What does a guy think when he falls in love with someone older than him?

Many women want to deeply understand the psychology of boys when they love someone older than their age, especially those who are in need of becoming a “genuine plane”. Because understanding the psychology of the other party will help you be more active in the love “sister, I love you”.

The psychology of a boy when he loves someone older than him
It’s not easy to understand a boy’s mentality when he’s in love with someone older than him

Revealing the secret of why boys today like to “fly airplanes”?

Nowadays, a lot of young men tend to fall in love with someone older than their age. If you are not an insider, it can be very difficult to understand the relationship of “young pilots” who like to “fly planes”.

In a relationship, men always tend to look for the same things. They need lasting attraction, emotional connection, respect, acceptance, a sense of security, fun, and space.

It is not natural that many young men, when standing in front of older women, have a feeling of “drunk like a smoke”. In this life, everything has a reason.

If young girls tend to be vulnerable and often exaggerate the importance of little things, older women are completely different. They are older, more experienced and always calm before all the difficulties of life.

Sometimes the attractiveness emanating from an older woman makes young men irresistible. Here are some reasons why boys these days love to “fly airplanes”:

  • Older women are very independent: “Good planes” are often very active with their own lives. They are both financially and emotionally independent and smart enough to understand the man they choose.
  • Engaging and intellectual conversation: Older women usually have more living capital than younger girls. As a result, they have more interesting stories and experiences. This makes them attractive when conversing with the opposite sex.
  • Subtle in caring: Experienced women have a good sense of observation, so they often take care of their lover thoughtfully. While young guys really need this, they are even more “drunk” by older girls.
  • Rarely behaving extravagantly: Older women often have acquired emotional maturity. Moreover, they are also good at handling their own emotions, so they rarely appear extravagant. They always appear mature, calm and composed in all situations.
  • Confidence and temperament: Women who are mature enough will understand who they are and what is important to them in life. They are always confident with what they have. At the same time, always exuding a proud aura.
  • Understanding male psychology: Older women can more easily understand the psychology of the other. They easily recognize what he wants and always know how to adjust their behavior accordingly. This is also the part that makes the “pilots” drunk.
  • Sober and ambitious: Young men are always attracted to brave and ambitious women. These are the things that an older woman never lacks. They always dare to be passionate and follow their choice.
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Read the psychology of a boy when he falls in love with someone older than his age accurately

Do not think that only women’s psychology is confused and difficult to understand. Because in fact, understanding the psychology of men is never easy. Currently, the love “sister, I love you” is no longer a strange issue, but understanding the psychology of a boy when he loves someone older than him is not clear to everyone.

Many women always ask themselves the question “what will a boy’s mentality when he falls in love with someone older than him?”, “Are the guys really comfortable?”, etc. Knowing these things is also one of the things. The art of mastering male psychology helps women become more sophisticated and attractive.

many young men like to "fly airplanes"
Older women have a lot of attractive beauty that makes guys drunk

Here are some decoding suggestions for women to better understand the psychology of boys when “flying a plane”:

1. Peace of mind for others, worry about yourself

Age is said to be one of the clearest indicators of maturity. Time is a great reagent for bravery, experience and success. Older women have so many things that younger men don’t have.

It is the maturity, experience and stability of older women that make the boys next to them more secure about the person they love. Men’s mentality when in love with someone older than their age usually won’t have to worry much about the other person.

Instead, boys when “flying the plane” often worry more about themselves. First of all, they are always afraid that their choice against the majority is right? Then there is the worry of whether the relationship is really long-lasting or not?

2. Don’t get caught up in too many responsibilities

When entering a love affair, men are always the ones who attach themselves more responsibilities than women. In addition to the emotional responsibilities, there are also financial pressures. Boys often have to try to get a stable income to be able to cover and protect the person they love.

However, when a boy falls in love with someone older than him, it’s a different story. The responsibility in making money and worrying and protecting the lover will be somewhat reduced. Because “good planes” are always financially independent and don’t ask too much of their lover.

Older women are often very self-respecting, they always try to express themselves and do not tend to depend and rely on their lover. Therefore, the mentality of a boy when he loves someone older than his age will not have to deal with too many responsibilities. Many love “sister, I love you” will be “I just need to love you, the world has you to take care of”.

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The psychology of a boy when he loves someone older than him
Guys who love someone older than their age usually don’t have to bear too much responsibility

3. Comfort mixed with pressure

Because he doesn’t have to deal with too many responsibilities in financial and emotional matters, the mentality of a boy when he loves someone older than him will be more comfortable. Although the choice of “flying a plane” is somewhat contrary to the majority, they are always cheerful and happy.

However, do not think that boys are completely comfortable, without any pressure when dating someone older than their age. Because a mature, mature woman, “noble and noble”, even if unintentionally, will make the man next to her somewhat inferior. And this has created a lot of pressure for the guys when “flying the plane”.

Surely there will be times when he has to wonder if his ego has been reduced, if his self-esteem has been eclipsed by her aura. However, as long as the girls are subtle in their behavior, all pressure will disappear. And what remains will always be the sincerity of the two lovers.

4. Men’s mentality when in love with someone older than their age will be a bit self-deprecating

Older women often don’t have the naivety of teenage girls, but they have many irresistible charms. The beauty of the “airplane” exudes from the saltiness, composure and bravery. Even their aura makes the man next to them overshadowed.

The beauty from appearance to temperament of “an airplane” can make a boy’s mentality when he loves someone older than his age a little self-deprecating. And this inferiority comes from the fact that their ego and bravery are somewhat shaken by experienced women.

5. Always wondering about the issue of “dependency”

Does the saying “you just need to love me, the world will let me take care of” make guys confused when choosing to “fly a plane”. In fact, there are many guys who always wonder about the dependency issue when dating someone older than their age.

Boys often have high egos, in love they always have the desire to express that ego. Every man wants to protect and take care of the person he loves. This not only shows affection, but also helps men prove their bravery.

However, the mentality of a boy when he loves someone older than him will be somewhat confused about his bravery. They often only express things in terms of feelings and emotions. As for material concerns and worries, they are somewhat overshadowed.

Men's psychology loves older people
Young men still have their own pressures when choosing to love someone older than their age

Like I said, in love, I love you, sometimes women are more proactive and confident in financial matters. Therefore, when loving a woman who is both older and successful, the male psychology will more or less feel dependent.

6. Being influenced by family and people around

It can be said that choosing to “fly a plane” is not an easy decision for many guys. Especially the mentality of a boy when he loves someone much older than him will be greatly influenced by his family and those around him.

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The story “sister I love you” has become a very common problem nowadays. However, in some families, this is still not really comfortable. His parents and relatives may not be pleased when he chooses a “sister” who is much older.

The concept of many adults will still be that men must be the breadwinners of the family, must be mature, mature and brave. But these required qualities of a man will often not be evident when they choose to love someone older than their age.

Pressure from family and people around can make guys psychologically shaken with their own choices. At this time, his bravery needs to speak out strongly to be able to help the love “sister, I love you” overcome all barriers.

7. Worrying about becoming a “makeshift shirt”

Older women are often experienced. Many girls have had many love affairs in the past before coming to a young man. The calluses from previous loves can make many women see “new love” as a “toy”, having fun and not having any problems.

A boy's worries when he's in love with someone older than him
Many young men worry that they are just a passerby in the minds of older women

This is probably the thing that bothers young men the most. A boy’s mentality when he loves someone older than him will always worry that he is a “temporary shirt” of the other side. Because when women are mature enough, brave enough, mature and especially full of money, they may not need men.

Are men happy in the love “sister, I love you”?

Are you happy or not? No one will be able to answer this question for you. And it is the men who are in love “sister, I love you” who really understand whether happiness is smiling at them.

Outsiders looking in can see that they are always happy, comfortable and satisfied with their own choices. As for how happy, how complete, only the insiders can understand. Because in fact, a boy’s mentality when he loves someone older than his age will have to go through a lot of pressure.

Happiness will come to anyone who is always happy and satisfied with their choice. And for guys who choose to “fly the plane” too, happiness or not depends on the sincerity and understanding of two people in love.

Any relationship has its pros and cons. Knowing the balance between gain and loss, knowing how to share, sympathize and give sincerity and kindness to each other, there is no reason to be happy and forget to knock on the door.

No one will be foolish enough to head into a love that brings them all suffering and loss. Surely both of them must find happiness, then the love “sister, I love you” can last longer and progress further.

It’s not easy to read a guy’s mentality when he’s in love with someone older than him. However, as long as you are more delicate and attentive to your lover, everything will be simpler. Knowing the psychology of the other party is always the key to help the girls become more attractive and attractive because they know how to behave skillfully.

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