What to do when experiencing school violence? How to handle the situation

What to do when experiencing school violence, how to handle the situation so that you can protect yourself is what many victims are looking for. In fact, to answer this question is not easy because it depends on many factors and situations. Learning how to protect yourself, inform your family or even change school settings is something victims of school violence need to consider.

What to do when experiencing school violence?

School violence is one of the problems that cause a lot of pain today because it causes many serious consequences. Many students have had to drop out of school, even fall into law enforcement because of the way they handle the situation and fight against the bully excessively. On the other hand, many children have chosen to commit suicide because they cannot find help and always have to live in violence every time they go to school.

What to do when experiencing school violence?
Victims of school violence often do not know how to handle it, leading to living in constant anxiety and fear

Children who experience school violence often carry extremely serious psychological phobias, even following them for the rest of their lives. The percentage of students with psychological and mental problems such as depression, anxiety disorders.. Physical and mental pain on immature hearts is what can destroy the future of students. children.

What to do when experiencing school violence is always one of the difficult questions to answer, because in that situation, the victim is often extremely fearful, obsessive, lack of alertness, so the solution is often quite impulsive. However, if the victim herself dares to stand up to protest, speak up, know how to protect herself from the beginning, the situation can completely turn in a more positive direction.

So what should victims of school violence do to protect themselves?

Actively seek help

When being bullied, many people are often afraid to speak up, dare not tell anyone. The common psychology of abuse victims is shame, fear of more severe revenge if they speak out. Therefore, when children are abused by friends, they will always silently suffer or seek revenge, only when unfortunate incidents occur will people around them find out.

In fact, bullies don’t choose you because you did something wrong, simply because you are weaker, you are alone and they are always in the majority. The more you hide, the more you try to endure with the desire to let this thing pass quickly, the result will always be that you have to suffer alone, the bad guys will be encroached upon. So what victims of school violence need to do is notify their family, school or seek help from people who can deal with it.

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Family is the person who is ready to protect you at any cost, they can go directly to the school to talk to the bully. As mentioned, bad guys often choose people who “seem to be easy to bully” to carry out their intentions, when you have a family behind you to protect them, more or less they start to be more afraid and do not dare to continue catching them. bully.

Besides, what to do when experiencing school violence, informing the school is also a necessary measure because parents can’t always follow their children closely at school. Teachers can rearrange classes to separate children from bullies or take appropriate measures to best deter, handle and protect students.

However, there are still cases where abusers “inherit the tradition” of bullying from their own families, they have their families backing them up, and even tolerate this misbehavior. Even if you talk to your family or if the school takes care of them, you will not be afraid. Therefore, it is sometimes not enough to simply seek help from school or family.

Stay away from bullies

As mentioned, bullies are not always strong or intelligent, they are simply in the majority, and the victim is weak and alone. The reality shows that when bullying someone, they often go in groups and always look for the right time or find a way to bring the victim to a location where there are few people to carry out their evil acts.

What to do when experiencing school violence?
Trying to find ways to stay close to the teacher will help keep students away from bullying situations

“In the 36 strategies, running is the top priority” is one of the appropriate solutions for students who suffer from school violence. Family or friends are not always there to support. Therefore, if you are traveling alone and encounter bullies, try to find a way to escape to protect yourself temporarily.

So with wondering what to do when experiencing school violence, it is always best to try to choose crowded places, away from bullies as soon as possible. For example, when going to school, ask a parent or an adult to take it. In case you have to go alone, choose very crowded roads, as far away from deserted places as possible.

Or in case of meeting bad guys at school, go to the areas near the teacher’s room, if you are going outside, go near the police headquarters, go to crowded supermarkets to temporarily hide and call your relatives to pick you up. . This will keep victims of violence somewhat safe, less likely to limit being beaten too much.

What to do when experiencing school violence – Be firm with the bully

Most victims of school violence often choose to be silent, avoid, endure pain instead of facing. Of course, this is a necessary way to avoid both physical and emotional harm, but it is not always the best way. For these people, the crying, hiding, and fear of the victim is “joy”, a “source of life”, so the more you fear, the happier they are.

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Try at least once to stand up, speak frankly, and especially look the bully in the eye to talk in a firm voice about the reason or the violence or demand an end to the matter. Of course, this is not always effective, sometimes even stimulating bullies, but when you dare to speak up, you will more or less confirm that you are not an easy bully and make them start thinking. other.

Learn how to protect yourself

Family or teachers are not always available to protect victims from acts of violence. The more they hide, the more people protect them, the more angry the bullies become, trying to find ways to carry out their behavior. So what to do when experiencing school violence – learn how to protect yourself instead of having to depend too much on those around you.

What to do when experiencing school violence?
There is not always someone around to protect, so the best way is to learn how to protect yourself

Currently, martial arts classes have begun to appear in many places, including schools in the countryside. Or simply exercise to be stronger so that you can at least fight back when hit. Surely when you dare to fight back, dare to resist, the bullies will feel wary, even change their mind and not dare to bully you anymore.

However, it should be understood that, either way, this resistance should stop at the level of defense, self-protection, not revenge or abuse of power. What to do when being bullied at school also needs to be the right way, don’t turn yourself into a person like you used to hate. Make the bully respect, not simply revenge.

Even when learning martial arts, the teachers always advise that learning martial arts is for self-defense, to protect oneself legitimately. Many cases, when carrying too much hatred, chose to take revenge on the opponent too much, even using weapons to kill the opponent, and eventually had to fall and go to prison, becoming a murderer in the past. when you are the victim.

What to do when experiencing school violence – Take advantage of social networks!

At the present time, victims of school violence can find ways to save themselves through social networks. The development of social networks really brings many changes in life, this may be the reason why young people tend to be more violent and negative through less healthy communication channels. But the real social network is also the place where many victims of violence have “called for help” and were successfully helped, getting rid of psychological phobias.

As mentioned, social networking is always a double-edged sword. When the truth is revealed, your life is also greatly affected. The school bully is brought to the “trial” in the virtual world, criticized, ostracized and of course, the victim also “gets” more attention from others. The past that you don’t want to remember, want to forget is now spreading everywhere, being discussed by many people for a long time later.

In general, what to do when experiencing school violence, whether to post it on social networks, this should be the last choice. Have a frank talk with the bullies, ask for the help of family, teachers, and parents from the other side, if it really doesn’t work, the violence still happens every day and doesn’t decrease. directly affect mental, physical and life health, consider this option.

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Coordinate with authorities if necessary

In fact, there are many cases where the students, even though they have informed their parents and the school about being subjected to school violence, have not been completely resolved, and even suffered more serious retaliation. Currently, many students, due to a lack of attention from their families, have made friends with rogue elements in society, forming “cliques” to resolve conflicts, leading to many victims in danger to their identity. network.

What to do when experiencing school violence?
Seeking help from the authorities is also a necessary measure if there is serious violence

What to do when there is school violence, in these cases, it is sometimes not enough to just notify the parents and the school because they even have acts of attacking adults, disregarding the law. . Therefore, in these cases, it is extremely necessary to notify the main authorities, which are the police or child protection and human rights organizations, to ensure the lives of victims of violence.

These units will perform tasks such as protecting victims, restoring health and psychology, and collecting evidence to initiate prosecution if necessary. Especially for schools where students experience severe physical and mental violence, but bullies continue to engage in these behaviors, even with “council” violence, this is an extremely necessary job. set.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Victims of school violence every day have to carry with them the fear of how to avoid the bully, the fear that they will be beaten tomorrow, the worry of how to hide it so that no one can find out from the family. Gradually this obsession gets bigger and bigger, taking over the child’s mind, making the child feel that this life is no longer fun, afraid of everything, every passing day is a torture.

In fact, for students, the ability to handle situations and withstand pressure is still very low. Faced with fear, children are easily enveloped and cannot get out, so it is difficult to take care of themselves or regain their spirits. Therefore, as soon as the family discovers that the child has suffered from violence, it is necessary to take measures to encourage the child’s spirit and take care of his/her health so that the child can recover soon. Meeting with a psychotherapist is also essential for students experiencing school violence.

What to do when experiencing school violence is still a problem that causes the authorities to have a headache to find a solution. Currently, some schools have started to have soft skills education programs, improve self-protection ability to support students, and offer appropriate solutions to these problems.

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