Update the current youth drink trend

Currently, the need to eat and explore the culinary world of our people is increasingly rich and diverse. Especially young people are also paying a lot of attention to drinks. Together Ocany update now 9+ current youth drink trends as well as the 2023 beverage trend right now.

Milk tea

Milk tea is always a trending drink that is especially loved by young people

Milk tea is always a trending drink that is especially loved by young people

With a delicious taste that is easy to drink with a variety of toppings. Up to the present time, milk tea is still a very hot drink for young people and has not shown any signs of slowing down. Milk tea brands are constantly creating many new milk tea dishes with new and unique flavors to attract more customers and to compete with other competitors.

To talk about milk teas that are captivating young people or represent the current youth drink trend, names such as: black sugar pearl milk tea, white pearl milk tea, milk tea machiato, Oreo Cake Cream milk tea, Thai milk tea … 

With extremely attractive and rich flavors, along with diverse and quite affordable prices, the main object of the drink group is the current youth drink trend, not only students but also young people. people like: office workers, housewives…

Fruit tea

When it comes to the current youth beverage trend, many people do not include fruit tea in the list. They often assume that tea has always been the drink of the previous generation. However, the truth is not so, because often fruit tea is different from green tea or even black tea, it is very familiar to young people.

Fruit tea becomes the current youth beverage trend

Fruit tea becomes the current youth beverage trend

Fruit tea is usually made from flowers such as chrysanthemum, rose, honeysuckle, jasmine, … and combined with fruits such as peach, strawberry, orange, kumquat… It can be said that this is a kind of food. The drink has a combination of traditional and modern flavors. It brings in a very special way, creating a new and attractive taste.

Fruit tea is now sold a lot in stores, most coffee and milk tea shops will have more fruit tea dishes. However, in each place, this recipe is different. Therefore, if you can hardly discover the novelty and taste of this drink. Perhaps because of that, it is becoming more and more attractive and becomes one of the current youth beverage trends.

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More importantly, because it is made from fruit, this drink will be very benign and rich in minerals and vitamins. You will only need to choose the right clean, fresh ingredients and combine it properly to create quality fruit teas that are also healthy drinks.

Matcha tea

Matcha tea is loved by many young people

Matcha tea is loved by many young people

When it comes to 2020 beverage trends, matcha-related dishes certainly cannot be ignored. This is a matcha combination drink such as: matcha latte, matcha cookie, and matcha iced… Even these dishes always have a strong position in the drinks that are most loved by young people today.

Matcha teas often have a mild acrid taste that is typical of green tea, mild, and slightly sweet, creamy like a cream and have a pleasant, refreshing scent, suitable for almost all ages.

Matcha is also considered a pure drink that is extremely suitable for cooling off in hot days and summer. Not only that, these matcha-based beverages also have many good uses such as: anti-aging, liver detoxification, weight loss support, energy supplement, mental relaxation, stress reduction, beneficial to the system. Digest…

Lemon tea

The current youth drink trends often cannot but mention lemon tea. In the years 2019 – 2020, there are gradually many lemon tea shops on the street. Until now, in many big cities, each district can easily find similar drink shops like this.

It is usually not expensive, nor complicated to prepare like milk teas, but lemon tea is still being used by young people. This drink will have a characteristic cool and sour taste, highly refreshing and usually safe for health.

Lemon tea will appear in every space, from the street to the luxury restaurant. Therefore, it often matches the style and personality of most young people. In particular, those who have a hobby of discovery and love new things will be more interested in lemon tea. Lemon tea can also be combined with aloe vera, white pearls or even fish jelly to increase and create a new flavor.

Lemon tea is a trend in the years 2019 - 2020

Lemon tea is a trend in the years 2019 – 2020

Lemon tea is not too colorful but it still stands out. Just by adding a slice of fresh lemon to the side of the cup, your drink has become more beautiful and equally attractive. The sweetness along with a bit of cool sour will make you even more difficult to resist this drink.

Many people will mistakenly believe that lemon is an acid food, so they often give bad reviews about this drink. However, the truth is that this is an alkaline fruit, it will not make an acidic residue in the body.

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Peach orange lemongrass tea

The fragrant, cool and refreshing peach orange lemongrass tea is always a healthy beverage and never stops being “hot”. This is a regular dish on the menu of most restaurants. Not only attracts drinkers thanks to the mild sour taste of oranges, but it is also in harmony with pure sweetness. Peach orange lemongrass tea also has a moderate pleasant aroma of lemongrass, making it difficult for anyone who has enjoyed it to forget this special taste. Therefore, in addition to being a national drink, peach orange and lemongrass tea is still the current youth drink trend.

Peach orange lemongrass tea is never out of hot

Peach orange lemongrass tea is never out of hot

On sweltering or hot days, drinking a cup of peach orange lemongrass tea a day is a great choice for many young people, especially those who are not good at milk tea. Depending on the place of service.


Referring to drinks capable of detoxing the body, many people will think of it as a weight loss and beauty food. The truth is that detox drinks will help you adjust to a stable physique, help beautify your skin, and fight aging. It is because of these great uses that it will become one of the good drinks and it is also the beverage trend of today’s youth.

Cool detox water

Cool detox water

Detox is actually made from fruits that are usually naturally sweet and contain ingredients that help support detoxification and beautify the skin. Each detox cup is made from many types of fruit, so the bartender has to take a lot of steps. In return, they will create the result are cups of water with a variety of colors, unique and novel, but at a low price.

You can also make your own detox water at home with just simple ingredients such as: fresh lemon, fresh grapefruit, watermelon, strawberry, and kiwi… It will bring a variety of vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients. help eliminate toxins.

Fruit juice

Not only young people in general, but almost many generations have been using fruit juices. This is always considered a drink to help people improve the immune system, supplement essential nutrients.

You can easily create delicious and strange fresh juices thanks to different fruits. After preparing the ingredients, remove the peel and put it in the juicer to enjoy the delicious pure juice.

Each fruit you choose will bring a cup of water with its own flavor. By combining it with a variety of fruits, you will create more novelty and uniqueness for your drink.

Simple but safe fruit juice

Simple but safe fruit juice

Fruit juice will have a variety of colors, depending on its ingredients. You do not need to use colorants and still have a satisfactory cup of water, safe for health.

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And today’s young people are also one of the groups that are very interested in health and drinking water. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that fruit juice is the current youth beverage trend.


Smoothies are beverages similar to smoothies, made from fruit juices, chilled fruits, or flavored syrups. Sometimes it can also have: chocolate, butter, peanuts… to create richness and add flavor. Smoothies are also at the top of the new and nutritious drink trend.

Hydrogen water

After that, many people, especially young people, have become more knowledgeable about health care and the importance of drinking water every day. Not just refreshment, understanding the nature and full value of good Hydrogen water, this is also one of the trends to gradually replace ordinary filtered water. The minerals and alkaline ions present in the water will help users with the following specific uses:

  • Detoxify the liver and detox the body faster and more effectively.
  • Preserve whiter skin longer thanks to the antioxidant hydrogen.
  • Remove free cells thanks to alkaline ions of water.
  • Preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system, reducing the amount of uric acid in the blood, preventing complications for people with diabetes.
  • Neutralize excess acid in the body, alkalize the body and minimize the risk of forming some diseases due to excess acid.
  • Supports the digestive system to process food better, enhances the absorption of nutrients and metabolism.

It can be said that hydrogen water or alkaline ionized water is good water and is a healthy choice for many young people, so use it instead of filtered water. With 2 liters of such water per day, it will bring many more special health benefits than ordinary pure drinking water. This will explain why alkaline ionized water will become the current youth beverage trend.

Recently, 9+ drinks are rated as the top trend of youth drinks today. Hope the general information from Ocany will be useful to readers. Wish you choose to use the drink with the desired effect.

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