What should you do when your husband is addicted to gambling?

Gambling is a social evil that not only affects the economy but also poses a great threat to the happiness of every family. If you marry a husband who is addicted to gambling, sooner or later the family will fall apart. That’s why many women always want to find a way to “treat” their husbands who are passionate about gambling, help their husbands be more alert so that they can build a warm and happy family.

What to do when your husband is addicted to gambling?
Gambling is the reason many couples divorce.

Ways to treat your husband’s gambling addiction you should apply

“Gambling is the poor uncle, the house is sold out and put his feet in the shackles”, in fact finding that gambling is never a good thing and most gamblers have to suffer the consequences. unpredictable results. This social evil causes many people to become confused, to give up all their money and possessions, to lose all reason, and even to change their personality and thinking, to become a selfless, careless, irresponsible person. .

Gambling addiction not only affects the economy but also causes thousands of broken houses and separated couples. According to experts, gambling addiction is also considered a “disease”. It is not like drug addicts, alcohol addicts because it has absolutely no specific signs and is difficult to assess.

That is why it is difficult for girls to detect and anticipate the passion of men. Only when they get married and live in the same house, do they really reveal their true nature, making many wives miserable, constantly complaining and blaming.

However, gambling addiction can be completely overcome. However, the process is extremely difficult and requires the patience of the addict himself and the help of loved ones. Here are some ways that you can refer and apply to help choose a successful gambling addiction.

1. Wise advice

For husbands who are passionate about gambling, the more cursing, scolding, and criticizing them, the deeper they will sink or even he will get mad and have hurtful behaviors. Therefore, instead of constantly complaining and cursing at your husband, you should gently advise, find gentle, easy-to-listen words to advise your husband. At the same time, a wise wife should also know how to choose the right time to talk, confide and give appropriate advice to her husband.

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“The rain soaks in for a long time”, you can gently advise your husband every day. Gambling addiction cannot be stopped in a day or two, it takes time and process. Therefore, slowly tell your husband about the harmful effects of gambling, help him understand the unpredictable consequences of this evil, and let him know that his family’s happiness may be ruined. broken if he keeps engrossed in the cards.

You have to be really smart and slow to talk to your husband about this, because when you are addicted, it means that gambling has gradually been ingrained in the subconscious of men, it is impossible to force him to do so. quit immediately. Although you know that getting involved in gambling will cause a lot of trouble, but you should also give your husband time to wake up and think about it. The important thing at this time is that you have to be really calm, as gentle as possible, without arguing to avoid backfire.

2. Ask for help from loved ones

Sometimes you cannot be the direct person to advise your husband or if you are a poor person, you can ask for the support of a loved one. Ask your parents or anyone with a voice to deter and advise your husband. The fact that your husband is addicted to gambling, you should not hide from your parents or relatives because the more you cover and hide for him, the more he will fall into them. By the time your husband has sunk deep into your flag, it will be too late even to speak up.

What to do when your husband is addicted to gambling?

If you can’t directly advise your husband to quit gambling, ask your parents for help.

Try talking frankly with your parents about this and listen to their suggestions or you can ask them for advice, talk to your husband. Sometimes he will not listen to your words but for the parents, of course your husband will have a certain respect and will be more effective.

At the same time, when you have an “ally” to oppose your husband’s wrongdoing, it also means that you have an extra glimmer of hope to help him turn around. You alone can face many difficulties in getting your husband out of the mud, but with the help of everyone around, there is a high chance that your husband will come to his senses and get out of gambling.

3. Take poison to treat poison

This way usually only works well for those who think and love their family because after he stumbles, he will realize his own wrongdoings. Although not completely sure about the effectiveness of this measure, but you should also try to find a glimmer of hope, trying to help resist the terrible temptation of gambling.

Instead of banning or trying to advise husbands to quit gambling, wives should boldly support and encourage their husbands. For example, you can encourage him to gamble day and night, then sell all the furniture in the house to serve his gambling needs, causing him to lose all his possessions and money. the silver.

For a husband with a good nature, thinking and caring for his wife and children, surely after experiencing this great loss, he will gradually come to his senses and change for the better. Let him taste the bitterness, lose the best things that he owns, only then will he wake up and correct his mistakes.

4. Husband’s financial management

Managing her husband’s finances is also one of the ways to prevent her husband from getting bogged down in gambling. You should confiscate all your husband’s money, including cash and bank accounts. Also because when there is no money in the person, if you want to play, it is difficult to play.

Wives should keep a close eye on the expenses of their husbands, look for sources of money from the black fund of the brothers. When giving spending money to your husband, you should give a sufficient amount, divide it up to give, not give too much at once. At the same time, please send a message to relatives and close friends about not lending money to your husband for any reason.

What to do when your husband is addicted to gambling?
Managing your husband’s finances is also a good way to keep him away from gambling

In particular, today gambling is not only a direct form but also can participate online through smart devices. Therefore, the wife should also seize the phone, ipad, computer of the husband. It is best to let them only use the phone to make and receive calls to facilitate communication.

5. Find your husband another hobby

Many husbands play gambling as a hobby, then dive deeper and deeper into addiction. They will spend most of their time just serving the needs of gambling and not paying attention to anything happening around life. If you want to treat your husband’s gambling addiction, you should find him a healthier and more positive hobby.

Besides gambling, your husband must also have other hobbies and passions. Therefore, find out and support him to participate in those healthy activities to cut down on his gambling time. Usually men will have hobbies of soccer, bonsai, fishing, etc. Encourage your husband to participate in these hobbies or you can find out and have fun with him in a healthy way. When there is interest in another subject, your husband will certainly no longer be engrossed in gambling, and will gradually get rid of its clinging.

6. Help her husband limit communication with gambling friends

Those who are addicted to gambling will definitely have “accomplices”. And of course, if you want to help your husband get out of this path, you must prevent him from contacting friends with the same passion. Limit your husband’s meeting, talking, and contact with gambling addicts.

What to do when your husband is addicted to gambling?

To help your husband quit gambling, you need to limit his contact with gambling friends.

You can both advise your husband and talk directly to these subjects so that they stop inviting your husband. However, you also have to be clever in using words to not cause trouble, and at the same time save face for your husband, this way is really effective.

7. Praise and encourage husband

Instead of nagging and scolding her husband all day, the wives should do the opposite and give their husbands encouragement and praise for his advantages. In practice, few people apply this method, but it brings surprising results. Many people think that scolding all day and night without even reaching their ears will not benefit them even if they praise them.

However, men always like to hear sweet words. They want to be recognized and hear compliments from their own wives. Therefore, do not regret to him with compliments, even the smallest things when he cleans the house, comes home from work on time, plays with your children should also send a compliment. When praised, husbands will feel happy and can actively do other things to help the family.

8. Use your children to give advice

Sometimes wives and biological parents cannot advise husbands, but children can be the most powerful weapon. Every father loves his children dearly, the biological children born to him. Therefore, the words and actions of children can have a great impact on the husband. Children can also be the motivation for him to give up gambling, focus on work with the desire for his children to have a happy and prosperous life.

What to do when your husband is addicted to gambling?

Children are the biggest motivation for husbands to give up gambling

Therefore, every time your husband intends to gamble, let your children hold him back. The children’s earnest words will make the husband resentful, who may refuse the appointment to stay at home and play with the children. At the same time, if children constantly show admiration for their father, surely husbands will not dare to make mistakes for fear that their children will be disappointed in them.

9. Get expert help

If you’ve tried all of the above, but your husband’s gambling addiction is still not getting better, you should consider seeking professional help. With that said, gambling addiction is a disease and it needs to be treated for a period of time.

Specialist doctors will conduct an examination, assess the addiction level of the patient and offer the most appropriate treatment plan. Usually, the doctor will apply the method of using drugs, prescribe with appropriate doses to prevent the feeling of “craving” for gambling.

At the same time, patients will also receive psychotherapy to adjust their thinking, perception and thinking. Psychologists will help them see the problem in the most correct way, and at the same time, help improve skills to improve relationships that have been broken before because of friends, helping addicts quickly. get back to work, settle debt and settle down.

Above is the information to help you answer the question “What to do when your husband is addicted to gambling?”. The detoxification process needs to be done in a certain time, you should also persevere and accompany your husband to help him get out of this “death” pit.

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