxins from the body. In addition, ginger also helps to enhance metabolic rate and support liver function effectively.

Therefore, if you are wondering what to drink to effectively detoxify your body, you should use ginger tea every day or add fresh ginger to your family’s meals.

Juice from fruits and vegetables

Living in the era of industrialization, we have to endure many negative influences from the environment such as dust from factories, traffic, residues of preservatives and plant protection drugs in food… And most of the toxins that accumulate in the body are due to consuming unhealthy foods such as oils, fats, additives, etc. for a long time.

Vegetable juices

What to drink to detox the body – Vegetable juices

Experts believe that using fruit juice properly is one of many ways to detoxify the body. Components like fruit enzymes and chlorophyll found in fruits and vegetables can help remove toxins from the body when consumed regularly. In addition, they can help build a flexible, healthy body, beautiful skin, and most importantly, prevent many dangerous diseases.

Herbal tea

Some types of herbal tea can help improve the immune system and detoxify the body, which helps you avoid illness and stay healthy against disease-causing agents.

To detoxify your body, you can try dandelion tea, calendula tea, and licorice tea. These herbal teas are said to help eliminate toxins from the body and promote better organ function.

Detox water

Cucumber, lemon, and mint detox water not only provides hydration but also supplies the body with a high amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, and strong antioxidants beneficial to the body. Lemon can help the liver produce more enzymes and effectively detoxify toxins.

 lemon, cucumber and mint detox water

What to drink to detox the body – lemon, cucumber and mint detox water

In addition, adding mint to the detox water helps with digestion and reduces inflammation. Furthermore, the aroma of the detox drink will stimulate your senses, activating the inner source of energy within you.

Above are the list of drinks to detoxify your body that you can refer to and add to your daily diet. Note that even though they are the detox miracle, you should use them in moderation and not replace regular filtered water entirely. Wishing you all good health!

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