What are ions? Effects of negative ions on health?

Ions are usually found in the air we breathe every day that is naturally electrostatically charged. When it comes to Ion, many people are still confused and confused What are ions? And is Ion really good for human health? Let’s Drink Ocany Learn more about what Ion is through the article below.

What are ions? Health benefits of ions

What are ions?

An ion is a chemical form that contains a positive or negative charge to some extent. The term ‘ions’ can be used to refer to atoms or molecules with a non-zero net charge associated with them. Thus, all ions have more protons than electrons in the overall atomic or molecular structure, or have more electrons than protons in the atomic/molecular structure.

What are ions?
Artwork: What is an ion?

Ions are divided into two types: negative ions and positive ions.

What are negative ions?

Ions containing more electrons than protons are known to have a net negative charge commonly known as negative ions. Negative ions often have strong oxidizing properties, helping to kill the bacteria in the area where it is active. At the same time, it also neutralizes and neutralizes harmful positive ions, even eliminating odors in the air. Therefore, negative ions are also known by other names as “Air vitamins”.

Negative ions
Illustration: What is a negative ion?

What are positive ions?

Ions that contain more protons than electrons are known to have a pure positive charge are often called positive ions. Positive ions always tend to combine with something to fill the void.

positive ions
Illustration: What is a positive ion?

Positive ions are also commonly known as free radicals. Surely you have heard about the link between free radicals that are harmful to health leading to cancer, fatigue, stress, weakened immune system …

What is the difference between Negative Ion and Positive Ion?

Positive ions are formed when an atom or molecule loses an electron. Therefore, positive ions have more protons than electrons. On the other hand, negative ions are formed when an atom or molecule gains an electron. Therefore, negative ions will have more electrons than protons. These are the key differences of positive ions and negative ions.

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While negative ions are considered “Air vitamins” beneficial to health, positive ions are the “enemies” of the body, the number one harmful agent.

What are mineral ions? How does it affect health?

Mineral ions are ions of alkali metals such as Sodium, Barium, Potassium, Calcium, etc. Mineral ions are usually present in solution in soil moisture and are available for easy absorption.

mineral ions
Illustration: Mineral ions

Mineral ions provide necessary and beneficial substances for humans and plants. Like vitamins, to maintain a healthy body only need a sufficient amount of mineral ions. However, the lack of mineral ions in the diet can also cause nutritional deficiencies in the body.

Health benefits of Ions?

Although ions are divided into 2 categories including negative ions and positive ions, only Negative ions are beneficial to the body with many different benefits. Let’s find out in detail the benefits that negative ions bring right here.

Health benefits of ions
Let’s find out the benefits of Ions with health

Blood purification effect

Negative ions, when introduced into the body, will cause an alkalinization process in the blood to help substances

Endorphin develops and supports sodium and potassium substances in plasma to increase negative ionization. Therefore, negative ions have the function of purifying blood, circulating blood, improving diseases of sudden increase and decrease in blood pressure, relieving stress and fatigue.

Purify blood
Helps Purify Blood

After a lot of research, scientists have proven that negative ions can help reduce blood condensation time, increase blood oxygen content, and benefit the process of transporting, absorbing and using oxygen. in blood.

In addition, with the ability of negative ions to purify the blood, when you have a scratch or wound on your body, negative ions will help heal the wound quickly.

For the nervous system

The amount of air people breathe in each day will be absorbed by the brain up to 75%. Negative ions from the air source entering the body will help improve the exchange of oxygen for the blood and the nervous system to increase and self-control. Thereby enhancing the activity of the nervous system to maintain functions in the body as well as improve concentration to bring high efficiency in study, research, work and other activities in your life. .

Enhance the activity of the nervous system
Enhance the activity of the nervous system

On the other hand, negative ions also help improve human sleep status by enhancing the activity of cerebral cortex and brain. From there, it helps the spirit to become more excited, enhances the process of brain organization and helps to get more oxygen.

Negative ions not only provide positive energy for the nervous system but also for all other organs such as cells, blood, heart, etc., helping to strengthen and restore diseased or weakened organs. .

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Helps in cell regeneration

Negative ions create essential minerals, providing energy for the growth of cells. This helps speed up the regeneration process for cells.

Helps in cell regeneration
Helps in cell regeneration

When the metabolism between cells in the body takes place, negative ions will help cells eliminate toxins quickly, remove harmful substances, and replace them with new, healthier and better cell layers. than. So negative ions are very beneficial for accelerating cell regeneration.

Strengthens the respiratory system

Your respiratory system will be significantly improved if you increase the supply of negative ions into the body. When the amount of negative ions taken into the body is absorbed, it will increase the amount of oxygen taken into the lungs. Dp that negative ion has the effect of developing lung function.

Strengthens the respiratory system
Strengthens the respiratory system

If you breathe regularly in an environment with negative ions, it will help your ability to breathe oxygen by 20% and increase CO2 emissions by 14.5% – This shows that negative ions have the effect of improving and enhancing respiratory capacity. of human.

Negative ions and cancer

Negative ions also help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. When cancer cells form and grow, blood circulation will be severely reduced. This causes hypoxia in the body because the cancer cells produce lactic acid which oxidizes the blood solution.

Preventing cancer
Preventing cancer

When negative ions are introduced into the body, they will affect lactic acid, neutralize acidity in the blood, and increase oxygen supply. The body will be significantly healthier when the DNA molecules are improved and functional activities are restored.

Negative ions have great benefits for human health and body.

Applying the effects of Negative Ions in life

Negative ions have great benefits for health and bring positive signals to the human body such as purifying blood, improving respiration, limiting cancer cells, etc. Besides, negative ions also Widely used in the following technologies.

Air purifier

Negative ions are applied to air purifiers with the desire to bring fresh air to people. Negative ions also remove unpleasant odors, filter dust particles, fine dust in the air, thereby helping to return fresh air.

Ionic Air Purifier
Ionic Air Purifier

This mechanism is formed from pollutants, dust, bacteria, … . In addition, in the air, there are always positively charged ions, negative ions will attract these positive ions, neutralize them, reduce the amount of positive ions, making the air cleaner and fresher.

Therefore, using an air purifier in daily life will bring pure, clean, cool air and prevent dirt, harmful bacteria, microscopic fine dust, etc. to protect health and safety. for your whole family.

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Water purifier

Investing in water purifiers that create negative ions is a trend of today’s consumers. Before the extremely wonderful uses of negative ions, scientists have applied them to research and produce negative ion machines, also known as negative ion water purifiers, to help users more convenient in cleaning. Improve your health when supplying negative ion water into the body.

Alkaline ion water purifier
Alkaline ion water purifier

Providing the necessary amount of negative ions will help the body stay healthy and protect the body against the impact of harmful factors outside the environment.

Alkaline ionized water

Alkaline ionized water contains negative ions which are very good for the body. This is a source of hydrogen-rich water that helps improve health problems, faster absorption of antioxidants into the blood.

alkaline ionized water
Drink alkaline ionized water every day

As the body gets older, the organs in the body will no longer be as flexible as before. The use of alkaline ionized water will help your body prevent aging because the water contains hydrogen (negative ions) a powerful antioxidant.

In addition, alkaline ionized water is also rich in natural micro-minerals that help the body increase resistance thanks to its ability to remove all impurities, dirt, harmful bacteria but still retain the necessary amount of natural minerals for the body. . Regular use of alkaline ionized water will also help strengthen cell tissues and the immune system, supplement essential minerals such as calcium and potassium to help prevent osteoporosis effectively.

In particular, It is also a very good choice to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as increased gastric secretion, diarrhea, help clean the intestines and detoxify, prevent gastric reflux, enhance the growth of probiotics. good due to acid neutralization


Above is all detailed information about ions as well as the effects of negative ions on health and the human body. Hopefully the above article helps you better understand the useful effects of negative ion technology on human health and refer to the sources of negative ions for the body. Thanks for watching!

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