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Due to the influence of patriarchy, adultery behavior in women is often more strongly and severely condemned by society than men. So what do men really think about cheating women? Refer to the article to understand more about the psychology and thoughts of men.

What do men think about cheating women?

What men think about adulterous women is a concern of many people

What do men think about cheating women?

Compared with men, the rate of women cheating is much lower. This stems from the different personalities between men and women, in addition, the strict rules of society are also barriers that prevent women from stepping into an affair.

However, some women still commit adultery due to a deadlocked marriage life, heartless husband, violence, etc. There are many reasons to explain the behavior of betraying a partner, but whatever the reason. Regardless, adultery in men or women is wrong.

In recent years, the percentage of women cheating has increased significantly. Therefore, many people wonder what men will think about women who cheat. Because in Vietnamese thought, women have to maintain their dignity and morality. Meanwhile, men who are promiscuous or flirtatious are easily accepted.

Men’s thoughts about cheating women will vary depending on the object. If he is a mistress, he will have more liberal thoughts. On the contrary, if the adulterer is his wife, men will find it difficult to accept and often have negative and bad thoughts about their partner.

The following content will help readers understand what men think about cheating women:

Men’s thoughts when their wife has an affair

If the adulterous woman is his wife, men often have bad thoughts about their partner. Compared to women, men are less selfless and selfish. They allow themselves to flirt but never accept that their wife has an outside relationship. To be fair, women always consider the reasons why their husbands cheat before blaming or criticizing. Meanwhile, a man’s first reaction when his wife has an affair is anger and jealousy.

In case his wife has an affair, a man will have the following thoughts:

– Traitor:

A man’s first thought when he learns that his wife is having an affair is that he has been betrayed. In marriage, faithfulness is a prerequisite for the relationship to be built sustainably and for a long time. When one of the two betrays the other, love, no matter how great, will fall apart in an instant.

In the minds of men, women – especially their wives – must maintain their dignity and be faithful to their husbands no matter what. When he discovered his wife had an affair, the only thing that men thought about was that she betrayed her, betrayed her family to run after her mistress.

What do men think about cheating women?
The first thought of a man when he finds out that his wife is having an affair is that he has been betrayed

Thinking that he has been betrayed makes it difficult for a man to forgive his wife. Women are often weak-hearted and think a lot about their children, so they can forgive their husband’s cheating. However, very few men accept women who have been around. They can marry a wife with many flaws but find it difficult to accept an unfaithful woman.

Moreover, men clearly understand that women only commit adultery when there is no longer love for their husbands, not simply the desire for strange things like men. Forgiving your wife is like giving her another chance to hurt herself.

– The woman who lives two-faced, fake:

Men who cheat are often more recognizable than women. With a careful personality, adulterous women are good at covering up their secret relationships and can still take care of their families. However, behind the seemingly perfect cover is misconduct. When he discovers his wife is having an affair, men often think that it is a woman who is two-faced and fake.

She always seemed happy, caring and caring for her husband and children, but inside, she changed her mind. The fakeness of a spouse makes many men shocked when they find out that their wife is having an affair. Meanwhile, male adultery often has quite obvious signs, so the wife is more or less prepared to accept it.

When he discovers his wife’s wrongdoing, the image of a gentle and good wife is constantly appearing in men’s thoughts. Many people feel extremely disgusted with their partners because of their fake and double life. This is a common psychology when men are too surprised and disappointed by the lack of standard behavior of their wives.

– No motherhood:

Loyalty is one of the measures of a woman’s dignity. When a woman has an affair, a man always thinks that his wife is not qualified to be a mother. For a man, a wife – a true mother must be wholeheartedly devoted to the family, be faithful to her husband and love her children. A woman who acts secretly does not have enough personality to raise and educate a human child.

What do men think about cheating women?

Men always think that an adulterous woman is not qualified to be a mother or a wife

Moreover, men are highly possessive, so few accept living with a person who has betrayed them. When the affair was discovered, most men proposed divorce and custody of the children. Some people even forbid their children from seeing their mother for fear that this unethical woman will spoil their children.

– Unforgivable:

Compared with women, men’s tolerance is less. Women can accept all their husband’s flaws, try to persuade him to change. However, men never make an effort to change their wives. When it doesn’t feel right, men often suggest ending the marriage instead of trying to save it.

In which, adultery behavior of women is considered unacceptable. Today, the idea of ​​a man with five wives and seven concubines has been abolished. Even so, it is sometimes considered normal for men to cheat and cheat. Many people think that this is the nature of men, they have fun and love new things but in the end will choose family.

In contrast, adulterous women are often bullied and criticized. After everything broke out, behind their names were always accompanied by heavy and difficult words. Men often feel betrayed and insulted when their wives cheat on them. When he sees the figure of his wife, the first thing that comes to his mind is the moments when his wife is close and intimate with his mistress.

Men can hardly forgive when their wives cheat. However, he may not propose a divorce but tie his wife in an unhappy marriage. Many men confess that they use silence, indifference, and indifference as punishment for their partner’s misbehavior.

Men’s thoughts when an adulterous woman is his mistress

In a man’s mind, adultery in another woman is acceptable, but not his wife. If men are critical and angry with their wives, with their mistresses, they will have different thoughts.

In the case of an adulterous woman being his mistress, men will often have the following thoughts:

– She is so attractive:

A man only has an affair with someone he is attracted to because of his physique and personality. If it is difficult for men to accept adultery with their wives, with their mistresses, men only think about how attractive and hot they are.

Some men are even interested in a woman who “has the nerve” to commit adultery while having a family. The feeling of risk in a secret relationship makes men feel excited and new. He is immersed in the emotional highs that his mistress brings and completely ignores the other’s virtues.

What do men think about cheating women?

If cheating women are his mistresses, men only care about them being attractive and hot

The third person is not only strong in physique but also graceful and delicate in the way he talks. They understand what men really need and want. Moreover, their liberal personality and bed skills are also the things that make them bind a married man.

Before the love and tenderness of their mistress, men rarely have negative thoughts or judgments about their personality. He just wants to find a way to conquer and get this woman.

– She is so liberal:

Most adulterous women just want to find a temporary relationship to forget their dying marriage. Therefore, they do not require any bond from the man. What they want is just to be relied on when they feel lonely and to have their physical desires satisfied.

This liberal and relaxed thinking makes many men feel attracted. These personalities are completely different from their wives. While the wife always complains about everything, the mistress always knows how to pamper without demanding any responsibility.

– Adulterous women can only have fun crossing the street:

Although a man is not strict with his mistress, he understands that adulterous women can only have fun on the street, not in a long-term relationship. Many men confided that he would rather have an affair with a married woman than a single man. Because single women always want to possess themselves, while married women simply want to find an outside relationship to relieve when needed.

In terms of purpose, both are the same, so they can keep the secret relationship secret without any unintended situations. They can find each other when there is a conflict with their partner, when they want to relieve their sexual desires or are simply too tired of the old, boring married life.

It can be seen that men’s thoughts about adulterous women are different depending on the object. Obviously men are stricter and more critical of their wives. This mentality is understandable due to the nature of men being selfish and possessive. The act of infidelity is condemned, but both should calmly talk to determine the cause and find the most suitable solution. Because more than anyone, children are the ones who suffer heavy psychological damage when the family is broken.

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