Vegetarianism Causes Depression: True or False?

Some studies have shown that vegetarianism causes depression, but this is still very controversial. In fact, a vegetarian diet always brings many benefits to the body in purifying toxins, reducing excess fat, and controlling weight. However, an unscientific vegetarian diet causes the body to fall into a state of lack of nutrients, lack of energy, leading to fatigue, which is completely at risk of causing the opposite disease.

The link between diet and depression

Currently, the trend of vegetarianism is attracting a lot of attention, including young people. Some people eat for health purposes, some people eat because they love animals, some people eat for environmental or religious purposes. Besides, there are also many schools of vegetarianism, some schools allow the use of five elements, some schools allow eating eggs.. Depending on the goal of each person, the way of vegetarianism will be different.

Vegetarianism causes depression
A vegetarian diet has many advantages and many disadvantages for health

One of the issues that causes a lot of controversy about vegetarianism is whether it is really healthy, especially when there is a lot of information that vegetarianism can increase the risk of depression. Many people have always thought that vegetarians are inherently poor in health and have poor memory, so more and more people believe that vegetarianism can completely cause depression.

Accordingly, scientists from the University of Bristol (UK) conducted a study on 10,000 men for a period of 41 years. The results showed that up to 350 vegetarians suffered from depression – twice the number of people with a normal diet.

Another 18 studies in the United States were also conducted to find out in more detail the link between a meat diet and nervous system health in 160,257 people. Accordingly, the results show that people with vegetarian and vegan diets also have a higher rate of depression than those who add more protein from meat to the diet.

However, many other studies also show that vegetables can make serotonin – an important neurotransmitter in the brain. Stable serotonin levels help the mind to be more relaxed and calm, so it is clear that vegetarians tend to be calm, stay calm, less angry or agitated. In contrast, a high-protein diet reduces serotonin, making it easier to behave impulsively.

At the same time, the principles of yin and yang in macrobiotic vegetarianism also indicate that consuming food groups rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and legumes can help keep blood sugar levels in check. This can help eliminate anxiety attacks, reduce symptoms of depression, and many other neurological conditions.

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Vegetarianism causes depression right or wrong?

In general, there are many conflicting studies that have been put to prove and disprove whether vegetarianism causes depression or depression, but there is still no research to confirm this for sure. However, we all know that diet and psychology – the brain is always closely related. Typically, when we are hungry, we are often more irritable. Therefore, having an unscientific diet in vegetarians can completely increase the risk of depression.

Vegetarianism causes depression
A completely unscientific vegetarian diet can increase the risk of depression in many people

As mentioned, if the vegetarian diet is not reasonable, the body will lack a lot of nutrients, and this may be the reason why the mind of vegetarians easily falls into a state of stress, stress, and symptoms. more depression. Specifically, a vegetarian diet without the following substances can completely increase the risk of depression

  • Lack of proteinBecause most vegetarians do not eat meat, most vegetarians get their protein from foods such as soybeans, lentils, chickpeas garbanzo, durum wheat.. However, there are still some types of protein that plants cannot get. . The deficiency of this substance often makes the body tired, moodier, increases blood pressure, irritable and irritable. This may be the main reason why vegetarianism causes depression.
  • Iron deficiencyIron: In fact, iron is also abundant in some vegetables such as soybeans, eggs, dried fruits, dark green vegetables, but still not as much as in fish meat. Iron deficiency is often accompanied by anemia, making the body pale, moody, tired, lack of vitality. Research has also shown that iron deficiency is a major contributor to depression in women aged 25-45.
  • Zinc deficiency: Similar to iron, zinc is also abundant in egg yolks, oysters or lean pork. The elimination of these foods can cause many people to have zinc deficiency, manifested by weak physiology in men, hair loss, slow-healing wounds.. Research has also found that zinc deficiency can lead to symptoms. symptoms of clinical depression.
  • Lack of omega-3 fatty acidsOmega-3 fatty acids are commonly found in fatty fish and the oils extracted from these fishes. The lack of this substance can reduce the activity of 50% of gray matter in the brain and obviously it also affects the mind and increases the risk of depression.

In addition, the lack of a series of other nutrients such as potassium, vitamin D, vitamin B12.. is also directly related to the risk of depression in vegetarians. Some studies also show that overuse of soy and some vegetable substitutes also increases soy levels, leading to problems such as cancer, hormone changes and also affects health and brain. , mind.

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However, the fact can only confirm that a vegetarian diet can increase the risk of depression, not that a vegetarian diet will cause depression. This also depends on many factors such as lifestyle, rest, psychological events. An improper vegetarian who also experiences stress from work and love is more likely to have a higher risk of depression. On the contrary, although vegetarianism is not really right, but having a habit of exercising and having an optimistic mind, the incidence of disease is also very low.

Overall, diet is strongly linked to depression, but it also depends on a host of other factors. However, vegetarians still need to study more carefully about their diet to improve their health as well as minimize the risk of a variety of other diseases, including depression.

Ways to avoid the risk of vegetarianism causing depression

As mentioned, vegetarianism also brings a lot of benefits to the health and brain of each person. Especially in people with diseases such as obesity, blood fat, strong atherosclerosis or heart disease, kidney disease, if a vegetarian diet properly can bring a lot of benefits in improving health. However, in pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, people under 18 years old, people who are already thin and weak, they should not follow this diet for a long time.

Vegetarianism causes depression
Vegetarianism will still be very good for your health and mind if you know how to adjust accordingly

Besides, there are some things to keep in mind when fasting, especially for vegetarians, so that you can protect your health, avoid the risk of depression and many diseases caused by lack of substances such as:

  • Make sure you get enough balanced nutrients through foods, not just being a vegetarian means eating vegetables. For example, in addition to soy protein supplements, you can use whey proteins or use functional foods to supplement other nutrients. You can also go for a health check to understand your condition, know what substance you lack to supplement accordingly.
  • If you do not follow the school of vegetarianism, you should still alternate meals with meat or use eggs and full spices to supplement nutrients naturally.
  • Change the way to prepare diverse vegetarian dishes, should not be confined to traditional dishes
  • Maintain a scientific and healthy lifestyle. Vegetarians lack protein, so they often get tired more easily when exercising, so it is more important to keep the daily exercise routine, can prioritize gentle subjects such as meditation, nutrition, cycling, yoga to maintain endurance, promote comprehensive health
  • Make sure to get enough sleep every day, you should sleep enough from 7-8 hours a day and sleep before 11pm
  • Learn how to relax mentally, release emotions, avoid holding negative emotions for too long. Sharing with friends, journaling or going for a walk are all great ways to clear your mind
  • Vegetarians can combine with meditation to lead to mental peace and avoid the risk of depression
  • Maintain the habit of regular health check-ups to check the body, detect abnormal problems early to control and prevent the risk of dangerous diseases.
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With the above sharing, hopefully, it has helped you completely answer the question of whether it is right or wrong to be a vegetarian causing depression. Vegetarianism, if it is not suitable, may have a negative impact on the psyche, but it cannot be the cause of the disease. Adjusting a scientific diet, smart nutritional supplements combined with a healthy lifestyle is what vegetarians need to change soon to better protect their health.

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