What do adulterous women fear the most? Conspicuous psychological developments

When it comes to an affair, women can anticipate the worst that can happen. The article will help “read” the psychology of adulterous women and what they are most afraid of when the wrongdoing is discovered.

What do adulterous women fear the most?

What do women fear the most, what is the concern of many men?

What do adulterous women fear the most?

Adultery is an unacceptable behavior both legally and ethically. Although aware of wrongdoing, there are still many women who cheat because they hate married life. An extramarital relationship brings freshness and awakens a feeling of intense love that seems to have long since died out. Attracted by the new feeling, most women who cheat are hard to stop.

After the flashy sublimation moments, women will also watch over many worries. What do adulterous women fear the most is the issue that men care about. In essence, the psychology of women and men is not the same. Therefore, adulterous women will fear other problems with men.

According to psychologists, women who cheat most often fear the following 7 things:

1. Fear of being discovered

The common psychology of adulterers is always the fear of being discovered. However, it is the sense of risk when engaging in a secret relationship that makes many people excited and deeper and deeper. The fear of being discovered will always be next to the new, intense and passionate feeling that a lover brings.

Vietnamese culture values ​​the dignity of women. Vietnamese women are constrained by strict opinions and requirements while men can be comfortable with a bohemian life. Nowadays, outdated and antiquated views have been gradually changed. However, it is still more difficult for women to accept adultery in the eyes of many people than it is for men to commit adultery.

What do adulterous women fear the most?

Anyone who has an affair is afraid of being discovered

Promiscuous men are easily forgiven. Meanwhile, adulterous women face heavy and negative words. Knowing that adultery is not a right behavior, but the extreme in many people’s views on life makes adulterous women not have the opportunity to correct their mistakes and repent.

These stereotypes make adulterous women always afraid of being discovered. Men, on the other hand, are not so much dominated by fear. Men themselves will also be afraid of being discovered wrongdoing, but because of their comfort in thought, they are not really too afraid of this.

Many women who cheated confess that they were constantly thinking about the prospect of being found out and the worst that could happen. However, the intense feelings and euphoria from the affair make it impossible for them to stop their unethical behavior.

2. Fear of being looked down upon by children

For women, children are always the most important position. When they have an affair, they fear being looked down on by their children rather than being scolded and scolded by their partner. Children will find it difficult to sympathize and understand the mother’s adulterous behavior. When it is discovered that there is an outside relationship, women will be cold to their children and they often choose to stay with their father after both divorce.

In addition, adulterous women also fear that their reputation will affect their children. They are afraid that their children will be laughed at and despised when they have a mother who is not qualified. However, this fear is sometimes not enough for adulterous women to end shady relationships and devote themselves to the family.

Children are the blood of a woman. When they have an affair, they may neglect their husbands but rarely neglect to take care of their children. Even many people are afraid that their children will hate them when everything is discovered, so they spend a lot of time taking care of and raising their children.

3. Fear of reputation damage

Unlike men, Vietnamese women are bound by strict and rigid views. Although many outdated ideas have been removed, in the minds of many people, women are still inferior to men and must maintain their virtue no matter how bad their husbands are.

Adultery in women is often strongly condemned, they will be severely criticized, scorned and ridiculed by people. If the scandal of adulterous men is easily forgotten, for women, the stigma can follow them for life. Heavy words kept on being mentioned behind their names.

When men commit adultery, people find enough excuses to justify men and blame women for not knowing how to cultivate. Meanwhile, adulterous women are severely condemned. People around also rarely find reasons to explain women’s adulterous behavior. However, it is clear that in many cases, women cheat because their husbands are unfaithful, abusive, and heartless.

With the development of today’s social networking platforms, negative information will be spread quickly. Therefore, adulterous women are very afraid of video clips and images that will cause scandal. Sometimes, they do not fear for their honor but fear that the reputation of their family and children will be affected.

4. Fear of being abandoned by the mistress

Men often cheat because they want to find something new and want to have sex. In contrast, women only fall in love with the third person when they no longer love their husband. Therefore, adulterous women are often afraid of being abandoned by their mistresses.

Loneliness in marriage makes a woman depressed and stuck. At this time, the secret relationship brought them a new source of vitality, and the long-buried love feelings were revived. It is the feeling of being pampered and loved that makes adulterous women afraid of being abandoned and indifferent by their mistresses.

When it comes to love, women are often blind and weak. They can forget everything because of love. As a result, many people indulge in the sweet words of a third person and harbor a fear of abandonment. However, because they themselves are also misbehaving, binding the other party is impossible.

5. Adulterous women are afraid of breaking up their families

Most people who choose to have an affair do not want their marriage to break up. Although they no longer have feelings for their husbands, they still want to maintain the marriage because of children or financial problems. Marriage in their eyes can be a cover to create a reputation for themselves. Therefore, when having an affair, some women often fear that the family will really fall apart after the affair is discovered.

Infidelity in women is considered unacceptable. Promiscuous men will have many opportunities to correct their mistakes, and many even accept their husbands having a mistress outside on the condition that he takes good care of the family.

What do adulterous women fear the most?

Despite having an outside relationship, many women are still afraid of their family breaking up after the incident is discovered

Meanwhile, the chance of correcting an adulterous woman is almost zero. So, when they step into an affair, women understand what they will have to face if things come to light.

Many people are no longer earnest with their husbands but still want to maintain their marriages for the sake of their children. They don’t want their children to suffer the absence of a father or mother, do not want them to face social scandals and bad rumors.

6. Fear of losing property after divorce

Many people try to keep their marriage because they are afraid of losing their property after a divorce, so sometimes they have run out of love, they still don’t want to end the relationship. In this case, women put material interests first. Therefore, when having an affair, what scares them is not honor but property.

Common property in the process of living will be divided after divorce. However, if there is an act of adultery, it is likely that the woman will not be entitled to any property. This is also the reason many people do not want a divorce and try to cover up their adultery. They can also carry out asset transfer procedures before the theft is discovered.

7. Fear of the lover threatening, holding on

Many women have an affair but do not want a divorce. They just want to find a shoulder when they don’t feel the care and love from their husband. In this case, women often fear that their lover will pull, threaten and demand commitment.

After a period of intimacy, some people want to end the wrong relationship and return to their family. However, the mistress may threaten to release evidence to blackmail or tie them up in a long-term relationship. When threatened by their lover, some people have to endure to continue the relationship in torment, fear, and insecurity. However, they have no way out, so they can only listen to the request.

What do adulterous women fear the most?
Women who cheat are often afraid that their lover will force them to maintain a long-term relationship

There are also many cases where the mistress has real feelings that require the woman to choose between herself and her husband. This is also the reason why women should not get involved in an abusive relationship. If the marriage cannot be saved, the best way is to divorce so that you have the opportunity to meet and get to know other people. Ending marriage in a civilized way will leave both good memories, and at the same time minimize psychological damage to children and people around.

Above are the sharing of the problem of adulterous women fear the most. However, the content in the article is for reference only because the psychology of each person is often different. Hopefully, through this article, you can wake up in time to save your current marriage. Although acts of adultery can hardly be forgiven, the deeper you sink, the more you, your family and your children will have to bear the heavy effects.

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