What drink is good for the stomach? 10 types of drinks that are very good for the stomach

Stomach pain is a fairly common disease today with many ages. To prevent this disease, there are many ways to support such as using drinking water. So What drink is good for the stomach? and digestive system health together Ocany find out now.

What drink is good for our stomach?

Stomach pain is a disease that is often caused by many common causes such as constipation, high acid levels in the stomach, bloating, indigestion, etc. For such cases, in addition to taking oral medications, the patient can also use the right foods and drinks to reduce stomach symptoms. So what water should you drink with stomach pain, explore with Ocany?

What drink is good for our stomach?

What drink is good for our stomach?

Alkaline ionized water

Alkaline ionized water is one of the best rated drinks today. It has a remarkable ability to compensate for minerals with Mg, Na, Ca, etc., and is very good at neutralizing excess acid in the stomach.

Ocany alkaline ionized water is good for the stomach

Ocany alkaline ionized water is good for the stomach

The stable pH created by the electrolysis of water will produce quality alkaline water. It has the ability to disable the enzyme pepsin, the enzyme that causes acid reflux disease. Good alkalinity similar to green vegetables also helps support digestion in a better way. So if you are wondering what drink is good for the stomach, Ocany alkaline ionized water will be the choice that brings many benefits.

Carrot juice

According to scientists in the world, carrot juice has many highly alkaline components. So this type of water is not only good for eyes, but it also helps to neutralize acid in the stomach, reducing excess acid in the stomach. When people with stomach pain drink carrot juice, they will reduce the symptoms of pain, heartburn, heartburn …

Carrot juice is a drink that is very easy to use and the way to make this juice is quite simple, everyone can easily make it at home. After cleaning the carrots, boil the carrots cut into small pieces along with a few chopped fresh mint leaves. When the carrots are soft, mash them through a sieve while the carrots are still hot to get the carrot juice. At that time, this carrot juice will have the best effect for the body, it will help soothe the uncomfortable symptoms of the stomach.

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According to folk beliefs, yogurt has a sour taste, so people with stomach diseases cannot eat it because it is not good for health. This seems to make sense when people with stomach disease often have to abstain from foods with a lot of sour taste such as mango, lemon, grapefruit… However, is it true that people with stomach disease cannot eat yogurt?

Yogurt is good for the stomach

Yogurt is good for the stomach

Actually, the acidity of yogurt is not too much with the amount of acid in the stomach. In addition, lactic acid in yogurt has the effect of preventing and inhibiting the growth of HP bacteria in the stomach. The beneficial bacteria in yogurt will also help balance the microflora of the gut, making it easier to digest food. Therefore, yogurt often has a very good effect on our stomach and digestive system.

Rice tea

Rice tea is now known as a supplement that provides the body with many essential nutrients, and it can also reduce the symptoms of stomach pain. This is one of those delicious and nutritious teas.

It is the perfect answer to the question of what drink is good for the stomach. Patients can completely use normal rice tea as a support drink during the treatment of stomach ailments.

You can refer to the processing as follows: Boil half a part of rice with 6 parts of water for 15 minutes. Then filter, add a sugar or honey to make it easier to drink and enjoy. It is advisable to drink rice tea while it is still hot to retain more nutrients and taste better.

Plant milk

People with stomach disease often cannot drink cow’s milk, goat’s milk or similar milk. However, for people with stomach pain, they can completely use plant-based milks such as nut milk. There are popular types of milk such as soy milk, black sesame milk, brown rice milk, walnut milk, almond milk.

Nut milk is very good for the stomach

Nut milk is very good for the stomach

This type of milk is increasingly chosen by people because it contains large amounts of unsaturated fat along with other nutrients. This group of drinks is also very benign and especially safe for the body.

In some types of milk such as almond milk contains alkaline which has the ability to neutralize stomach acid. Therefore, people with stomach disease can use soy milk which is very good for the body.

Dill tea

Dill (also known as cilantro) is a very good vegetable in helping to improve the function of the stomach. Although it has a slightly bitter and slightly pungent taste, this plant can help with good digestion, eliminating bloating, indigestion or constipation. Just chewing a few dried cumin seeds or drinking a tea made from dill will help your stomach gradually relieve the pain. The digestive system also becomes better, reducing all kinds of symptoms of bloating and indigestion after each meal.

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Chrysanthemum tea

Chamomile tea has long been known not only for people with stomach problems but also for people with food sensitivities. Tea made with chrysanthemums can relieve stomach pain by helping to calm down, reduce stress, some of the leading causes of stomach pain.

Besides, when your body is showing signs of allergy, chamomile will secrete chamazulene substances that are able to fight these types of adverse reactions. However, chrysanthemum tea should be steeped in the same way as man’s tea, rather than using the boiling method. Because when the tea is boiled, a quantity of the substance will be evaporated, reducing the effect of the tea.

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Ginger juice

Ginger, a root that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects is extremely effective. A cup of ginger tea a day will help you no longer wonder what is good for your stomach.

Ginger tea relieves stomach pain

Ginger tea relieves stomach pain

Ginger tea has the effect of reducing the symptoms caused by stomach pain. You can also add a little honey to taste.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another stomach-friendly drink is apple cider vinegar. This drink is often used when your body has indigestion, it helps the body absorb minerals and vitamins more easily. Antibacterial properties are also commonly found in apple cider vinegar. So often this drink will have a very positive effect when it comes to reducing the symptoms of stomach pain.

You should use a glass of warm water mixed with about 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This drink will usually bring good effects when used on a regular basis.

Warm salt water

Warm salt water is also a drink that you often do not expect. You should take one or two teaspoons of salt, then mix it in a cup of warm water and drink it. Slowly, the body will feel the stomach pain is significantly reduced. If you don’t know what drink is good for your stomach, you can try this drink right away.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice relieves stomach pain

Aloe vera juice relieves stomach pain

Active anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substances are often found in aloe vera plants. Therefore, this is one of the great ingredients used to effectively support the treatment of infections and prevent common internal bleeding.

Drinking aloe vera juice regularly will help soothe the stomach, improve the functioning of the digestive system, cure constipation, relieve abdominal pain… Therefore, a glass of aloe vera juice every morning will be Good drink for people with stomachache.

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Drink lemonade

Lemon water will be the answer to the question of what drink is good for the stomach. You use lemon mixed with warm water, it will have the ability to support the treatment of symptoms such as indigestion, nausea. You should drink lemon juice about 3 times a day, each time you use three tablespoons of lemon juice to get the best effect.

Mint juice

If you are suffering from nausea, indigestion, or vomiting, mint leaf juice will be a solution that you should try. Besides, this type of water also works well in helping to overcome the symptoms of stomach pain and cramps.

You can either chew a few mint leaves raw and swallow them directly, or use it as a mint juice for regular use.

Drinking mint water is good for the stomach

Drinking mint water is good for the stomach

Drinks used will not be good for the stomach

Besides, there are also very bad drinks for people with stomach pain that you should avoid as follows:


When you are having stomach pain, you should not use alcohol, beer or alcoholic beverages. In these drinks will contain a large amount of CO2. Therefore, if used in a small amount, even if it is not too much, it can cause an abnormal increase in stomach acid, causing stomach ulcers.

Drinks high in caffeine

Coffee and tea are caffeine-rich drinks that should be avoided when having an upset stomach. Because using these drinks in large doses can cause gastric reflux, it is not good for people with gastrointestinal diseases.

Drinks used will not be good for the stomach

Drinks used will not be good for the stomach

Gas drink

If you do not know what to abstain from stomach pain, the above soft drinks and carbonated water are an answer for you. Using these drinks regularly will cause stomach cramps, causing pain. At the same time, it will increase the amount of acid in your stomach, making the site of damage in the mucosa at this time worse.

Above are the drinks that people with stomach pain should not use to ensure health. At the same time, it is also sharing about 10 types of water that answer the question of what drink is good for the stomach that you can try.

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