What causes shoulder dislocation or uneven shoulder and how to deal with it?

Shoulder deviation or uneven shoulder is a common and common condition in many people and occurs in all ages and occupations. The question is, do you pay attention to this condition of your body and want to find a solution for it?

What is an uneven shoulder or shoulder? Normally, the body is in equilibrium. The two shoulders will be in balance in height and facing forward. Shoulder unevenness occurs when there is a difference in amplitude height towards the front of the shoulder. This may be a small difference or a minor effect. However, in the long run, this shoulder dislocation will cause loss of aesthetics, spine as well as daily activities.

To dig deeper, easyhealthylive.com will share with you some of the causes of shoulder unevenness, exercises to stretch and strengthen the shoulder muscles, and consider when to see a doctor for a diagnosis. best remedy.

Causes of shoulder dislocation

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • The nature of our body has one side favorable and one side not. With the right side, you will be more active than the other side. This results in the non-dominant side being less flexible and under strain.
  • Use one side of your body to hold things such as carrying bags, carrying heavy objects with one hand, etc.

Causes of shoulder dislocation

  • Habits of using the phone
  • Using the computer in an uncomfortable position
  • People who play sports such as tennis, badminton, golf, javelin throw…
  • People with scoliosis
  • Sleeping in the wrong position (lying on one side)
  • Certain types of injuries can cause the shoulder to grow unevenly.

However, through the above reasons, you can realize that the most important problem comes from daily living habits.

Signs of uneven shoulders

  • First look with the naked eye, you can observe the cases of high shoulders, low shoulders, short shoulders, thick shoulders (because the shoulders are rotated forward).
  • Do you feel your shoulders, neck, and lower back often fall into a state of tension?
  • Loss of balance from hips, legs. To verify this, you can seek professional help as you cannot make a preliminary observation with a normal standing position.

How to fix

Muscle imbalances are common in many people. What matters is whether the matter is heavy or light. If the problem is mild, you can correct it on your own, but if the problem is serious, you should see a doctor or trainer to exercise to regain balance for the body. Nowadays, with the development of modern technology as well as the advancement of medicine applied to sports, body problems are largely curable. Measures applied to improve shoulder dislocation are:

  • Exercise regularly so that the body is flexible, muscles always have flexibility and joint flexibility.
  • Check yourself, observe your daily living posture, the easiest way is to look in the mirror, through the observation of people around you.
  • Combine muscle relaxation massage to relieve muscle tension in your body
  • Joining meditation courses, yoga, gym, rowing… are good options to improve your lifestyle as well as your posture.
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Hope you get back in shape soon to be healthier and more beautiful.

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