What is acidity? Distinguish between acidity and alkalinity most accurately

Acidity It is a term commonly used in the field of chemistry. Not only in school, but acidity appear quite a lot in everyday life. So what do these indicators in food mean for the body, let’s start with Ocany to find out. What is acidity?meaning and how to identify them offline!

What is acidity?  Foods with high acidity

What is acidity? Foods with high acidity

What is acidity?

Acid is the common name for compounds with the chemical formula HxA (where x is the number of H atoms, and A is the acid base). Solutions with acidity will have a pH < 7, the lower the pH, the acidity strong and vice versa, the larger the OH radical, the weaker the acid.

Another definition of acid is “Acids are molecules or ions that can donate H+ protons to bases or accept undivided electron pairs from bases“.

Acid properties

Acids have a lot of important reactions, here are some characteristic properties when talking about acidity.

Change the color of litmus paper to purple

When you add a few drops of HCl solution to red litmus paper, about a moment later you will see the paper turn red. This is also the property to identify which solution has acidity.

Acidic water causes red litmus to turn pink

Acidic water causes red litmus to turn pink

Acids react with metals

Acid solutions can react with metals that are before the H atom in the chemical reactivity series and the reaction will give a salt and H2 gas (If the acid is concentrated, Hydrogen will not be released).

React with bases

When the basic solution reacts with the solution, a violent reaction will occur giving the end products of salt and water, this is a neutralization reaction.

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What is alkalinity?

Alkali, also known as base, has the general chemical formula B(OH)y. Bases are substances that, when dissolved in water, form a solution with a pH greater than 7. The higher the pH, the stronger the base. A base is a compound in which a molecule has a metal atom bonded to one or more hydroxide groups (-OH).

Alkalinity inside the human body: As mentioned above, the internal environment of the human body is alkaline, the pH ranges from 7.3 to 7.4. In this alkaline environment, the cells in the body will be healthy and function at their best. Diseases will hardly arise if people maintain the alkalinity inside the body.

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Determination of acidity and alkalinity of food

Foods and beverages also have a pH scale to determine which foods are classified as potentially harmful aciditywhich are alkaline foods. Acidity and alkalinity also greatly affects whether the food is good or not.

Determination of acidity and alkalinity of food

Determination of acidity and alkalinity of food

The pH scale is divided from 0-14 range:

  • pH = 0: High level of acidity
  • pH = 7: Neutral
  • pH = 14: Alkalinity

What will highly acidic foods do to human health?

Foods that have acidity High levels such as fast food, meat, alcohol, etc. Food can be metabolized and form an excess called “ash”. Too much acid will make detoxification difficult. The body will use the amount of alkali in the bones to neutralize the acid, so it can easily lead to bone diseases.

Acidity It also makes the body suffer from many diseases such as gout, acid reflux, heart disease and many diseases related to digestion.

Why does the body need alkaline supplements?

The food we eat every day has a huge impact on our health and body. If you maintain the habit of using clean, alkaline foods, your body will always be in a healthy state.

Eating habits can change the pH level in the human body

Eating habits can change the pH level in the human body

Blood in the body has a pH between 7.35-7.45, which means our body is prone to mild alkalinity. This slightly alkaline state will be easily lost when the body is affected by dust, environmental pollution and contaminated food. acidity.

Excess acid in the body will increase the incidence of digestive and stomach diseases. These are the top reasons that we should keep an alkaline diet to stay healthy. Foods such as green vegetables, fruits, and nuts in the alkaline group need to be supplemented

Methods to neutralize acids in the body

In case the acid level in the body is too high, the immune system will be weakened, creating an ideal environment for disease to develop. pH balance is essential now.

Weakened immunity allows pathogens to enter

Weakened immunity allows pathogens to enter

The body will send out a signal, at which time Ca, Na, K, Mg from the bones and an organ will be used to neutralize the acid. Therefore, the loss of minerals will lead to the body being tired, prone to acne and premature aging.

When you better understand what acids are, which foods are acidic, you can design a more reasonable menu. Maintaining a natural alkaline diet is the simplest and most effective way to protect health. Ocany wishes you good health!

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