What is Pilates? Why are people rushing to practice pilates to lose weight and keep fit?

What is Pilates? In Vietnam, the concept of pilates has only appeared recently, but anyone who has tried it has recognized that this subject has the effect of toning muscles, helping to lose weight, and keeping in shape very effectively.

Being labeled a “full body weight loss pialte” is no exaggeration when this subject can really affect the whole body, from increasing flexibility, strength, toning muscles to reducing pain. . This is the reason why even though it has existed for nearly 100 years, it still attracts the attention of many people, from athletes to famous stars in the world. What is Pilates? Why do so many people “rush” to practice pilates. Immediately see the sharing below of easyhealthylive.com for the answer!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a training method that combines a series of controlled exercises on specialized equipment to maintain fitness, tone muscles, and promote health.

This type of exercise was developed by athlete Joseph Pilates at the end of World War I. Initially, this exercise was used to rehabilitate wounded soldiers. Pilates brought the sport to the US in 1923 and he spent a lot of time perfecting the practice.

Pilates is famous as a full-body weight loss exercise, including pilates exercises to reduce belly fat. Although in Vietnam pilates is not really popular, but in the West, this subject has “floating” on par with yoga, gym, cardio …

Why do pilates attract sports lovers?

What is Pilate?

Pilates is not only focused on building strength, but it also helps to increase willpower and improve flexibility of the body

Unlike many other disciplines, pilate does not focus on developing too much in a certain area that “neglect” other areas. When practiced, pilates focuses not only on strengthening the core, but also on toning the muscles, improving flexibility and mobility in the joints.

Not only that, but pilates also provides support for both the breath and the mind, something that is hard to find in other disciplines. This is why pilates are commonly used in rehabilitation centers or are often chosen by athletes:

  • Support for chronic back pain. When practicing pilates exercises will help you increase the amount of muscles in your back and minimize back injuries.
  • Effective weight loss because it will affect the whole body instead of specific muscle groups. At the same time, pilates helps you increase metabolism and burn fat better.
  • Improve posture and figure. After a period of practice, you will notice that your body is slim and toned, without excess fat.
  • Connecting body and mind. The movements are performed at a slow pace, causing the brain to focus on each body movement.
  • Feel the muscles being stretched, even confirming stiff or “clogging” parts. This will help you detect the problem early and get a solution to the root.
  • Increase energy. After each pilates session, you will find your body more comfortable. The reason is that when the brain focuses on movement, the afflictions about work and life will be temporarily put on hold, from which the flow in the body will be cleared.
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What is Pilates? Pilates has thousands of exercises and variations. During practice, exercises can be tailored to individual needs. There are many ways to modify the exercises and there are even special notes with pilates exercises for men. Therefore, when choosing this discipline, you will not have to wonder if pilates is right for me.

5 things to know before taking a pilates class

What is Pilate?

Whether you’re new to exercise or an accomplished athlete, you can reap great benefits from pilates.

1. There are two types of pilates, Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates

With Mat Pilates, you just need to use a mat like a yoga mat but a little thicker. The more complex Reformer Pilates requires you to use machines and tools such as Refomer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, etc.

Usually, you will get acquainted with Mat Pilates first and then gradually improve with Reformer Pilates. The goal of Mat Pilates exercises is to help the body get used to breathing, training techniques before combining with machines.

2. Muscles can become burned during exercise and sore the next day

Pilates exercises are as intense as squats and weightlifting exercises. Because when you practice, you will be focusing on even the smallest movements, which means you have to work all the muscles that the exercise targets. Therefore, it is not surprising that muscles become burning and painful after exercise. However, do not worry too much, over time your body will gradually adapt.

3. Basic pilates classes often have the same set of exercises

Here are the basic pilates exercises that are common in beginner classes:

  • Pilates 100 (breathing exercise that strengthens the core and creates stability)
  • The roll up (Slow movements help stretch the spine, back, and strengthen the abdominal muscles)
  • Leg circles (Strengthen the hips and stabilize the core)
  • Rolling like a ball (Spine massage and back opening)
  • Series 5 (a group of movements that tone the abs and back muscles).

4. Wear well-fitting clothes

When practicing pilates, you should choose clothes that fit and hug your body. This will help the teacher better observe your movements. In addition, it also avoids clothes getting caught in springs or other workout equipment.

The ideal outfit that you can choose is a tank top with a pair of leggings. In class, you can go barefoot or wear socks. If wearing socks, choose ones with rubber soles to prevent slipping.

5. To practice effectively, you need a detailed plan or lesson plan

In many centers, you only need to buy 1 package and you can comfortably practice all classes. However, in the early weeks, you should avoid exercising every day because after each training session, the body needs 1 to 2 days to recover.

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If you can’t allocate time to practice or don’t know how to exercise properly, you can choose to exercise with a personal trainer. The teacher will give you a detailed lesson plan on the exercise program that best suits your body’s ability.

Pilates can be a great addition to many other disciplines because it improves the body’s abilities in every way. With just a little practice, you’ll find yourself able to lift heavier weights, run faster, swim farther, or even perform the advanced hand balances in yoga.

The article has answered the question what is pilates? If you love pilates and want to practice but haven’t found the right trainer? Download now easyhealthylive.com to your device, the application will help you immediately find a suitable yoga instructor to guide you to practice more effectively.

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