What is the age of women’s menopause and how to prolong it?

Perimenopause and menopause are natural processes of aging for women. Entering perimenopause and menopause, women will have to face changes in psychology, health and the risk of many diseases, affecting quality of life. What is the age of menopause in women? Women enter the stage How old is perimenopause?? and how to delay it, prolong youth?

1. What is menopause and perimenopause?

Perimenopause is the period during which the body begins the natural transition to menopause, marking the end of a woman’s reproductive age. Perimenopause is a natural process that cannot be avoided. The decline in female hormones leads to a faster and stronger production of free radicals in the body. This causes the phenomenon of comprehensive aging in women. At that time, women will have to face a decline in both health, beauty and psychophysiology.

The decline in the female hormone estrogen during perimenopause causes a variety of problems, most notably menstrual irregularities. Perimenopause can last for many years before officially entering menopause. Menopause is defined by the absence of menstruation for 12 consecutive months.

2. What is the age of perimenopause and what is the age of menopause?

Every woman begins to have symptoms of perimenopause at a different age. Usually around the age of 40, perimenopause has begun and is signaled by irregular menstrual cycles. However, in some people, this happens quite early as just 30 years old. Meanwhile, there are also people who don’t show these signs until nearly 50 years old.

The time from the start of perimenopause to the official menopause is about 2 – 5 years, in some cases up to 10 years. According to statistics, the average woman goes through menopause between the ages of 50 and 52. However, according to the observations of scientists, the age of perimenopause and menopause is increasingly younger. Some people officially enter menopause in their 40s.

3. How to delay perimenopause?

During perimenopause, a woman’s ovaries age over time and gradually produce less of the hormone estrogen. The lack of estrogen causes irregular ovulation, which in turn causes menstrual disorders.

Besides, the body also begins to show signs of aging outside such as skin loss of elasticity, appearance of wrinkles as well as internal signs such as decreased physiological needs; vaginal dryness; psychological change; experiencing hot flashes, insomnia, osteoporosis, joint pain, hair loss..

According to experts, an unhealthy lifestyle such as regular use of stimulants such as tobacco, alcohol, poor diet, overwork, underweight or obesity also accelerates ovarian aging in women. women.

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Therefore, to slow down the menopause, prolong the perimenopause, women can apply some methods such as:

  • Use a hormone booster: This is one of a kind Medications to delay perimenopause chosen by many women. Grasping that mentality, many drugs enhance female hormones with natural ingredients from soybeans, evening primrose oil, sheep placenta…. That is why there are many types on the market today Pre-menopause prolongation pills both domestic and foreign origin. For example, Aktiv Meno product is a combination of natural ingredients including soy essence, calcium and some vitamins that have the effect of reducing symptoms of menopausal disorders and perimenopause safely and effectively.

  • Regular exercise: in addition to using types drugs to prolong perimenopause Women can also limit the symptoms of menopause by changing their lifestyle and increasing exercise. In particular, practicing yoga brings a lot of benefits to the female body such as relieving stress, reducing hot flashes and increasing body flexibility. You can do light exercise for about 30 minutes a day.
  • Proper nutrition: follow a healthy diet with lots of green vegetables and fruits, supplement with foods that help increase estrogen production such as salmon, cauliflower, sesame seeds, garlic … limit use Arouse tight; Limit staying up late and avoid stressors.

Above are our answers to many women’s questions about menopause and perimenopause as well as methods to prolong perimenopause. Hopefully with this information, women will determine the most suitable measure for themselves to prolong youth as well as minimize the discomfort that this period brings

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