What is Aerobic? Should I do aerobics or yoga?

Besides yoga, aerobic is also a preferred method of exercise, especially for women. So what is the effect of aerobic exercise and you are wondering whether to do aerobics or yoga, please see the following sharing of easyhealthylive.com to understand the difference between these two subjects. From there, you will easily choose a training method that is right for you.

What is Aerobic?

Aerobic is the body movement exercises with rhythmic coordination between limbs, hips, buttocks, waist on the background of vibrant music or according to the rhythm of the instructor. In Vietnam, aerobic is also known as aesthetic gymnastics or aerobics. Aerobic exercises help you release negative energy, burn calories, bring a feeling of health and refreshment to the practitioner.

What are the benefits of aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercises not only help your body be flexible and supple, they also help your mind to be refreshed and think more positively. Aerobic can be considered as an exercise that helps to improve overall health. Let’s take a look at some of the effects that aerobic affects our body:

1. Good weight control

Aerobic exercises are usually performed at a fast pace, requiring your body to move continuously throughout the training session. This will help the body burn excess fat effectively. Besides, doing aerobic exercise with vibrant music will help you reduce boredom, increase motivation to lose weight. At the same time, you will maintain a toned physique and control your weight well after losing weight if you maintain a stable level of exercise, combined with a reasonable diet menu.

Aerobic exercise helps you control weight

Regular aerobic exercise will help you control your weight effectively

2. Prevent certain diseases

When doing aerobic exercise regularly, in addition to maintaining a balanced and healthy body, you will also prevent some of the following diseases thanks to the body’s metabolism and immune system enhancement through exercise. :

  • Prevent osteoporosis.
  • Control blood sugar.
  • Reduce the risk of diseases of blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.
  • Prevention of diseases spread by viruses such as the flu.
  • Prevent cognitive decline.

3. Maintain fitness

After a period of aerobic exercise you will see your fitness improved a lot. Continuous jumping and moving exercises require you to have a certain amount of endurance and physical strength. Maybe in the beginning you will feel very tired, sore all over after each training session.

However, this condition gradually subsides and you will no longer feel tired after each training session. This means your fitness has been increased and maintained at a level that your body can tolerate.

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4. Enhance memory

The fast pace of aerobic dance requires you to memorize the movements and apply them immediately. When you’re new to aerobics you can start with light and simple exercises, then increase your fitness level with faster and more complex exercises. To remember aerobic movements you need to exercise your brain flexibly, this helps you to improve your memory and reduce the risk of dementia as you age.

5. Keeps you in a happy and optimistic mood

Physically, aerobic exercise increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, enhancing blood circulation in the body. If you maintain a vigorous exercise pace, the body will release endorphins – a natural pain reliever in the body and help the practitioner stay mentally refreshed. With just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day, you will improve your mood, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and keep your spirit happy and optimistic.

5 simple aerobic exercises that are easy to do

1. Twisting exercise

Twisting is an aerobic exercise that supports strong bones and a flexible body. This movement is a combination of waist, hips and limbs. The fast and strong continuous impact on the waistline will quickly help you achieve your dream of a slim waist if you work hard regularly.

twist exercises

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended and raised.
  • Twist 45 degrees to the left, left leg raised, 2 west lowered to chest level.
  • When lowering the legs, raise the arms up, repeat the same with the right side.
  • Practice time 10 minutes, each side do 5 times.

2. Hip shake exercise

This is one of the simple exercises of aeronbic that helps you to significantly improve your 2nd and 3rd round. The fast and strong hip shake will work to melt the fat on your waist, and at the same time, help your butt to be more firm. sure.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward, hands on hips
  • Shake hips left and right
  • Raise one hand up high and beat to the beat, hips still swinging back and forth
  • Lower your hand and raise your other hand up to beat the beat
  • Perform 2 times 8 times each time, for 5-10 minutes.

3. Running exercises in place

Aerobic exercise running in place helps toning muscles, eliminating excess fat. Running in place is an effective weight loss exercise that is easy to do, you can practice anywhere when you have free time.

aerobic exercise to raise thighs

  • Keeping your body straight, perform a thigh lift in place.
  • Raise thighs perpendicular to biceps, lower hands to touch thighs in rhythm.
  • When jogging in place, you should touch the ground with the top of your feet, not focusing on your heels or toes.
  • This exercise takes about 10-15 minutes. Note that you should not move your wrists and ankles before exercising to be more effective.

4. Knee kick exercise

Another exercise to support weight loss and reduce waist for women. The knee kick exercise will help you tone your abs, burn fat, and help your arm muscles become firmer.

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knee kick aerobics exercise

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart, arms bent in front of chest, knees slightly bent.
  • Rotate your body to the left, bringing your left leg up to your stomach between your elbows.
  • Lower your leg and bring it up again, do 10 times, then switch sides.

5. Jumping exercise

When doing jumping jacks, your body will be stretched, and your thighs will be slimmer and your buttocks will be firm.

dance aerobics

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms relaxed
  • Legs droop, arms slightly bent in front of chest, body weight on heels and then up.
  • When jumping, bring your hands behind you, use the force to help your body stretch comfortably.
  • Do 20-40 reps for 5-10 minutes.

What should you pay attention to when doing aerobics?

Aerobic has a lot of exercises from simple to complex, to practice this subject effectively you should also note some of the following issues:

  • You should warm up before starting aerobic exercise to limit unnecessary injuries.
  • For those who are just starting to practice, they should only choose simple and basic exercises and then gradually improve.
  • For those of you who have bone and joint problems, you should not do aerobic exercise or only do it when there is a teacher.
  • Do not eat too full or let your stomach get too hungry when exercising.
  • Wear clothes that are suitable for your body to move freely.
  • Drink enough water during exercise.

Difference between yoga and aerobic

After you have a better understanding of aerobics and you are still wondering whether to practice this subject, or you are still thinking about doing aerobics or yoga, read on for the analysis of the two subjects right next to it. below:

Aerobic – Fast, Strong and Repetitive

Aerobic is considered a cardio exercise or cardiovascular exercise. Few people know the meaning of the word “aerobic” in relation to the use of oxygen. That means that aerobic exercise will involve using oxygen to stimulate metabolism in the body.

Aerobic exercises are usually exercises based on fast, strong music with repetitive movements that can be followed by music or in their own rhythm. Aerobic movements are relatively simple but are practiced with fast intensity, so they have the effect of losing weight and maintaining shape.


The movements of aerobics are simple but exercise with fast intensity, so they help lose weight effectively

In particular, these exercises also work to strengthen the function of the heart and lungs by making them work harder for a few minutes or more. In addition, they also have a very good fat loss effect, and bring many cardiovascular benefits.

In general, aerobic exercise has a low risk of serious injury. Therefore, this type is suitable for all ages. However, the repetition of exercises can bring boredom to students.

Yoga – Combination of movements, breathing exercises and meditation

Yoga is the union of body and mind. Most people think that doing yoga is just doing the movements. However, this is only a basic aspect of yoga.

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If you dig deep, you will find that yoga has a combination of three elements: postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Therefore, many yoga experts believe that yoga is not only a sport, a form of health exercise but also a lifestyle.

Yoga – Combination of movements, breathing exercises and meditation

Yoga is not only a sport, a form of exercise, but also a lifestyle.

Losing weight while practicing yoga, although it helps to keep the body supple, flexible, and toned are still the top benefits of this type of exercise. Yoga doesn’t burn as many calories as aerobic exercise.

However, in return, this type of exercise can help strengthen the body. In addition, yoga also helps practitioners to control their breathing. This is not only beneficial for the heart but also very good for the respiratory system.

This type of practice is also combined with meditation exercises. Meditation in yoga will help reduce stress, anxiety, enhance memory and support the treatment of some diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis…

Yoga and aerobics: Which subject should you choose?

If you compare yoga and aerobics, you will see that these two disciplines have obvious similarities and differences. If your goal is to lose fat, aerobics is not a good choice. Yoga doesn’t burn as many calories as aerobics. However, yoga can help you build muscle.

Aerobic can help improve heart and lung function. Meanwhile, yoga can help control and regulate breathing.

Aerobic gymnastics can put pressure on joints and may increase the risk of injury. While, yoga can help strengthen bones and joints. Yoga can help improve the body’s immune strength, while aerobics works to boost metabolism.

So what should you do? Choose yoga or aerobics? Or a combination of both? The best answer is to incorporate both aerobics and yoga into your daily routine. Because both bring great benefits to the body.

However, if you are experiencing joint problems, avoid aerobics and lean more towards yoga. Similarly, if your goal is to lose weight, you should lean more toward aerobic exercise.

It is recommended to incorporate both aerobic yoga into your daily exercise routine because both bring great benefits

It is recommended to incorporate both aerobic yoga into your daily exercise routine because both bring great benefits

In fact, the combination of yoga and aerobics can bring a holistic care for health and a perfect figure. According to a study in India conducted by two authors Sonal Tanwar and Naresh Sen, practicing yoga combined with aerobic exercise can reduce mental, physical, vascular stress, and at the same time reduce the risk of disease heart.

This study involved 750 obese Indian patients with type 2 diabetes, divided into three groups. A group of 225 patients did aerobic exercise, 240 did yoga, and the other 285 did both.

All three groups had an improvement in heart disease risk factors after six months. However, the patients who did both yoga and aerobics had two-fold improvements in health compared to the other groups.

Your body is unique and so are its needs. Only you can decide which subject is suitable. So listen to your body and make the best choice.

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