What is a hammock? How to fix back sagging quickly

Back hammock This is a common condition in many people. It not only affects the physique but also has a negative impact on the spine. Heavier than evidence hammock back also threatens respiratory function. Fortunately, you can treat hamstrings with exercises. Let’s learn about the situation with Ocany hammock backcauses and effective remedies to not affect health.

Learn about hammock what is back?

Back hammock Also known by experts as curvature of the spine (lordosis). This is one of the most common types of spinal curvature disorder, which occurs when your spine curves forward more than normal. From the body, you can tell hammock back with signs such as:

  • When standing upright in the middle of the back there is too much curvature
  • Weak buttock and stomach muscles
  • Stomach protruding
  • The thigh and hip muscles are in a tense state.
Low back is also known by experts as lordosis.

Low back is also known by experts as lordosis.


According to experts, there are many causes for this condition hammock back. It can come from subjective or objective reasons such as:

  • Performing gym exercises wrong technique
  • Sitting a lot and sitting in the wrong posture for a long time
  • Wearing high heels too much or the consequences after having a baby
  • Muscle groups in the lower body such as abs, hips, and thighs are overstretched.


Status hammock back Prolonged, muscle groups under too much pressure will “alarm” by the appearance of pain including lower back pain, hip pain, leg pain and abnormal gait. Besides, hammock back can also causes irritation of the SI joint, causing inflammation.

Besides, hammock back It can also lead to other symptoms such as: pain spreading to the buttocks area, weak legs and tingling numbness.

List of exercises to help improve back hamstring condition

The exercises are synthesized based on the goal of strengthening the abdominal muscles, glutes, hamstrings and lower back muscles. As a result, it helps to straighten and align the pelvis to the correct posture, improving the condition hammock back.

To ensure effective training, you should build a sports plan with the exercises below. Arrange 20-30 minutes of regular exercise every day to quickly improve back posture.

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Plank is a basic exercise that does not require too many techniques that many people love. This exercise not only helps to tighten the abdominal muscles, but this exercise can treat the condition hammock back effective..


  • Rest your elbows perpendicular to the mat, about shoulder height. 2 hands facing inward.
  • Extend your legs so that your toes touch the floor, about 10cm apart. The body forming a straight line is satisfactory.
  • Remember to keep your back and legs in a straight line, squeeze your stomach.
  • Try to keep it up for as long as possible.
Plank is a basic exercise that does not require too much technique

Plank is a basic exercise that does not require too much technique

Arm – Leg Raise

Leg lifting exercises have a simple technique, but help a lot for the condition hammock back your. Both men and women can do this exercise using the instructions below.


  • Lie on your back on the mat, legs straight, hands down on the body (palms facing down).
  • Simultaneously raise 2 legs to the ceiling (depending on ability) until they form a right angle.
  • Then slowly lower your legs back to the starting position and repeat.


Lunge exercises have a positive impact on the hips of the practitioner. This helps to reshape the back. However, you need to be sure to practice carefully to avoid unwanted consequences.


  • Start in a standing position, with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands resting along your body (or on your hips).
  • Do the movement: first step your right foot forward and make with your left foot a 60-90 degree. Simultaneously raise the left heel and squeeze the abs, lowering the upper body. And to hold the pose for a certain amount of time.
  • Finally bring the leg back and repeat the movement with the other side.
Lunge exercises have a positive impact on the hips of the practitioner

Lunge exercises have a positive impact on the hips of the practitioner

Pelvic tilts


  • You lie on your back, bend your legs with both feet touching the floor.
  • Slowly pull the navel toward the bottom of the spine, to push the pelvis toward the ceiling. When performing the movement, pay attention to tighten the glutes and hips.
  • Hold this back to mat position for 5 seconds and then return to the starting position.
  • Continue for 5 sets with 20 repetitions.


Dead Bug or dead bug is an exercise that works a lot on the abdomen and back. If you want to have a toned abs and improve your condition hammock back Do not skip this exercise.


  • Lie on your back on the mat, legs bent perpendicularly so that the knees are facing the face, shins are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Raise your arms up towards the ceiling, relax your neck.
  • Slowly lower your arms in turn, lowering your left hand over your head and lowering your right leg. Be careful not to let your heels touch the floor.
  • Alternate the other arm and leg with the movement.
  • During the exercise, always squeeze your abs, press your back to the floor.
  • Do this exercise for 30 seconds with 3 sets.

Dead Bug is an exercise with a lot of impact on the abdomen and back

Dead Bug is an exercise with a lot of impact on the abdomen and back

Leg lower Drill

This exercise is recommended to be done at the gym because it requires some equipment to get the most out of it.

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  • Lie on the treadmill in a comfortable way, with your feet resting on the cushions of the blood.
  • Use the force to push the leg up and down so that the muscles are stretched.
  • Repeat this movement for 20-30 or more.


Walking will certainly be the simplest exercise for all subjects. Not only that, walking is also a way to exercise for a healthy cardiovascular system. However, to improve the situation hammock back You need to keep a straight posture, moderate steps. In addition, you should wear comfortable, sweat-absorbent clothes when walking.

Walking will definitely be the simplest exercise for everyone

Walking will definitely be the simplest exercise for everyone

Glue Bridge

Glute Bridge is a familiar pose for many gym and yoga practitioners. To bring your back to the correct position, in this exercise you need to know how to use the abs.


  • Lie face up on the mat, arms down by your body with palms facing down.
  • Bring your feet close to your butt, feet touching the floor.
  • Put your weight on your heels and push your butt up until your knees and back form a straight line.
  • Hold the position for about 10 seconds and then slowly lower your butt, returning to the starting position.
  • Repeat until the exercise is complete.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Like the Leg lower Drill, the Bulgarian Split Squat requires some support. So you should go to the gym to easily perform this exercise. Or you can practice with a chair but the effect will not be high. The movements in this exercise have a positive impact on the thigh muscles and hip bones.

Instructions to practice without equipment at home:

  • Prepare with an upright position, feet hip-width apart, back straight, and arms relaxed. Place a chair behind the person.
  • Bring one foot up to the chair, the instep of the foot touching the seat. Make sure your back is straight and your legs are slightly bent.
  • Perform the movement by lowering your body, then raising it.
  • Repeat about 20 times and switch legs to do the same.

Hip Abductor

The push-up squat exercises are difficult for some newcomers. If you can’t do these, try Hip Abductor. It’s easier and more effective on the hips.


  • Lie on your side on the floor, put your hands on your head and slightly bend your legs forward.
  • Next, straighten your right leg and slowly bring it up towards the ceiling, as high as possible. Then put it down.
  • Repeat the movement 10 to 20 times, then switch sides and do the same.
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Half-kneeling hip flexor stretch

You can understand simply, this is a half-thigh hip flexor stretch exercise. The main effect of this exercise is to help reshape the back and hips of the practitioner.


  • Stand up straight, step your right foot up a long distance. Then lower down until your knees form a right angle.
  • Squeeze the hip bones and lengthen the left leg.
  • With your hands resting on your right knee, lean slightly forward so that the pinky muscles are as tight as possible.
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds and then switch sides. Repeat the movement up to 5 times.
Half-kneeling hip flexor stretch helps to stabilize the back very effectively

Half-kneeling hip flexor stretch helps to stabilize the back very effectively

Notes to remember if you want to improve your back hammock

Getting the spine back to normal takes more effort than you think. In addition to the above exercises, you need to pay attention to a few things below:

Consult experts

Each exercise will bring a certain support effect. However, you need to make sure to follow the correct technique to avoid the consequences hammock back heavier. Therefore, consult the experts or practice with them for the correct treatment orientation.

Feeling more pain when exercising

Practice for the sake of improvement hammock back and pain relief. However, if you feel the pain is getting worse, then stop. Many people think that feeling sore after a workout is synonymous with doing the right exercise. This is only suitable when you feel pain for a short time. If the longer you practice, the more pain you feel, then you have done the wrong technique. Stop and consider where you went wrong.

Get rid of the habit of sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach will put a lot of pressure on the heart muscle, and it’s not good for the treatment hammock back. So give up this habit because they are really not good for the body. Lying on your back will make your body more comfortable, when lying down, straighten your legs and arms.

Lying on your stomach is not good for treating saggy back but also puts pressure on the heart

Lying on your stomach is not good for treating saggy back but also puts pressure on the heart

Pay attention to nutrition and rest

Eating healthy and getting enough sleep is the simplest way to stay healthy. A scientific diet helps you always have an abundant source of energy. In addition, it also motivates to practice to improve hammock back.

Above are the shares that Ocany wants to send to you. Back hammock This is a common problem for many people, but luckily you can overcome them with the above exercises. For a beautiful body, a healthy spine, try to practice!

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