Warrior pose and secrets not everyone knows

Warrior pose is the most common pose in yoga exercises. This is a simple pose that can build strength, confidence, and body awareness immensely.

If you follow vinyasa or ashtanga yoga, then perhaps the warrior pose is not something too strange. The Sanskrit name of this move is Virabhadrasana with a proud posture like the legendary warriors. In fact, behind this pose is a meaningful story with immense benefits. If you are curious, please join easyhealthylive.com to see more of the shares below.

The story behind the warrior pose

Warrior pose includes 3 poses, of which warrior 2 is the most familiar. Warrior 1 is also popular, especially in Ashtanga yoga. Warrior 3 is a balancing pose with a T-shaped body.

In Sanskrit, the warrior pose is called Virabhadrasana and this is also the name of a legend originating from Hinduism. In the legend, Dakssha – a powerful priest organized a ceremony to sacrifice to the gods, but he did not invite his youngest daughter, Sati, and her husband, Shiva. Sati found out about this, filled with anger, she and her father had a fierce argument.

warrior pose

In Sanskrit, the warrior pose is called Virabhadrasana and this is also the name of a legend originating from Hinduism.

After the argument, Sati felt extremely hurt by the insults from her own father. She set herself on fire to destroy the body her father gave her. Sati’s husband, Shiva, was in so much pain, he pulled a lock of his hair and threw it on the ground angrily. This curl when touching the ground turned into a powerful Warrior named Virabhadra. Shiva sent Virabhadra to the sacrificial ceremony to kill Daksha and destroy all the guests present.

In legend, Virabhadrasana are postures that represent the actions that Virabhadra does. In warrior pose 1, Virabhadra comes to the ceremony with two swords in hand – this is the pose with his arms raised, strong and confident, ready for battle.

In pose number 2, Virabhadra concentrates on her target as Daksha. Therefore, when practicing, you will open up and keep a strong gaze. In position 3, Virabhadra finds Daksha and destroys him with her two swords. In this pose, the body will be assertive and full of power with the arms stretched out straight ahead.

The great benefits of the warrior pose

The warrior pose represents the action that Virabhadra – a powerful warrior has performed. Therefore, regular practice of these poses is a way to arouse excitement as well as hidden strength deep within the body:

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Warrior Pose 1

Physical: This is a movement that works to strengthen the feet, hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs and open the ribcage if you perform the pose with upper body lift.

Morale: Warrior Pose 1 can teach you body awareness and increase the mind-body connection. Because the rotation of the inside of the hind foot, combined with the hip flexion requires the practitioner to have a great awareness of the body’s position in space.

Warrior Pose 1

Feeling: Warrior 1 is a great way to develop common sense and courage. This pose helps you to stand strong, very firm: one foot back, one foot forward, hips forward and chest up. It is this steadfastness that will help you feel inner strength and courage, allowing you to open up to yourself and others.

During practice, warrior 1 movement can give you strength. You’ll feel like you’re in control of the space and feel like you’ve become bigger, bigger, and prouder.

Warrior Pose 2

Physical: Like Warrior 1, Warrior 2 is also great for your legs, glutes, hips, core, chest, shoulders, and arms. This is a full-body pose that, if done correctly, can affect every organ in the body. In addition, this pose also works to develop endurance.

Morale: This pose has the effect of dissolving tension while maintaining stability and stability. For example, you may notice a stretch in your neck and shoulders in this pose and try to release it while your feet are still firmly planted on the mat.

Warrior Pose 2

Feeling: This is a pose that gives you a sense of peace. Therefore, this pose appears in most yoga exercises. This means that you will have to spend a lot of time in this pose, no matter what type of yoga you choose to practice.

However, sometimes, the familiarity can make you feel bored or not want to practice. If these feelings arise, how can you think about using this pose in your life to develop peace? Use this pose as a mirror so you can find comfort and stillness in your mind.

Warrior Pose 3

Physical: Warrior 3 moves for balance and stability. If you’re new to the practice, you may find it difficult to balance with one leg. However, if you persevere, this pose will be a great exercise for the abs.

Morale: This pose can make you want to get out of the position quickly because it is quite physically challenging. To fix it, you can take your mind elsewhere to try to relieve the physical discomfort you’re feeling.

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During the practice, you will be training your mind to be able to stay focused in difficult situations, while helping your mind relax and release stress. This pose can help eliminate mental resistance to what we don’t like and are uncomfortable with.

3 Warrior Pose

Feeling: Warrior pose 3 can give you a strong feeling of wanting to escape. Not only that, this pose can also make you feel beyond your ability and want to give up. However, this is an opportunity to train your emotions, helping you to always be ready to face pressures and challenges in life.

Besides, warrior 3 also teaches us how to balance our emotions, how to process the things we feel without having to react to every little thing.

In addition, there is an inverted warrior pose, you can refer to the article Tips for simple ways to perform the reverse warrior pose.

Above is some basic information about warrior movements. If you want, try this pose.

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