Ways to improve the body’s resistance in the hot season

When it is hot and sultry, the body will have to “work harder” to regulate body temperature such as dilating blood vessels, increasing sweating. This will cause electrolyte loss, dehydration and increased heart rate. As a result, you feel more sluggish, tired and sleepy. If your immune system is weak, the condition can get worse and make you more susceptible to illness. A nutritious diet with enough vitamins and a healthy lifestyle will play an important role in increasing resistance for people with weak immune systems. In the article below, Easyhealthylive Will share with everyone how to increase resistance for body.

1. Physical activity is a good way to improve resistance

Although prolonged high-intensity physical activity can suppress the immune system, moderate exercise can help strengthen the immune system. Some studies have shown that even a moderate session of exercise can enhance the effectiveness of immunity in people with compromised immune systems.

In addition, a habit of moderate physical activity can reduce inflammation and help immune cells regenerate regularly. You can get moderate exercise by cycling, brisk walking, swimming, jogging and hiking for a minimum of 150 minutes/week.

2. Stress management is a good way to improve resistance

Prolonged stress promotes inflammation and imbalances in the function of immune cells. Therefore, managing stress is the key to increasing resistance for people with weak immune systems.

Activities that can help people manage stress such as exercise, meditation, journaling, yoga, etc. When experiencing stress or anxiety, you can confide in friends and relatives. love to relieve. In cases where it is difficult to manage stress, people should see a psychologist directly for support.

3. Improving sleep is an effective way to increase resistance

Sleep is extremely important to your immune system and overall health. Getting enough sleep will help the body relax and recover after a working day, as well as help increase natural resistance. In fact, insufficient or poor quality sleep puts the body at higher risk of disease.

Adults should sleep 6-8 hours/night, teenagers need 8-10 hours/night, infants and young children need 14 hours or more. If you have trouble sleeping, you should not use electronic devices for about 1 hour before going to bed. Because the blue light emitted by phones, TVs and computers can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm or natural sleep cycle.

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You should sleep in a dark room and go to bed at the same time every night. To reduce stress and sleep better, people can try meditation, listen to relaxing music, practice yoga, read books…

4. Eating scientifically is an effective way to increase resistance

To strengthen the body’s resistance, you can add the following food groups:

Plant foods such as fruits, legumes, vegetables, tubers, berries, nuts and whole grains are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Therefore, adding these foods to your daily diet can help you prevent pathogens.

Fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi, kefir, and natto contain beneficial bacteria.

Healthy fats found in salmon and olive oil can boost the body’s immune response to pathogens.

Some studies have shown that a strong network of gut bacteria can also help the body’s immune cells distinguish normal, healthy cells from harmful organisms.

5. Providing enough water is a way to help improve resistance

Water makes up about 70% of the human body weight and plays a particularly important role. Lack of water can make the body tired and adversely affect the kidneys and skin, as well as increase the heart rate.

Therefore, you should provide enough water for the body every day and do not wait until you feel thirsty or dry mouth to drink. Accordingly, people can drink filtered water or fruit juices and should limit carbonated drinks and drinks with added sugar. Because a low-sugar diet can reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

6. Supplementing with vitamins is an effective way to improve resistance

A diet rich in vitamins will help increase resistance for people with weak immune systems in the hot season. You can supplement vitamin A in the liver and dark green vegetables, carrots; B vitamins in beans, cereals, egg yolks; vitamin C in fruits such as oranges, kiwis, guava, grapefruit; vitamin D in cod liver oil and vitamin E in bean sprouts, corn, etc.

Vitamins help strengthen the body’s immunity and have the ability to protect cells from the attack of infectious agents thanks to its detoxifying properties, resisting oxidation, and repairing damaged structures. The best way to get vitamins is from a variety of daily food sources.

If you don’t get enough from food, you can supplement with AZ Fizz effervescent tablets. However, people need to follow the need for recommendations and follow directions when taking multivitamin products.​

7. Avoid using processed foods

A study in the Journal of Nutrition of the World Health Organization examined the impact of Western diets and lifestyles on the immune function of the human body. They found that a high calorie content in fast and processed foods can lead to health problems. For example, decreased infection control, increased inflammation, increased risk of allergic diseases, increased cancer rates, etc.

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Researchers have also shown that food and lifestyle choices have a big impact on the balance of bacteria in the body, which can strengthen or weaken the immune system. Therefore, you should cut down on fast food and processed foods. Moreover, people should also add more natural foods in their daily diet.

8. Ensuring a good living environment is an effective way to increase resistance

To eliminate pathogens from the living environment, to help increase resistance, you need to keep the environment clean by cleaning and ventilation. Besides, people should also open the windows during the day to catch the fresh breeze and warm sunshine. Do not smoke to avoid damaging the immune system.

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