What are the benefits of apples? What happens if you eat too many apples?

Apples are one of the healthy foods that are recommended by nutritionists to be included in the daily diet. So how can apples provide health benefits? How many fruits should you eat a day and what will happen if you eat too much of this fruit.

1. Reasons you should eat apples more often

Apples contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to your health such as Carb, fiber, sugar, fat, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, etc. Although providing many nutrients, an apple only contains 52 nutrients. calories.

Apples are delicious and contain many nutrients

Apples are delicious and contain many nutrients

Besides, another reason why many people choose this fruit is that it is delicious and can be processed in many different ways. When combined with other foods, the dishes from apples will be more diverse and rich, bringing delicious and attractive flavors while still ensuring nutritional value.

Here are the benefits of apples:

– Enhance the functioning of the digestive system:

Apples contain a lot of fiber, so it is very good for the digestive system. In particular, this fruit also contains pectin (in the apple skin) that can protect the beneficial bacteria and lactic acid in the colon, helping them work more effectively. At the same time, pectin can also help the body eliminate toxins and reduce the risk of cancer.

– Improves heart health:

Phenolic in apples can reduce bad cholesterol, reduce the risk of plaque formation on artery walls, thereby significantly reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, and help you have a healthy heart.

Reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes: Apples are considered a healthy food and may contribute to preventing the risk of diabetes and stroke.

Apples contribute to weight control

Apples contribute to weight control

– Weight control: This is one of the well-known uses of apples. If you are planning to lose weight, you should not ignore this food. Apples are high in fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer. Besides, an apple is usually very low in calories, so it is suitable for people who are in need of weight loss.

2. How many apples should you eat a day?

Apples can only maximize their benefits if you eat them properly. The issue that many people are interested in today is “how many apples a day should I eat”. According to nutritionists, you should only eat one to two apples in a day. Besides, you need to note the following to get the maximum nutritional value from apples:

Only eat 2 apples a day

Only eat 2 apples a day

– Should choose fresh fruits to ensure nutrition and not overripe. The reason is that when the apple is ripe, the pectin in the apple will be destroyed.

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– Before eating apples, should wash apples with salt water and drain. When eating, remember to eat the peel as well because the apple peel has a lot of nutrients, especially some antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage and contribute to a reduced risk of cancer.

– You can eat apples on an empty stomach to stimulate bowel movements. Therefore, apples can also become part of your breakfast menu. However, do not just eat apples because an apple will not be able to provide enough energy for your day’s activities. Instead, combine apples with some other foods to create a healthy breakfast and ensure energy.

– In addition, you can also choose apples as a snack to get great benefits in weight loss, skin beauty, good digestion and help the body be more energetic and healthy.

– Do not eat apples immediately after a meal. This is the time when the food in your stomach cannot fully digest. Therefore, if you eat apples at this time, it can make your stomach more burdened and cause health consequences for the digestive tract. Therefore, if you want to eat apples, wait 30 minutes after the meal.

Eating apples at night is also a bad habit. According to experts, if you eat apples in the evening, the digestive system can produce gas, making you feel bloated, uncomfortable, etc. Besides, organic acids in apples can also increase the amount of gas. acid in the stomach, interferes with bowel movements, etc. affects gastrointestinal health and quality of sleep.

3. What can happen if you eat too many apples

There is no denying the benefits of apples, but you also need to pay attention to eating apples properly and especially not to eat too many apples. If you eat too many apples, you may encounter some problems as follows:

You can combine apples with bananas to create a nutritious meal

You can combine apples with bananas to create a nutritious meal

– Eating a lot of apples can cause bloating, constipation, affecting gastrointestinal health.

Apples contain a lot of carbohydrates. Therefore, eating too much of these foods can lead to increased blood sugar levels, making diabetes worse.

– Indirect absorption of pesticides: If eating too many apples is not food safe, contains many pesticides, the body will absorb these toxic chemicals and directly affect health. .

Apples contain a lot of acid, so if you eat a lot, it can cause tooth erosion.

Instead of eating too many apples, you should eat a variety of foods so that the body is provided with adequate nutrients. Or you can combine apples with many other fruits to create a nutritious and attractive dish. Apples combined with bananas are considered a healthy, healthy menu. These are all fruits that are high in nutrients but low in calories. Therefore, you can use it with complete peace of mind.

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