What should I drink to stay awake at night without harming my health?

Although staying up late regularly is not good for health, but due to the nature of work, some people fall into the situation of having to go to bed at late hours. So when What to drink when staying up late? so that the body can stay awake and focused without harming health? Let’s together Ocany Refer to the information in the following article.

What to drink late at night to wake up quickly without harm?

Staying up late is inevitable for each of us, so staying up late should drink something to not adversely affect health.

Carrot juice

What to drink at night is the question of many “night owls”? Carrot juice is considered a root vegetable that is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, so drinking carrot juice regularly will help keep your eyes healthy, especially when awake. many hours at night in front of a computer screen.

Besides, fresh carrots are also rich in vitamin C and help provide an extremely large nutritional content for humans. It will help you maintain enough energy for deadline days at night.

What to drink late at night to wake up quickly without harm?

What to drink late at night to wake up quickly without harm?

Green tea

When working late at night, your body will be very sleepy, the mind will become inattentive, stagnant, causing work or interruption. To avoid this, when staying up late to focus and stay awake, you should drink green tea.

The active ingredients in green tea often have a very good antioxidant effect, helping to reduce the harm caused by staying up late to our body. At the same time, in green tea is also a drink rich in polyphenols, which help fight inflammation and antibacterial extremely well. Green tea not only provides enough water for the body, but it also helps fight skin aging effectively thanks to the active ingredient EGCG, which protects the skin from aging in part due to the habit of staying up late.

Banana smoothie

Banana is a fruit that contains a lot of minerals potassium and magnesium, which help to stabilize blood pressure, and provide energy for the body. Bananas are often combined with yogurt to help keep the mind awake, the digestive system is good without worrying about the body being full when using it at night.

Banana smoothie to replenish energy in the evening

Banana smoothie to replenish energy in the evening

In addition, another study has shown that bananas also contain tryptophan, which is converted by the body into the hormone serotonin – a happy hormone. It will work to help you regulate your mood, reduce stress and fatigue, and help you work more efficiently even at night.

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Alkaline ionized water

If you wonder what to drink at night, you can choose to drink alkaline ionized water?

Staying up at night working in a state of the body facing stress and having to be exposed to radiation from computers and laptops will be a bad environment that causes the body to produce a lot of acid. This is the living and development environment for many diseases that can affect human health. Therefore, keeping the body in balance will be essential at this time. Alkaline ionized water has PH From 8.5-9.5 at this time, it will help balance the alkaline – acidic environment, keeping the body in a balanced state, repelling bad agents and diseases.

Alkaline ionized water helps to replenish water and minerals at night

Alkaline ionized water helps to replenish water and minerals at night

Moreover, in Ocany alkaline ionized water, there is also a sufficient amount of micro-minerals that have the effect of rehydrating, remineralizing, eliminating toxins to maintain energy.

Staying up at night makes your body easy to lose water, accumulate many kinds of toxins, so it is necessary to drink a lot of water to support the purification and detoxification of the body.

Grape juice

Grape juice is a delicious drink that should not be missed when you often stay up late. Grapes have a high glucose content and a high vitamin content, which helps protect the liver, promotes the process of anti-oxidation, prevents the formation of free radicals that cause cancers caused by staying up late. liver cancer, lung cancer, or stomach cancer, etc.

Grape juice is also rich in Iron, which can help reduce fatigue and stress, help regulate blood circulation better for people who are often working at night and have to stay up late. In particular, grape juice also helps us enhance vision, helping to reduce macular degeneration.

Warm water mixed with honey

Honey mixed with warm water is considered to be the top nutritional drink in the golden table of nutritional foods, helping to strengthen resistance and good for our health.

Warm water mixed with honey

Warm water mixed with honey

Honey will contain many vitamins C, B, and important minerals for the body such as calcium, zinc, potassium, … along with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for the body.

To promote the full benefits of the honey-based drink, every night before you go to bed, you should drink a small glass of warm water mixed with honey to be able to maintain your body’s health and well-being. Keeps the body in a stable state, helps reduce feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

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Non-sugar fresh milk

Fresh milk without sugar has long been famous for its high content of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, milk is always an abundant source of energy for an effective working day.

Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed will help you have a much deeper sleep and avoid waking up at night. Because in fresh milk without sugar contains Tryptophan – this is an amino acid that helps stimulate senses, and helps regulate sleep better and more stable.

Non-sugar fresh milk

Non-sugar fresh milk

Drinking fresh milk every evening can also help prevent the aging process, at the same time absorb enough calcium for the body, protect strong bones and joints.

Therefore, fresh milk without sugar will be the perfect choice for late-night owls to work.

Orange juice

In addition, orange juice is a natural vitamin C rich juice that helps you stay awake at night. However, you should not drink oranges when you are too hungry because it can cause intestinal upset and discomfort, so prepare a light snack with a small amount of calories and use an extra glass of orange juice in the evening.

Effects of staying up late

The above drinks will only partially reduce the harmful effects of staying up late. Therefore, you should not be subjective and too dependent on the above drinks, but keep the habit of staying up late for a long time. The fact that you continue to stay up late for such a long time will lead to many extremely bad effects on the body:

Accelerates skin aging at any age. Night is the time for the skin to recover and be able to regenerate new cells. When you have a habit of staying up late, the regulation of skin cells will be unstable, which makes the skin aging process take place more quickly. Since then, the skin will appear more wrinkles, uneven color between skin areas, dark spots, or acne that is difficult to heal, …

Staying up late makes the aging process faster

Staying up late makes the aging process faster

Lowering the body’s resistance is also a consequence of staying up late. Staying up late will be a bad habit that has many direct impacts on your health, even reducing your body’s resistance. When you stay up late regularly, the body will feel tired, sluggish, the spirit will go downhill, the immune system becomes weakened and leads to a decrease in resistance. The body is very vulnerable to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Drinks will harm the body when drinking at night

In addition to staying up late, what you should drink, you also need to refer to 3 very harmful drinks in the evening that should be avoided.

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Acoholic drink

Drinking alcohol at night can make you often wake up, have trouble sleeping, have headaches, have nightmares… If drinks like alcohol at night, this drink can also cause dehydration and Acid reflux, due to the bad effects of alcohol, loosens the valves connecting the stomach and esophagus. Over time, it will form pathologies in the stomach and esophagus.

Drinks will harm the body when drinking at night

Drinks will harm the body when drinking at night


Usually, drinking coffee at a moderate level in the morning will have little harm. If you use it every day and take a large amount in the evening to combat drowsiness, then stop immediately. Coffee can cause you to have trouble sleeping, insomnia, headaches… Evening coffee can also cause psychological instability, increase blood pressure, make the heart rate become erratic or encountered. many stomach problems…

Energy drink

In the energy drinks on the market today, all of them contain high sugar and caffeine content to stimulate the nerves, bringing a more euphoric feeling. However, if you use it at the wrong time like drinking it after dinner and before going to bed, it will make you toss and turn all night. Besides, people who drink too much energy drinks will have the risk of obesity because you absorb too much sugar needed.

Just now is the information when you stay up late what to drink from Ocany. Hope you can choose for yourself a quick sober drink that is still beneficial for your health.

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