What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health

ORP is a very important indicator that directly affects water quality. So ORP index What is that? How much ORP in the country is good for health? Let’s Ocany Find out more in the article below!

What is ORP indicator?

ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) is an electronic measurement – ​​in millivolts (mV) – that measures the ability of a chemical substance to oxidise or reduce another chemical. ORP index Also known as the oxidization index.

What is ORP indicator?

What is ORP indicator?

What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 9

Both oxidation and reduction are chemical processes that involve the transfer of electrons between molecules (adding or losing an electron). So ORP measures the likelihood of such reactions in a water source.

ORP index is divided into 2 levels: negative ORP and positive ORP.

Positive ORP

A positive ORP number means that the substance is an oxidizing agent, the higher the positive ORP number, the greater the degree of oxidation.

Negative ORP

A negative ORP value indicates that the substance is a reducing agent, the lower the negative ORP, the greater the antioxidant level.

Meaning of domestic ORP

ORP index widely applied in the process of testing and testing water from the medical field, industrial water production and in the daily life of people.

Meaning of domestic ORP

Meaning of domestic ORP

What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 10

ORP is indispensable during water testing as it indicates how disinfected or contaminated the water has been based on its oxidizing and reducing properties.

To be safe to use, recycle or come into contact with our skin, the water is treated with a disinfectant to have a higher oxidizing capacity, resulting in a higher ORP. By periodically monitoring ORP levels, you can monitor the effectiveness of your disinfectant and adjust your home water treatment plan accordingly.

ORP has good effects on human health, especially in today’s polluted water environment.

However, research scientists have shown that supplementing Negative ORP for the body instead of ORP, let’s find out why below.

The role of substances with negative ORP index in human health

Modern living conditions entail a number of negative health consequences. Environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, dirty food, unsafe water sources, etc. adversely affect human health. These factors contribute to an increase in the body’s ORP to positive levels (containing many antioxidants), thereby causing many problems for physical and psychological health.

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To overcome this situation, you need to supplement foods and drinks with negative ORP (antioxidants). This will help balance the internal environment of the body, neutralize and destroy harmful free radicals, and reverse the risk of premature aging, reduce the incidence of dangerous diseases.

Therefore, the addition of water with a negative ORP index plays an important role in health. So what exactly is the effect of the domestic ORP index? How much ORP is safe? Let’s go with Ocany to find the answer right below.

Does measuring ORP in drinking water have any effect?

Drinking water is a necessity of life, so choosing the right kind of water to drink is very important. Measuring the ORP index in the water will help you determine the condition and nature of the water source your family is using. If the water has a positive ORP value, you need to treat it quickly, because this is a source of water with acidity It will be harmful to health if used for a long time.

Determining the ORP in the country is an important step for you to find the right solution. If the water has a high ORP, you can treat it with a reducing agent, an antioxidant or using a water purifier.

ORP index in foods

ORP index in foods

What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 11

What ORP is ideal for health?

In general, foods and drinks with a higher negative ORP are healthier. The higher the negative ORP index, the more antioxidants they contain, which have the effect of rejuvenating cells, preventing diseases, especially diseases caused by cellular stress such as stomach, diabetes, cancer. letters,…

Conversely, the more positive the ORP index, the more dangerous it is to health. Stay away from foods and water with a positive ORP, or find a quick fix.

How to supplement substances with negative ORP to help prevent oxidation for the body?

There are many ways to add antioxidants to the body. However, the two simplest and easiest ways to do it are to supplement antioxidants with food and use drinking water with a negative Orp index every day.

Supplementing Antioxidants with Food


This is a fruit with only negative ORP, extremely high antioxidant capacity, which is shown right on the dark purple skin of the fruit. Just eating a handful of blueberries will increase oxygen in your body many times more than apples or bananas.


Blueberries have negative ORP, high antioxidant

What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 12


Cauliflower is a food rich in antioxidants. Cauliflower contains many substances such as carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, which are components that help fight oxidation in the body. Cauliflower is one of the foods with a negative ORP that is worth choosing.

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Cauliflower is rich in antioxidants

What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 13

Brown rice

Brown rice is not only a “panacea” to help keep fit, but also an extremely effective antioxidant food with the criteria of delicious – nutritious – cheap. Regular use of brown rice will help the body to be full of energy and full of vitality.

Brown rice

Brown rice

What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 14


Barley is one of the grains that contain a lot of healthy nutrients. At the same time, it is a food source with a negative ORP index, rich in antioxidants.



What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 15

Use drinking water with negative Orp every day

It is recommended to use hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water every day because this water has a negative Orp index (because it contains many H + ions thanks to the use of electrolysis technology) which is very good for health, helping to increase antioxidants and neutralizing substances. Dissolve excess acid in the body.

Drink water with negative ORP every day

Drink water with negative ORP every day

What is ORP indicator? Importance of domestic ORP to health 16

In addition, hydrogen-rich water also helps prevent aging and increase the body’s resistance by eliminating harmful free radicals generated in the metabolism of cells and tissues, creating a ventilated surface to increase oxygen, provide nutrients to cells.


Above is all the knowledge in the version about What is ORP indicator?. You should carefully study and understand the information of the ORP index to be able to choose a source of healthy drinking water in general as well as products suitable for the body in particular to avoid harmful agents to the body. body. Hope information about ORP’s Ocany will help you.

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