What is Kangen Water? Is Kangen water really good?

Many people want to use Kangen water for the purpose of promoting health and preventing bad diseases from appearing. During the selection process, everyone has the same question that Kangen water is really good? The following article will contribute to providing full information about kangen water for customers.

What is Kangen Water?

What is Kangen Water?

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is a good drink for the body created by electrolysis to separate water molecules in the form of H+ and OH- ions. This is a completely natural water, alkaline (pH > 7), rich in micro-minerals and antioxidants and has a micro molecular structure of only 0.5 nanometers.

Kangen water is a good drink for the body

Kangen water is a good drink for the body

Kangen water generator device is called an electrolyte water purifier (or alkaline ionized water purifier). Specifically, the process of creating Kangen water in an electrolyte water purifier will take place as follows:

At the filter: The water source, when going through the filter layers, will be completely removed from impurities, bacteria, toxic heavy metals… The filtered water is clean water, meeting the standards of direct drinking water of the Ministry of Health.

In the electrolysis chamber: After dissociating into H+ and OH- ions, water molecules will be restructured to form two main groups of water: acidic ionized water and alkaline ionized water. In particular, alkaline ionized water will be used for drinking (pH ~ 8.5 – 9.5), also known as Kangen water.

Kangen water has many other names such as: Alkaline water, alkaline ionized water, alkaline drinking water, hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water, Hydrogen water, Pi water, Hydrogen water, alkaline water or Reconstituted water (in Japanese). .

What are the great benefits of Kangen water?

What are the benefits of Kangen water?

What are the benefits of Kangen water?

After knowing what Kangen water is, now let’s take a closer look at Kangen water, see if this Kangen water is good and what effect this water has on the human body. In fact, from the research of leading experts, Kangen water is proven to have many good health benefits. As follows:

Helps neutralize excess harmful acids in the body

The human body will often tend to be acidic due to causes such as: Stress, environmental pollution, using many stimulants, unhealthy diet… Kangen water has a pH of ~ 8.5 – 9.5 equivalent. Similar to green vegetables, it will help neutralize excess acids, bringing the body to a natural alkaline state with pH ~ 7.3 – 7.4.

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From there, it also helps to reduce the risk of diseases caused by excess acid such as cancer, stomach pain, gout, colitis …

Rich in natural alkalinity for the body

Kangen water is also known as electrolyte water or alkaline ionized water with many H+ and OH- molecules. Compared with ordinary filtered water, Kangen alkaline water will be richer in hydrogen molecules, microscopic water molecules only about 0.5 nanometers. At the same time, Kangen electrolyte water is rich in natural alkaline properties to help neutralize excess acids inside the body.

Kangen water is rich in natural alkalinity for the body

Kangen water is rich in natural alkalinity for the body

According to a recent study, people who regularly drink Kangen water often have a higher immune system than those who drink normal water. So if you can maintain drinking alkaline water every day, it can make the immune system work more efficiently.

This effect can cause free radicals to be neutralized and free the body from harmful substances. In general, regular use of alkaline ionized water can help improve the immune system and protect health.

Antioxidant and helps eliminate damaging free radicals

The human body ages and aging rapidly is due to insufficient supply of antioxidants into the body. Therefore, if you supplement with adequate antioxidants, it will help our body get rid of free radicals, which cause diseases.

Free radicals are abundant in the body due to the accumulation of toxins from the polluted environment, smoke and toxic products. The body needs antioxidants to fight the effects of free radicals in the body. One of the best antioxidants for the body is alkaline ionized water.

According to research, Kangen water is a special drink, is the easiest way to protect health, so drinking alkaline ionized water daily can help the body avoid diseases, the cause of health problems. Ours is going downhill.

Kangen water detoxifies the body quickly

Kangen water has a strong osmotic ability, helping the body to detoxify

Kangen water has a strong osmotic ability, helping the body to detoxify

Kangen water has a microscopic molecular size of only about 0.5 nanometers, 1/5 times that of ordinary water molecules. As a result, Kangen water will have the ability to penetrate stronger and faster than ordinary water to help quench thirst quickly.

Thanks to this micro-molecule property, Kangen water also helps to transport nutrients to cells faster, helps to purify cells and enhances the ability to eliminate toxins from the body…

Kangen water provides essential micro-minerals for the body

Thanks to the smart filter, the electrolytic water purifier is capable of filtering the input water into kangen water but still retains the natural micro-minerals that are beneficial to the body.

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Adequate supply of these natural minerals will help the organs in the body work more efficiently, as well as can create abundant energy for the body to function throughout the day.

What is the best way to drink Kangen water?

What is the best way to drink Kangen water for the body?

What is the best way to drink Kangen water for the body?

When starting to drink Kangen water, Doctors and experts recommend only using a pH of 8.5 and after about 2 weeks you will switch to a higher pH, about 9.0. After 3-4 weeks, when the body gradually gets used to highly alkaline water like Kangen, you can use water with pH 9.5 to better neutralize the acid. So how effective is drinking Kangen water?

Drinking water level

  • Early in the morning, when you have just woken up, you should drink about 2 glasses of water (equivalent to 0.5 liters).
  • Every 2 hours of the day you use an extra 200ml to support the organs to work effectively.
  • You should drink Kangen water 1 hour before meals and should not drink with meals. Because the stomach is the organ that needs acid to maintain better absorption and digestion activities during meals. After eating for 30 minutes, use normal Kangen water
  • Before taking a bath, drink a glass of water to neutralize the body’s temperature.
  • 1 hour before going to bed should drink 1 glass of Kangen water.

Time to drink water

What is the reasonable time to drink kangen water?

What is the reasonable time to drink kangen water?

Drinking Kangen water at the right time will also help maximize the effectiveness of Kangen water. You can drink water at many times of the day, however, it is still advisable to avoid drinking water at the following times:

  • During and immediately after the main meal: Because it can cause gastric juice to be diluted, reducing the performance of the digestive system, making it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, prone to bloating and indigestion.
  • Drinking water right before bed can make you urinate more often, disrupt your sleep, and increase your risk of kidney disease.
  • In the middle of a high-intensity exercise session: May lead to an electrolyte imbalance. It is best to drink Kangen water 30 minutes before your workout.

Above is the answer to the question of what Kangen water is and what uses this water actually has. With the information about Kangen water provided, I hope you have the right understanding of this water, so you know how to use it to best support health care.

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