What do you do when there are 6 signs of burnout?

Burnout doesn’t come on suddenly, but comes on slowly over time. However, sometimes you are exhausted without realizing it. easyhealthylive.com will help you recognize the signs of burnout to find your own solutions.

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It happens when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet ongoing needs. As the stress continues, you start to lose interest and motivation. Burnout also reduces your productivity and drains your energy, leaving you feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless, cynical, and resentful. In the end, you may feel like you have nothing left.

Besides, burnout can cause lasting changes to your body that make you more susceptible to illnesses like colds and flu. Because there are so many negative effects, you need to find a way to deal with burnout as soon as possible. Here are the 6 most common signs that you’re exhausted and ways to help you deal with them. Do not miss it!

1. You feel overwhelmed with daily activities

One of the reasons you may experience stress is because you’re doing too many things at once. So, if you wake up one morning feeling stressed and exhausted from your to-do list for the day, chances are you’re showing signs of burnout.

Versatile at work sounds theoretically effective. However, the reality can reduce work productivity. The reason is that you will lose time switching between jobs.


Try doing things one at a time. Or sandwich those “hard” jobs with ones that use less energy. You can refer to the rules to manage work to reduce pressure.

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Do you feel overwhelmed with daily activities?

If you need a break, get up and exercise, chat with your co-workers for a bit

2. You start to get frustrated and feel disconnected from others

If you feel a bit of fear creeping in when it comes to close friends or things you normally care about, that’s a major sign of burnout.

To many people, this sign looks a little different. For example, some people seem to avoid contact with friends and family or certain social situations. Others may also feel frustrated if they spend too much time on social media.

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You start to get frustrated and feel disconnected from others

Suddenly distancing yourself from friends and family can be one of the signs of burnout


Although many people have experienced burnout, it’s easy to feel alone. This can cause you to try to isolate yourself even more.

Try to find at least one person to safely connect with about the symptoms you are feeling. That can make a difference in how you interact with the people in your life.

3. You find yourself irritable with people

Have you ever had a day where even a small, unsatisfactory thing could set you on fire?

Anger is a normal part of life, but burnout can make you feel irritable towards those around you more often than usual.

Do you find yourself irritable with people?


The first way to get over this feeling is to admit it. As you acknowledge how you feel, try to get a bigger picture of what you’re doing.

Lift your spirits by participating in a gratitude exercise to remind yourself of the little things that make you feel good.

4. You feel extremely tired all the time because of lack of sleep

Research shows that not getting enough sleep is a major cause of burnout. So, taking steps to make sure you get a good night’s sleep will actually help you limit your stress.

Do you feel tired all the time due to lack of sleep?

A good night’s sleep is a way to deal with stress and fatigue


One thing you can do before you get stuck is to create a healthy space to relax. Make your room a “sleep-only” place with some cozy blankets and essential oils. Never work in bed.

You can also repeat some bedtime routines to help your brain understand when it’s time to start sleeping. Try listening to a favorite story to lull you to sleep or do a quick stretch to relax your mind and body before bed.

5. You feel a loss of joy and motivation

Not sure about the future or simply open your eyes and don’t feel like going to work? Burnout tends to “steal” positive energy as well as any motivation you may have.

You feel a loss of joy and motivation

A favorite breakfast can help increase the frequency of joy each day


To combat this, first start by trying to do things without the expectation that you will be good or bad. Exercise regularly to do things with mental clarity and make an effort to do the things that used to make you happy.

Small things like putting on your favorite socks or eating your favorite breakfast can increase the “frequency of joy.” From there, bring some momentum into your life.

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6. Are you experiencing physical symptoms?

There are several symptoms associated with burnout that many people ignore, such as loss of appetite, headaches, or nausea. These signs can be easily confused with common diseases, but the way to overcome these signs is in the solutions above, especially sleep.


Take time to rest for yourself. Rest will help the body re-energize and help the body “heal” the effects of burnout. If possible, you should also consult a professional such as a general practitioner or therapist for more support in dealing with the symptoms of burnout.

You can try the above ways to deal with the signs of burnout, if any. Regular exercise is also a way to improve mental health as well as increase physical strength.

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