What is self-suggestion? Affected how?

Auto-suggestion is one of the concepts that is quite new and unfamiliar to many people. The characteristic of this syndrome is the symptom of self-delusion with ideas and thoughts that are not real. Although this is a mental disorder, it sometimes brings some benefits because in reality there are many cases of geniuses suffering from this syndrome.

Autosuggestion is characterized by a way that imagination blurs a person’s cognitive abilities.

What is self-suggestion?

Autosuggestion is a mental disorder also known as Autosuggestion. Many people also call this disease as a way of self-reflection, self-hypnosis. In simpler terms, this pathology is an imaginary way of blurring human cognitive abilities.

The patient will be able to form thoughts about a certain problem and they will convince and hypnotize themselves to believe in it. Because of that, their external actions will also be affected and expressed in the same way as what they are thinking. All forms of encouragement, stimulation or self-encouragement will be used to describe the term autosuggestion.

According to experts, the symptoms of this mental disorder are not pathological and it is not the same as autism. Also because autism is a form of disease and it can cause a lot of negative effects on the development and social promotion of each individual.

Although auto-suggestion is still classified as a mental disorder, in some special cases it brings great benefits to people. In fact, there have been many geniuses in the world sharing that they have autism and have discovered their own hidden abilities.

Based on statistics from 2007, it is found that about 1 in 150 children in the United States will have this syndrome. Not stopping there, this number is increasing year by year, the ratio ranges from 10 to 17%. Besides, this condition also entails a lot of problems related to hobbies and repetitive behaviors that cause certain obstacles to the patient’s life activities.

Depending on the level of autosuggestion of each person, the influence and support will be different. Some children with this syndrome need help with activities of daily living, others will need less help and many are able to live independently.

Causes of autism

According to experts, the situation of auto-suggestion will often stem from the following 2 reasons:

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Auto-suggestion can come from two main causes: mental and physical
  • The cause comes from mental

Often when a person tells himself something, he or she tends to want to convince himself to believe it. Likewise, people with autosuggestion will also have these symptoms, but to a greater extent and how it occurs.

However, if they deceive themselves with a certain wrong thought, at a certain point they will accept that mistake as a fact. These thoughts and fantasies are self-seeded in their own minds. At the same time it will be continuously encouraged, nurtured and developed over time.

If not detected and appropriate intervention measures are taken, they will grow and invade the entire human mind. It begins to blend with each level of emotion and form motivations that can control and direct their every move, such as daily activities, behaviors, etc.

  • The cause comes from the entity

According to research by experts, in some areas of the brain, damaged brain cells will disrupt nerve cells. If this situation goes on for too long, it will develop stable blocks of inhibition that cause distorted and erroneous thoughts about life. This is also considered a premise to make people’s wrong thinking stronger and stronger.

Symptoms of autosuggestion

Autism-suggestion has symptoms that are quite similar and easy to confuse with autism, but it is also accompanied by suggestive thoughts. Some common symptoms are as follows:

  • Impaired attention, loss of concentration, aloofness, self-isolation, poor social communication skills.
  • Having thoughts about your own behavior and often spending a lot of time on the issues that you are thinking about.
  • People with autosuggestion seem to have completely lost control of their own thoughts. Most of them just focus on what they themselves think they need to do.
  • Being immersed in one’s own thoughts is a frenzied, unbalanced feeling in life. They can ignore, skip to do the necessary and important things right at that moment.
  • Or think, dream.
  • May be very good at a certain area, such as math, flashbacks, etc.

How does autism affect you?

Unlike other mental disorders, autosuggestion is not necessarily a bad condition. Sometimes it also brings many positive things to people. Some of the positive and negative effects that autosuggestion can have are as follows:

Tiger Wood – American golf champion is a person with autism

2.1 Positive influence of auto-suggestion

Autism-suggestion syndrome has the ability to help you easily reach for success and achieve unexpected goals. In fact, there have been many cases of people who, after realizing they have this symptom, discovered their natural and hidden talents. However, there are also many cases of severe auto-suggestion causing many people to become paranoid about themselves.

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A typical example is Tiger Wood – US golf champion. During his time in prison during the Korean War, he was constantly thinking and thinking about himself as a golf champion. Time after he was released from prison and returned to his country, he began to make his thoughts come true and won the US golf championship with his eye-catching and perfect shots.

2.2 Negative effects from auto-suggestion

However, for cases with negative and deviant thoughts, this syndrome is extremely dangerous. It can affect their mental and physical health. For example, if you always have the thought that you are unhappy, lonely, unable to find happiness, then surely these will be deeply ingrained in your mind. At this point, you will look at everything around you in a pessimistic way, thinking that everything is meaningless and there is no reason for you to try in the future.

When to see a doctor?

Usually, children from about 1 year old when someone calls their name, will respond to turn their head or smile. However, when having autism-suggestive syndrome, the child will not have any reaction in this situation. When babies are a little older, around 18 months old, they will start to have expressions to indicate if they speak slowly. However, when the child has some mental health problems, there is little or no such action.

When children start to turn 2, children with autism will not feel or appear very calm when viewing funny pictures and events. If you notice that your child has these symptoms, parents should take the initiative to take their child to see a psychologist to be examined and examined in the most specific way.

How to turn auto-suggestion into a positive motivation

If you know how to regulate your thoughts and feelings about yourself, you can completely achieve what you want. Here are some measures that can help you turn autism into a driving force for success:

1. Pretend to be successful

First, people with autosuggestion should pretend to be geniuses, successful people, and have a knack for standing out. These thoughts will help you increase your confidence in yourself and have more motivation to overcome unexpected goals.

2. Think more positive

If you think of yourself as confident, creative, intelligent, agile and responsive, your actions and actions will reflect that. On the contrary, for those who have negative thoughts, for example, they constantly lower themselves, judge themselves negatively, think that they are inferior, have no talent, those thoughts will bring them down. down into the abyss. So you need to try to think in an optimistic and positive way so that life becomes more beautiful, you will also be more motivated about the future.

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3. Believe in yourself

Confidence is one of the necessary factors for you to easily achieve success in life. Especially people with autism will need to practice this virtue to be able to facilitate work, study and social relationships. Therefore, you should not doubt yourself, not underestimate your own abilities, but have the courage to try new and interesting things. This is also the key to everyone’s success.

4. Mental rehearsal

Start imagining that you are about to give a very important presentation. At this point, let’s clearly and specifically distinguish between what is real and what is virtual so that it can directly affect behavior and perception. This is considered a mental exercise so that at the beginning of the presentation you will act according to what you have prepared, what you have envisioned in advance and surely the result will be the same. You desire.

5. Self-Declaration

You can also create your own manifesto so you know what you’re thinking and what you want, so you can easily follow through on it. These are not just words when you write them down on paper, but they are also your goals and you need to work hard to achieve them. After fulfilling your own wishes, you can continue to add things to do next and make specific plans for it.

The above article has brought you some specific and detailed information about autosuggestion. If the child shows signs such as not expressing emotions, limited communication ability or often sitting alone, parents should quickly bring the child to the doctor for a thorough examination and examination at the health facilities. reputable department.

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