What is the best Japanese height increase pill?

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How did the Japanese increase their height?

Surely you will be extremely surprised to learn that Japan was once labeled with the nickname “Japanese dwarf” when the average height in men is only 1m50 and women are only 1m49 tall in women, losing both. Vietnamese people are from 2 to 4cm tall.

However, within just 40 years, the Japanese government has made a comeback when raising the average height for people up to 10cm, reaching 1m72 for men and 1m57 for women.

The story of Japan’s successful “escape” made many countries around the world curious and scientists finally went into research to find out the reason. Finally, they also proved that height does not depend entirely on genetics, but on other factors such as nutrition, exercise, and proper rest. That is also the way the Japanese have applied to improve the height of their nation.

How to increase height of Japanese people?

Firstly, Japan considers the human factor as the center, and promotes education. By propaganda, the Japanese government has helped people realize that height is not only a matter of an individual, but it is also related to the self-esteem of the whole nation.

Second, Japan has adopted a Western-style diet, adding milk to children’s diets every day.

Third, the Japanese government has encouraged intellectuals to have more children, so that they can pass on good genes to the next generation.

Is it good to use Japanese height increasing pills?

The use of height increasing drugs is considered the optimal solution to help children improve their height effectively, this is also a trend that is popular with many parents.

In addition to the prestigious American height increasing pills, Japanese height increasing pills are also becoming hot and selling products in the past few years in the Asian market with the following advantages: Children increase height effectively, safe for health. The process of using the product, if combined with the right nutrition, exercise, and early sleep factors, the child will quickly get the ideal height.

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Currently, Japanese height increasing products come in many forms such as pills, nuggets or syrups to meet the diverse needs of domestic users of different ages. Japanese height increasing drug products are not widely available for sale, so users can only buy products through distributors or from portable sellers.

What age should use Japanese height increasing pills?

Scientific studies show that our height grows fastest during the first years of life and puberty. Until the age of 18, height tends to slow down, increasing by only 2cm per year. After the age of 20, height no longer grows, even if any intervention measures including using height increasing drugs do not bring results. Therefore, the most effective age for use is for children who are in the developmental stage.

The best Japanese height increasing drugs


Shinshin Japanese Algae is a functional food product that helps increase height effectively in children, and at the same time helps to strengthen resistance and prevent bone and joint diseases.

Shinshin is manufactured on the leading modern technology line in Japan, ensuring quality and safety for users’ health. In addition, the Japanese height increasing drug ingredient Shinshin contains many essential nutrients that are beneficial for the physical development of children.

Some basic information about the product is as follows:

  • Age of use: children from 6 years old
  • Product ingredients include: Spirulina (259mg), Sodium (379 kcal), Glipid (73.4g), Energy (10.2g), Protein (7g), Carbohydrate (4.4g), Ash (5g).
  • How to use: Children from 6-13 years old take 1 time take 5 tablets before going to bed about 1 hour. Children from 13-19 years old take 1 time 10 tablets about 1 hour before going to bed.
  • Product price: 549,000 VND/box
Shinshin Japanese height increase drug

Shinshin Japanese height increase drug

GH Creation

GH Creation is one of the products that are receiving a lot of attention and choice from parents to help their children improve their height. Products originating from Japan manufactured by AFC Efushi Group.

GH Creation Ex helps to supplement the necessary nutrients to help stimulate cartilage tissue growth, while enhancing the elasticity of joint cartilage, minimizing pain when moving.

Some basic information about GH Creation Ex is as follows:

  • Age of use: The product is most effective at the age of 10 – 15 years old.
  • Product ingredients include: α-GPC (glycerophosphocholine), amino acid arginine, Bone Peptide, Purotetaito and Coral Calcium
  • How to use: Take 3 tablets a day, take before going to bed at about 21-22 hours.
  • GH Creation Ex has a price ranging from 1,000,000 to 1,300,000 VND/box
Japanese height increase drug GH Greation

Japanese height increase drug GH Greation

Tri Up Plus

Tri Up Plus is manufactured by Umeken Pharmaceutical Corporation of Japan. The product is used to help children grow taller and improve weight. This is also one of the Japanese height increasing drug products trusted by many mothers.

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Some basic information about the product is as follows:

  • Age of use: The product is intended for children from 2 years old and up.
  • Product ingredients include: Green algae, shell powder, blueberries and black currants, Tuna fish, bee pollen.
  • How to use: Children from 6 years old to 12 years old: Take 3 tablets a day. Children 12 years and older: Take 5 tablets a day.
  • Tri Up Plus is currently priced at: 1,020,000 VND/box

Comparison between Japanese and American height increasing drugs

If we consider between the two product lines of Japan and the US, of course, each country will have its own advantages in terms of different product lines. However, most of these products have one thing in common, which is to help children improve their height quickly, safely and effectively.

In fact, between the two product lines of Japan and the US , there are still differences, based on these differences, users can consider and choose for themselves the most appropriate product.

Japanese height increase drug:

Japan is a country with a very developed industry and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Thanks to the application of modern science and technology and the unique creativity of people, this country has created extremely high quality height increasing drugs.

It is this that makes the Japanese height increase drug market extremely exciting, there are many products ready to be “labeled” with genuine Japanese to be “screamed” over the top.

Through research, Japanese height-enhancing drugs are carried to Vietnam by many ways such as smuggled through unofficial channels, study abroad students, flight attendants, or parcels of Vietnamese people studying. Most of these products have not been verified for quality and effectiveness by the authorities, so users easily fall into the situation of buying fake and poor quality goods.

American height increase drug:

In general, products from the US are produced based on modern scientific works, researched by leading experts in the world.

>> Some American height increase drugs

On the other hand, Americans are very focused on quality, especially with product lines related to health support and improvement. Therefore, in order to bring high efficiency and safety, the drug lines of this country before being launched into the market are carefully censored for ingredients, nutrient content, uses…

According to evaluations from nutritionists as well as feedback from users, the use of American medicine has shown that the use of American drugs is effective in increasing height and brain for children optimally and higher than other products on the market. market. In particular, products from the US are also highly appreciated for containing a duo of nutrients, Nano Calcium and Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II to help strengthen bones, improve height quickly and safely.

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