What is Skinny Fat? How to recognize and fix Skinny fat

Skinny fat It is a common phenomenon in today’s society. Not only affecting aesthetics, skinny fat also has many potential diseases. If you belong to the group of people in the state of skinny fat and want to improve your body and figure. Follow the following article of Ocany to understand the training regimen for skinny fat people!

What is Skinny Fat?

Skinny fat is the type of person who is thin but has a lot of fatShe has a lot of fat in her abdomen and chest, but she has a small shoulder frame and small bones. For people with this body type, even though they have a stable weight, there are some parts that accumulate a lot of fat.

Whether you are thin or have a healthy weight, the risk of obesity can occur.

Skinny Fat people often have a lot of fat in the abdomen

Skinny Fat people often have a lot of fat in the abdomen

Characteristics of Skinny Fat people

The biggest difference between skinny fat and other organs is the chest, it has almost no muscles, narrow on the sides and saggy, some people have large and black nipple circles. Very few people belong to this type of person, think only about 2-3%. Most people are just a little fat and fat but not Skinny Fat.

What Causes Skinny Fat Condition?

You always wonder why the body is inherently thin but has a lot of excess fat in areas such as the abdomen and chest. This is inherently very thin overall body, but it also makes you feel very insecure when you don’t dare to wear the clothes you love.

Unbalanced diet

Because you absorb too much flour in meals will make your waist and belly bigger. Even if you eat less, the amount of carbohydrates you consume per meal and the lack of nutrients such as fiber will still store fat as usual.

Training is not right

When choosing which exercises you should choose carefully. Because cardio exercises can help you stay healthy and lose fat, doing too much cardio will contribute to skinny fat. This may seem contradictory, but it has also been scientifically explained.

Improper exercise easily causes Skinny Fat

Improper exercise easily causes Skinny Fat

Excessive cardio will interfere with the body’s ability to build muscle and strength. And if you are a person who eats very few calories, or low in protein, doing cardio will speed up the process of destroying muscle bundles in the body. So, do cardio exercises with a moderate amount of time to keep your health and body toned!

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Sit much

The problem of most young Vietnamese today. With the nature of work that requires sitting for many hours in front of a computer screen, it accidentally makes your breasts bigger and fat.

Can Skinny Fat fix it?

Of course yes, if you apply the right nutrition and exercise methods. So why does Skinny Fat need to improve? This human organ has many defects that make the body not beautiful, healthy and firm, and is at risk of causing many health diseases.

Overcome Skinny Fat by changing diet and exercise

Overcome Skinny Fat by changing diet and exercise

Due to the characteristics of this human body, in general, there is little muscle and a lot of fat, so the direction of change will be to lose fat and gain muscle. If you continue to improve your health from the inside and out, you will be able to have a more attractive body day by day.

How to effectively overcome Skinny Fat human body

Do you want to know if Skinny Fat can be overcome? The answer is that skinny fat can completely improve over time. There are two main ways to deal with this condition: losing fat and gaining muscle. You should alternate exercises that support fat loss and muscle gain over time.

Lose fat and gain muscle to improve Skinny Fat

Lose fat and gain muscle to improve Skinny Fat

Just be persistent, after a few months of training and eating scientifically you will start to see significant improvements in your appearance. Not only that, your health will be significantly better.


If you continue to eat in an uncontrolled way, excess or lack of nutrients will not reduce the amount of fat in the body. Diet for Skinny Fat needs to pay attention to some points as follows.

Limit foods high in fat

Limit your intake of fatty foods, instead you should eat protein-rich foods such as lean red meat, fish, egg whites and protein-rich foods from legumes, vegetables … and foods that contain fat. Good.

You should eat a full breakfast and contain a lot of protein

Protein is the key to helping you increase lean muscle mass and own a toned, healthy body. Protein accounts for more than 50% of the dry mass of the cell, and is the main structural material of cells, including muscle cells. Many people do not get enough protein in their daily meals.

Provide adequate breakfast protein to improve the figure Skinny Fat

Provide adequate breakfast protein to improve the figure Skinny Fat

In particular, if you are a person who exercises, the higher the need for protein. Add protein-rich foods or drink Whey Protein milk to enhance pure protein.

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Skinny Fat people should limit the use of bottled water and carbonated water

Drink at least 2 liters of filtered water a day and more on days you have a workout. The trick is to always carry a water bottle with you so you can drink it wherever you go. Mainly drink water or electrolytes, juice or milk. Do not drink carbonated soft drinks, beer, wine …

Use plant-based foods

Plant-based foods have been with each of us for thousands of years, so it is extremely safe for the body. These foods are high in fiber, which aids digestion and helps you feel fuller and eat better. However, today, you should choose carefully to avoid being exposed to foods high in chemicals.

Do not eat foods containing many colors

Colorful foods are foods that are made up of synthetic colors, Limit your intake of these foods as much as possible. These foods also contain many preservatives and foreign substances that we do not know and the extremely high amount of sugar will make your waistline increase.

Change the right cooking oil

Should change the normal cooking oils to those containing Omega-3 or use coconut oil, olive oil to replace is also good.

How to practice

Many people often mistakenly think that they have Skinny Fat because they see symptoms similar to the information in this article. Then immediately apply the method and regimen specific to this human body and the result is nothing. A person with Skinny Fat is more difficult to achieve than the average person, so you need to be patient and persistent.

How to exercise for Skinny Fat people effectively

How to exercise for Skinny Fat people effectively

The “thin but fat” human body usually has very little muscle, so To train effectively, you need to build muscle first And of course, to gain muscle, fat also increases. However, you should put the fat thing aside, focus on gaining muscle mainly. Because even with more fat, when you have more muscle, you still look much healthier.

Work out the upper body more, shoulder and chest exercises take priority. In this process, if you do cardio to lose fat, you should also practice less.

Can Skinny Fat people Cutting or Bulking?

If you have gone to practice, then the question of whether Skinny Fat people should tighten or release muscles is a question of many people. In fact, tightening or releasing muscle is not very suitable for this body type. Because the ability to distribute nutrients in the body does not work as well as the average person.

Do not focus too much on Bulking or Cutting for Skinny Fat people

Do not focus too much on Bulking or Cutting for Skinny Fat people

Most of the calories you take in will be converted to fat instead of lean muscle. At the same time, the process of muscle tightening will also be equally arduous. If you do it incorrectly or do not take supplements, there is a high chance that you will lose muscle.

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To make it easy to understand Skinny Fat will not fit into a diet that is too high or too low in caloriesso let’s temporarily ignore the problem of Bulking with Cutting.

Gym schedule for effective Skinny Fat people

This is a suggested workout schedule from famous fitness coach Ben Bruno, you can learn and adjust more to suit yourself.

  • Practice about 3 times a week, 60 minutes each session;
  • Must alternate between training and rest days;
  • Must perform, make sure to complete 100% of exercises before moving on to other exercises;
  • After each month, lift weights in Deadlift, Squat exercises to 5-10kg, for Bench -Press exercises to lift 4-6kg;
  • In terms of weight, you also need to gain at least 1.5kg for each month.

Skinny Fat people should exercise regularly

Skinny Fat people should exercise regularly

The specific exercise schedule for Skinny Fat people is as follows:

  • Second: Butt thighs + Abdomen.
  • Third: Rest.
  • Fourth: Bucket back, chest + Cardio.
  • Thursday: Rest.
  • Friday: Arms, Shoulders + Cardio.
  • Saturday, Sunday: Rest and relax.

There are many bodybuilding exercises for the skinny fat group. And we recommend you to go to the fitness center because there will be experts to help you practice properly, in the right way and with the highest efficiency.

During training Try to keep track of your exercises. You should also record your readings and weight during exercise. This helps you manage your time, as well as help motivate and will you to complete the exercise.

Besides exercise, you should also Pay attention to your own diet. You need to provide an adequate amount of protein for the body to have energy and supply muscles, ensure health to be able to perform exercises on a regular basis. Eat less fatty foods, increase foods rich in fiber, vitamins and protein.

Hopefully, the article on Ocany has given you the information you need to know about skinny fat and how to fix this situation. Skinny fat is not a life-threatening phenomenon. However, Skinny Fat has many potential diseases for people: diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure… Therefore, practice from today to have a healthy body and a balanced physique.

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