What is Gentle Yoga? 7 basic Gentle Yoga poses for beginners

Gentle yoga is a type of yoga that is gentle, easy to perform, and good for the muscle and joint system. In particular, this type of yoga is also very suitable for those who are just starting to get acquainted with yoga.

Do you think your body is not flexible enough to do yoga? You should immediately forget this thought and refer to gentle yoga.

Because this is a gentle type of yoga, it helps to warm up and increase the flexibility of the muscles very effectively. Let’s continue with easyhealthylive.com to see the shares below to understand more about this type of yoga and some basic poses that you can try.

What is Gentle Yoga?

Gentle yoga (or yin yoga) is a gentle, calming form of yoga that focuses on breathing and regulating the body. During the practice, you only need to pay attention to stretching and calming your mind, not paying too much attention to strength or flexibility.

Gentle yoga will help you increase awareness and know how to treat your body gently. Every day, the body faces a lot of pressure, from dirty food to polluted environment.

This type of yoga would be the simple and perfect way to tackle it all. In particular, gentle yoga is not only suitable for young people with good health, but it also brings many benefits to both pregnant women and the elderly.

7 basic gentle yoga poses you should try

Here are some basic gentle yoga poses that you can try to understand more about this type of yoga:

1. Warrior Pose II

Warrior Pose II

This pose is named after the legendary warrior virabhadra and is meant to represent a brave warrior within each person. Warrior pose is a basic gentle yoga pose, suitable for beginners. You should practice in the morning on an empty stomach and hold the pose for about 30 seconds.

Benefit: Warrior Pose 2 stretches the ankles, feet, and legs. Not only that, this pose strengthens and supports the activities of the lungs and increases stamina for the body. In addition, the warrior 2 pose is also a very effective treatment for sciatica.

2. Cow Pose

gentle yoga 1

This pose is very similar to a cow. This is a basic vinyasa pose, suitable for beginners. The best time to exercise is in the morning, on an empty stomach. Hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds.

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Benefit: Cow pose stretches the neck, chest and increases flexibility for the spine. In addition, this pose also helps to increase blood circulation in the body, stretch the front torso and massage the organs.

3. Compass pose (upavistha konasana)

Compass pose

This is a basic pose that helps support other twisting postures. In this pose, you need to keep your spine straight, relaxed and your mind calm. You should practice this pose in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening after eating about 4-6 hours. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds.

Benefit: Compass pose helps to make the inside and back of the legs more flexible. In addition, it also works to soothe the nervous system, widen the hips and strengthen the body. In particular, this position also helps treat constipation very effectively.

4. Happy Baby Pose (ananda balasana)

Happy baby pose

Happy Baby Pose is a pose that helps awaken the mind from deep within, from which you will be brought into a light and pure state like a baby. This is another basic yoga pose, suitable for morning practice. You need to hold the pose for about 30 seconds to achieve the effect.

Benefit: The happy baby pose is the golden secret to relieve stress, helping you put aside your daily worries and worries to give yourself moments of relaxation, feeling a peaceful and pure life. In addition, this pose also works to expand the thighs, groin and increase the strength of the biceps.

5. Pose with feet on the wall

Pose with feet on the wall

Wall legs up is a very simple pose that is becoming more and more popular and loved by everyone. With a few minutes of resting your feet on the wall at night before going to bed and after waking up, your body will be relaxed and re-energized.

Benefit: The posture of resting your feet on the wall is very effective in reducing menstrual pain. In addition, it also helps improve digestion, relieve insomnia and limit wrinkles.

6. The supine position twists the spine

gentle yoga 7

The supine position twisting the spine is quite simple and can be easily done in bed. You should practice in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening after eating about 4 to 6 hours. Hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds.

Benefit: Lying on your back, twisting the spine can help remove toxins, stimulate internal organs, and rejuvenate your body. In addition, it also helps to stretch the lower back, abdomen and hips.

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7. Fixed-angle position lying on the back

Supine fixed angle position

This pose helps you to relax deeply. The supine fixed angle position is a basic position that anyone can practice. You should practice early in the morning or in the evening after eating 4 hours to ensure no damage to the stomach.

Benefit: The supine fixed angle position reduces blood pressure and muscle tension. In addition, it also helps reduce fatigue, reduce nervous tension.

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