What should parents do when their child experiences school violence?

What parents should do when their children suffer from school violence is something that any parent is extremely concerned about because they do not know what is the best way to do it. Spend more time sharing and talking with your child; talk to the bully; Taking your child for psychological counseling or even considering changing schools to help them regain their spirits soon is what parents need to do to create the happiest living environment for their children.

What should parents do when their child experiences school violence?

School violence is one of the burning problems that is still increasing every day, despite the fact that many agencies have participated in the prevention during the day. Victims of school violence, although successfully “rescued”, still carry a serious psychological obsession, which can even follow their children for the rest of their lives, directly affecting the lives of each child.

What to do when your child suffers from school violence?

Parents need to be present as soon as they know their child is a victim of school violence

The psychology of students who suffer from school violence often do not dare to notify their parents immediately or dare to speak out directly. Partly, I am afraid that my parents will not believe me, partly because I am threatened and worried that I will be retaliated, so I often try to endure it silently. Only when the child’s body was covered with traces, the spirit of panic and fear of the parents gradually noticed the abnormality.

There are many cases where parents know their children are bullied at school through clips spread on social networks or in critical situations, their children are so violent that they have to be hospitalized or even commit suicide because they are so terrible. mental panic. The consequences of this problem also extend to the future, the whole life behind you. So, what should parents do when their children suffer from school violence?

Control your emotions

Of course, parents, when they hear that their beloved and obedient child is being bullied, no one can stay calm, but what parents should do now is take a deep breath to balance their mind, from That is the only way to get the right solution. Parents’ agitation at this time can only scare the child and make the problem worse.

If the child does not want to talk, does not want to reveal the identity of the bully, parents should not force the child. Take the time to monitor, learn and even collect images of your child being bullied and come out when necessary. Because some guys tend to not act on campus but choose locations far from the school, so having clear and transparent evidence is essential.

What should be done when a child suffers from school violence, parents should absolutely not use hateful, agitated, violent reasons such as “let me go and beat him to save him” or “how he beat his child”. , three fights like that”, or even go to the bully’s house to perform these acts immediately. However, remember, the bully is also a child and you are an adult so you should not act like that.

Share your thoughts to soothe your child’s spirit

Any child who suffers from school violence always lives in anxiety, fear, and stress, so he often just wants to hide in his room, have nightmares when he sleeps, and don’t want to meet or talk to anyone. What parents need to do right now is to soothe the spirit, create trust for their children, comfort them so that they feel secure, so that they can open their hearts and share more with their children.

What to do when your child suffers from school violence?

Gently hugging and affirming that your parents are always here will help you feel more confident and secure

When talking to children, parents should absolutely not ask questions like did your child do anything to you, if your child didn’t do anything, why did you beat him, why don’t you bully others but bully your child? In fact, bullies have extremely ridiculous reasons such as “looks itchy”; “seeing hate”.. but in fact, the simple reason why your child is a victim is simply that they are weak, alone, and shy, so they can command and bully without worrying.

What should parents do when their children are bullied at school, tell them “don’t worry, we are here, we will protect you” or “how long has this been happening, you can want to change classes/schools, parents will send you to school tomorrow.” When the child is more secure, sharing a story that helps parents understand the bottom line will make it easier to deal with later.

Try to patiently talk to your child and listen so that he or she feels respected and protected. Don’t get angry, lose patience, or force your child to talk about everything. Patiently wait until your child is ready to open up and share with you because at this time, his mind is still extremely panicky and afraid about many things.

Parents can also ask about their child’s wishes, giving them time to rest at home, not having to go to school until the problem is resolved. Do not forget to talk to your children more, give them confidence that there will always be parents here to protect them. This is the best medicine for your child to regain his spirit and confidence in both the present and the future.

Talk to the school and family of the bully

What should be done when your child is subjected to school violence to be best for him or her, please quickly arrange to talk to the school immediately to protect your child. Parents are not always able to stay at school to protect their children, this can make the child unnatural, even if not skillful, it can also cause the child to be teased by friends or bullied by bullies. abuse” when the parent is not present.

Communicating with the school will first establish appropriate child protection measures, always having a teacher or guardian near the child so that the bully does not have a chance. Class transfers are also arranged to limit close contact with the bully. In addition, the school is also the unit that arranges working sessions and solves problems between the people in the story.

An issue that parents need to pay attention to is that they need to be more subtle in their behavior, able to meet and talk frankly with the bully, but absolutely do not yell or hit them in public. This can overwhelm the psyche, making them afraid, but it lowers their self-esteem and easily causes hatred in these rebellious children.

Instead, ask the school to schedule a meeting with both the bully’s family and the bully. Talk directly between the two parties and have the school stand to testify, settle and give a fair, civilized and correct form of punishment. You can even invite the police to work if necessary. What to do when your child is subjected to school violence, this is the only way to make the bully completely overwhelmed and afraid.

Many parents who can’t keep their cool beat the bully, thus turning into a “violent person”. However, even after the problems at school have been resolved, parents should still take time to pick up, exchange and share with their children every day to avoid the case that their children are retaliated against or bullied outside of school. learn.

What to do when your child suffers from school violence – take your child to a psychological center

The rate of children suffering from depression, anxiety disorders or psychological trauma after being victims of school violence is very high. Even if these symptoms are not so prominent, children say they are fine, but in reality, the obsessions in them are so great that they occupy the mind of any victim. Many children, even though they have escaped abuse and bullying, still live in fear, eat poorly, sleep with nightmares about those behaviors even into adulthood.

What to do when your child suffers from school violence?

Taking care of psychological rehabilitation is also a treatment that parents should do to regain their children’s spirits soon

The fact that children may share with their parents about their feelings and worries at the moment, but they don’t always say it all. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid that my parents will worry or maybe I’m not confident enough so I keep holding on to problems, keeping the ugly negative things in my heart forever. This is also the reason why so many children, despite receiving help early after school violence, still suffer from depression.

Therefore, what parents need to do when their children suffer from school violence is to take them to psychological centers as soon as possible, even if they say they are fine. With her expertise, a psychologist is the one who helps her to solve the knots in her mind, helps her understand that being bullied is not her fault, gradually regains her composure and confidence. in everyday life.

Not only acting as a conversationalist, but also a psychotherapist also guides children to see and solve problems in a more positive, optimistic way, how to calm their mind. Gradually, the negative emotions gradually disappear and are replaced by the most sincere and brightest smiles, happiness, and hearts, exactly what your child’s age deserves to enjoy.

Teach your children how to protect themselves

Although it is late, teaching children how to protect themselves is also something that parents should do if they are still wondering what to do when their children are bullied at school. Learning how to protect yourself is never superfluous at any time. On the other hand, it is inevitable that the bullies still do not stop their intentions and want to seek revenge later.

Parents need to teach their children to dare to speak up if they are bullied, abused, dare to protest against bad guys depending on the case. For example, look directly at the bully and say in a clear, clear voice, “why did you do that?”. If you feel that the situation is not good, try to shout loudly, attract the attention of adults, run into the crowd and wait for family members to come pick you up. When at school, also try to operate near the areas with teachers or supervisors to limit contact with the “bad guys”.

What should be done when children suffer from school violence, parents can also let their children participate in soft skills classes or go to martial arts, swimming or participating in sports to help exercise and increase health. Most children who are bullied are physically weak and appear weak, so strengthening their health will help them at least dare to resist and change their minds that they are weak and easy to bully.

However, parents should note that, should encourage children, learning martial arts is to protect themselves or protect the weak if being bullied, should not be abused for revenge. Many children, after mastering martial arts, have come to their bullies to take revenge, even overdoing it, causing physical harm to the opponent. That way, you can turn from victim to perpetrator, which is a very unfortunate case.

What to do when your child suffers from school violence – create the best development environment

Considering transferring schools, changing living environment, and learning environment is sometimes also a problem that parents should really seriously consider to give their children the healthiest, most positive development environment, regain their spirit as soon as possible. cheerful spirit right for the age. What parents should do when their child is experiencing school violence, this is extremely important to be done.

What to do when your child suffers from school violence?

Changing the living environment also helps children heal more effectively

For example, parents can consider sending their children to another school, or if there are grandparents in the countryside, they can also let their children move back to their hometown. The atmosphere in the countryside is also very suitable to heal wounds in the soul, balance the mind so that children can return to being carefree children like before.

In addition, parents can also share to better understand their children’s desires, interests, and passions in order to create favorable conditions for their children to develop these things. When I live in passion and hobby, I also gradually forget the negative things in the past. For example, if your child likes to draw, you can send your child to draw lessons, or if your child is interested in art, parents can register their child to participate in cultural activities, dance classes or acting classes.

What to do when your child suffers from school violence, parents can also discuss with school experts, psychological counseling centers for better advice and support. Each parent should also spend a lot of time observing and sharing with their children every day and at the same time instructing their children how to protect themselves early to avoid this risk as much as possible.

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