What is water electrolysis? Applications of water electrolysis in life

Water electrolysis This is one of the most widely used methods of water purification. This is also the method to make a bottle of alkaline ionized water that you read every day. So, what is water electrolysis? What is the application in production as well as the health value that the product of this method brings? If you are curious, read the article below to understand better!

water electrolysis

Let’s learn about water electrolysis technology

What is water electrolysis? Application of water electrolysis in life 2

What is water electrolysis?

Electrolysis concept

First, what is electrolysis? In essence, electrolysis is the reverse of the electrochemical cell process. If a direct current flows through a molten electrolyte or an electrolyte solution on which the oxidation-reduction process occurs, that is electrolysis in chemistry and the product. manufacturing export.

Electrolytic reactions occur because electricity and substances in the electrolyte medium must transfer electrons through the wire, but they themselves cannot directly transfer to each other. This feature is the fundamental difference between electrolysis and a normal redox reaction.

In commerce, electrolysis plays an irreplaceable role. The main task of the electrolytic reaction is to support the separation of chemical elements from available materials exploited in nature such as ore, iron, copper, etc.

The concept of electrolysis of water

So What is water electrolysis?? Water electrolysis is the process of using an electric current with a standard potential of -1.23V passed through water to decompose water into two gases, oxygen and hydrogen. This process takes place in an electrolytic cell with two terminals anode and cathode (cathode and anode).

Electrolysis concept

Electrolysis concept

In the past, water electrolysis was mainly used for the purpose of generating hydrogen gas for industrial fuel and oxygen for the medical industry. However, nowadays, almost no one uses this method, but mainly uses industrial methods to create similar finished products from natural gas.

And now, the water electrolysis method has been studied by leading experts in the industry and is widely applied to filter technology. electrolyzed water most advanced. Water purifiers that apply this type of technology can produce water levels with completely different properties. That way, the machine can serve the diverse needs of drinking water of many different customers.

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Equation for electrolysis of water

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, electrolysis is the process of breaking down chemical molecules based on the action of potential difference. water electrolysis is the process that relies on electric current to break down a water molecule into two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, the chemical equation for the electrolysis of water consists of three main equations.

The first equation is the reduction reaction of the cathode, also known as the anode.

2 family2O + 2eˉ → H2 + 2OHˉ

The second equation is the oxidation reaction of the anode or the anode itself.

2 family2O → O2 + 4H + + 4eˉ

The last equation is the equation for the electrolysis of water that takes place on the electrodes with the products being oxygen gas elements on the anode and hydrogen gas on the cathode.

2 family2O → 2H2 + O2

The above three equations are three basic equations, contributing to the premise for the whole process of electrolysis of water to produce the best quality alkaline water.

Application of water electrolysis in the production of bottled alkaline water

Nowadays, bottled alkaline ionized water is preferred by most people because of the health benefits they bring to the user. So, what are the characteristics of bottled alkaline ionized water?

Ocany Alkaline Ionized Water

Application in the production of bottled alkaline ionized water

Born with the mission to meet the increasing needs of the majority of consumers, bottled alkaline ionized water is the leading solution to all customer problems, a revolution for the bottled water industry. bottle and is the first choice for any consumer in today’s “healthy is everything” era.

With the feature of containing small water molecules and many beneficial micro-minerals, bottled alkaline ionized water can assure consumers of the beneficial bacteria that the customer’s body has after using the product.

So why is the product stored in plastic bottles? The reason plastic bottle is the most reasonable choice is because it has high flexibility and convenience in both use and transportation.

More specifically, bottled alkaline ionized water has the following advantages:

Advantages of bottled alkaline ionized water

Supports alkaline balance for the body

The product contains a large amount of alkali. From there, the product can support the alkaline balance of the body, and at the same time improve the functioning of the digestive system and stomach.

Supports alkaline balance for the body

Support alkaline balance for acid body

Immune system support

In addition, thanks to modern water electrolysis technology and the most advanced mineral circulation, bottled alkaline ionized water contains an abundant amount of natural micro-minerals such as Ca, Mg, K, etc., contributing to good support for the system. immunity.

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Immune system support

Immune system support

Convenient and easy to find

In addition, bottled alkaline ionized water is also favored by most users because of its convenience in storage as well as in distribution and sale in many other places due to being carefully preserved in bottles, jars, and bottles. …

Fresh and natural sweetness

Bottled alkaline ionized water is water rich in hydrogen content. And with a microscopic water molecule structure, this water will be much softer than other ordinary water. In addition, elements such as color, odor, impurities, mold, bacteria, viruses and harmful chemicals have been completely eliminated, so the water will certainly not have an unpleasant odor like other types of water. other ordinary water.

Natural sweetness

In addition to those factors, minerals will still be retained by bottled alkaline ionized water. Therefore, when drinking, consumers will feel a sweet taste, the cool taste of natural minerals, a feeling of freshness and freshness like rain water.

Long use time

Bottled alkaline ionized water products can be used by drinking directly, without having to undergo any other processing including re-boiling.

Neutralizes excess acid

Bottled alkaline ionized water products have natural alkaline properties no less than green vegetables. Therefore, the product has the ability to neutralize excess acid in the body. In addition, the benefits of bottled alkaline ionized water can also include a few key benefits of balancing pH, improving the digestive system, helping to effectively prevent gout, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Neutralizes excess acid

Neutralizes excess acid


Bottled alkaline ionized water also contains an extremely high content of hydrogen and antioxidants, which aid in cell protection, powerful removal of harmful free radicals, and strengthening of the immune system. for the body, anti-aging and preventing dangerous diseases.



Purify and boost metabolism

Another advantage of bottled alkaline ionized water is that this product has a microscopic water molecule structure. After undergoing electrolysis, alkaline ionized water in the ionic form has a size of 0.5 nanometers, 5 times smaller than the molecule of other common water which is 2.5 nanometers.

Purify the body and Boost metabolism

Purify the body and Boost metabolism

For that reason, the osmosis of bottled alkaline ionized water is 5 times higher than that of other common water. Since then, the product’s ability to rehydrate and fight thirst is also more effective. After using the product, the human spirit will become more refreshed, partly because the product can purify, eliminate toxins and increase metabolism for the body.

Rich in micro-minerals

And finally, the bottled alkaline ionized water is rich in natural mineral taste. This property helps the human body to preserve the appropriate beneficial micro-minerals, and at the same time supplement the necessary minerals, calcium, and electrolytes and promote nutrient absorption for a better immune system as well as prevent Osteoporosis,…

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Those are the basic advantages of the product. As for the disadvantages, bottled alkaline ionized water has a few disadvantages as follows:

Disadvantages of bottled alkaline ionized water

There are many controversies

Despite becoming a worldwide trend, bottled alkaline ionized water will not be suitable for some people because of its alkaline nature which has the ability to neutralize acids as well as beneficial bacteria. This is still being debated quite a lot and no results have been given.

There are many controversies

There are many controversies

Environmental problems

The quality of bottled alkaline ionized water will depend a lot on the materials used to store it. Today, a lot of bottles, jars, etc. are made from recycled plastic, so their properties will change when exposed to high temperature or low humidity. This will directly affect the quality of the alkaline ionized water contained within.

Environmental problems
Environmental concerns

The above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages are the basic and obvious characteristics of bottled alkaline ionized water. So what are the health values ​​​​that the product brings that are constantly repeated in this article? Read the next section here to better understand those values!

Health value of alkaline ionized water

When it comes to bottled alkaline ionized water, a few basic health values ​​can be mentioned:

  • Neutralize excess acid in the body
  • Protects the body from harmful free radicals
  • Optimizing the body’s purification process
  • Supplement essential minerals for the body
  • Increase the life of the user
  • Increase food quality
  • Keeps food fresh for longer


Through this article, surely readers have a better understanding of the bottled alkaline ionized water product that you use every day! Know the production process by technology water electrolysis As well as the scientifically proven health values ​​it brings, why don’t you buy a bottle of alkaline ionized water for yourself? Please maintain the habit of drinking water, if possible, alkaline ionized water!

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