What is the cause of anorexia children under 1 year old and effective ways to overcome it?

Children under 1 year of age anorexia This is a fairly common condition, so many parents feel extremely pressured when taking care of their children. The reason is that if anorexia in children lasts long, it will seriously affect the development of stature and intelligence. So what causes children under 1 year old to have anorexia and how to improve this situation? Parents, please refer to the information below of Doppelherz Vietnam.

1. What causes anorexia under 1 year old children?

From birth to 6 months, doctors often recommend exclusive breastfeeding. From the age of 6 months and up, babies begin to enter the period of solid food. At each time, the cause of the child’s anorexia may be different. Therefore, parents need to take the time to observe and understand the cause in order to find an effective remedy. Some of the most common causes of anorexia in children under 1 year of age are:

1.1. For children under 6 months of age with anorexia

Children under 6 months of age with anorexia may be due to the following reasons:

– Because the baby was born prematurely.

Because breast milk has a different smell and taste.

– Because children under 6 months old are in the stage of physiological anorexia.

Because babies are lactose intolerant, they cannot digest breast milk.

– There are a number of reasons that the baby is fed formula early, but if parents give the baby the wrong type of milk, the child will be at risk of anorexia.

1.2. For children aged 6-12 months with anorexia

From 6 to 12 months of age, children have entered the period of weaning, so the causes of anorexia will be more diverse and richer. As follows:

Because the baby is not used to the new diet: When switching from exclusive breastfeeding to solid foods, babies will have to get used to many new foods. In the first time, the child cannot immediately adapt to the new diet and the change of daily diet. That is why children tend to be more lazy and anorexic.

– Due to the boring nutritional menu: When entering the weaning period, parents need to learn carefully to be able to prepare appropriate dishes and ensure nutrition for their children. In particular, you need to pay attention to feeding your baby a variety of foods. Avoid giving children too much of a dish that makes them feel bored and uninterested when it comes to the main meal. If this condition persists, it can cause children under 1 year of age to have anorexia.

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– Anorexia children under 1 year old due to psychological factors: When feeding babies, parents must ensure a comfortable and happy family atmosphere, avoid forcing children to eat foods that they do not like or force children to eat too much. a lot of. Because this will make the baby feel stressed, scared and lead to anorexia under 1 year old.

– Because children under 1 year of age love to play more than to eat: From 6 to 12 months of age, children begin to crawl, learn to sit, learn to walk, teething, explore the world around more and may occur The child is so busy playing that he forgets to eat. In this case, parents should not limit the child’s playtime, but turn each child’s meal into interesting lessons with appropriate toys. This way will make children eat more deliciously while still being familiar with and exploring the world around them.

– Because parents give their children too many snacks before each meal or too many snacks, it can also make children not feel hungry and not interested in food in the main meal.

– Due to bad habits of parents: Instead of letting children sit in one place to eat, many fathers and mothers choose to carry their children everywhere to feed, or give them a bad habit of playing and eating. Therefore, the meal will last a lot longer and gradually will have anorexia.

– Because children under 1 year old are teething: At this time, the child will have a fever, pain and difficulty in chewing and swallowing. This is one of the common causes of anorexia in children under 1 year of age. Besides, if your child has canker sores, sores in his mouth can also make him not want to eat.

– Due to illness: If your baby has anorexia and accompanied by some signs such as irritability, crying, cough, high fever, diarrhea, runny nose, etc., it is likely that the child is having a problem. about health. At this time, parents need to closely monitor and quickly take their children to the doctor for definitive treatment.

2. How to effectively overcome the situation of anorexia children under 1 year old

To effectively overcome anorexia in children under 1 year old, parents need to understand the cause of this condition and give the best treatment.

2.1. For babies under 6 months old with anorexia

If the child under 6 months old has anorexia, stops breastfeeding, the mother should check the baby’s health and the smell of her milk to find out the cause, as well as how to fix it soon.

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2.2. For babies from 6 to 12 months old with anorexia

For babies aged 6 months or older, parents should apply the following principles in the process of weaning their children:

– Should give your baby sweet foods first: In the first time, parents should give babies sweet powdered foods because this powder has a taste similar to breast milk, so it will be easier for the baby to adapt. After that, the baby gradually switched to salty baby powder.

– Eat from less to more: Parents should not give their children too much food at once, but should feed them from less to more so that their digestive system can adapt effectively. Note that the dishes should be varied and rich to supplement the best nutrients and help the baby not get bored before each meal.

– Eat from dilute to solid: If parents give their children solid foods immediately, it will affect the child’s digestive system. Ideally, you should feed your baby according to the principle from dilute to solid so that he gradually adapts to new foods.

Parents need to make their children’s meals richer and more colorful: This helps children’s meals become more attractive and full of nutrients for their healthy development.

Parents should not add salted fish sauce to their children’s food to avoid the risk of the kidneys having to work too hard and causing great harm to health.

Let the child eat on demand: If the baby shows signs of anorexia, parents should not force it because if it is too forced, the child will be psychologically affected and make anorexia last longer.

Through today’s article, easyhealthylive hopes that parents have clearly understood the situation of anorexia children under 1 year old and how to effectively overcome it. If you need to learn more about this issue and delicious syrup products Kinder OptimaParents, please contact easyhealthylive immediately at hotline. Our team of experts are always ready to provide advice and answer all your questions.

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