What do pregnant women in the 4th month need to pay special attention to?

The 4th month is the beginning of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. During this time, a pregnant woman’s body will undergo many changes. Therefore, 4th month pregnant mother Please remember the following notes to ensure the safety of both mother and child!

1. Signs of healthy fetal development in the 4th month

The 4th month of pregnancy is the time when the mother and the fetus have many changes. This milestone is usually calculated when the fetus is 14 weeks or more. Moreover, the fetus also develops rapidly during this period.

From a small embryo of about 50g, the baby will gain weight to about 150g by the last week of the 4th month. The length of the baby in the belly also increases from 9-10cm to about 13-14cm and is as stimulated as an avocado.

During this period, the baby’s hands, arms, muscles, feet and nervous system are also clearly developed. The fetus also completes the skin and forms the body hair. Parents can also see the baby sucking or covering his face when watching the ultrasound.

In the 4th month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers also begin to have a clear feeling about the condition of the baby in her womb. The fetus increases in weight and the uterus expands, causing the mother’s abdomen to begin to expand and the body to become heavier.

Pregnant women also become tired more easily after exercise because the heart has to work one and a half times to ensure a good blood supply to the fetus. Pregnant women also gradually feel the hunger pangs because the fetus has absorbed nutrients through the umbilical cord, so it “demands” more. Some fetuses will kick at 16 or 17 weeks, the last days of the 4th month of pregnancy

2. Abnormal signs in the 4th month of pregnancy need to see a doctor immediately

When entering the 4th month of pregnancy, most pregnant women have reduced morning sickness. However, if the phenomenon is increasing, this could be a pregnancy abnormality. Excessive morning sickness and eating less will cause weakness in the body, while, in the 4th month of pregnancy, pregnant women will need a lot of nutrients. At this time, you should go to the doctor immediately if you find that morning sickness makes your body exhausted.

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Excessive vaginal discharge or bleeding can also be unusual during pregnancy. In the 4th month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body has stabilized, so there are very few cases of vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if this situation is encountered, pregnant women should quickly go to the hospital to be examined by an obstetrician.

Because if the vaginal discharge in the 4th month is too much or has a bad smell, you may have an inflammation or a fungus. Therefore, pregnant women should visit the doctor early to avoid affecting the fetus.

Severe itching of the palms of the hands and feet, a faster-than-normal belly, or exploding eyes are all common risks during pregnancy. Pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination when they see unusually severe symptoms.

3. What should a 4th month pregnant woman pay attention to?

The things pregnant women need to keep in mind during the 4th month of pregnancy are:

3.1. Lower abdominal pain in the 4th month of pregnancy

In the 4th month of pregnancy, the fetus and uterus increase in size, so it will put pressure on the pelvis, as well as the pregnant mother’s abdomen. This leads to severe pain or cramping in the lower abdomen.

Pain in the lower abdomen is considered normal in the 4th month of pregnancy. However, this condition will be considered abnormal if the mother has continuous lower abdominal pain, pain with bleeding or prolonged pain.

Lower abdominal pain is also extremely dangerous if accompanied by burning pain in the urinary tract, bloody, foul-smelling urine and a burning or burning sensation when urinating. If it is determined that lower abdominal pain is an abnormal condition, pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

3.2. The abdomen is tight when the pregnant mother is 4 months pregnant

A tight abdomen is not an unusual or dangerous phenomenon during the 4th month of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus is growing and the uterus is dilated, so it presses on the pelvic cavity, pregnant women also gain weight faster.

All of these things can be the cause of abdominal cramping in 4 months pregnant. Although not dangerous, pregnant women can feel uncomfortable when the abdomen is tight.

At this time, pregnant women can reduce this expression by limiting belly rubs, changing sitting or lying positions when feeling tight. Reducing sex or urinating regularly also helps pregnant women to reduce abdominal bloating during this period.

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3.3. Does the fetus know how to pedal when the mother is 4 months pregnant?

The fetus has had its first movements when entering the 4th month of pregnancy. However, this will not necessarily happen in the 4th month of pregnancy, so if you see the baby has not kicked, you should not be too worried. Because some babies move very lightly, pregnant women do not feel it, while others are too lazy to exercise during this time.

Pregnant women should only worry when past the 5th month and still have not felt the nudges. When you are in the 4th month of pregnancy, please feel secure and enjoy the most peaceful and gentle days of your pregnancy.

3.4. Lying position of the 4th month pregnant mother

The fourth month is known to be the most comfortable month of the whole pregnancy. Because at this stage, most pregnant women have passed the stage of morning sickness. At the same time, the pressure due to the large pregnancy has not appeared much, so pregnant women are quite comfortable. At this point, you just need to choose for yourself the most comfortable lying position to make it easier to fall asleep.

Pregnant women can lie on the left side to avoid compression of the vena cava and to avoid reducing blood circulation to the fetus. Using a pregnancy pillow, raising your legs, and raising your head are all fine if these make you feel more comfortable. In case of sleep disorders, pregnant women should take a long nap to avoid sleep deprivation during this time.

3.5. What should pregnant women in the 4th month eat?

Supplementing calcium, iron and vitamin D during the 4th month of pregnancy will be very beneficial for the baby in the womb. During this period, the fetus is completing the skeletal system, so a large amount of calcium is required.

Besides, pregnant women should also supplement with 20-30mg of iron/day to provide enough blood for the baby in the womb. The problem associated with iron supplementation is that it is easy to become constipated, so pregnant women should eat a lot of green vegetables to help the digestive system work better and avoid unpleasant problems such as bloating, constipation, etc.

The pregnant mother’s body during the 4th pregnancy needs a lot of energy, so please increase the beneficial fats from fruits and nuts rich in folic acid. Or, you should also eat low-mercury fish to supplement Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

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