Unhappy marriage should live for children?

Unhappy marriage should live for children is a concern of many couples. In the eyes of parents, the happiness of their children is more important than their own feelings. But is it the right decision to bind each other for children?

Unhappy marriage should live for children?

Everyone wants to have a happy and fulfilling marriage. However, marriage is not always smooth and there are many dilemmas, conflicts and contradictions. Without enough understanding and love, both may have to come to a decision to end when the conflict becomes deep.

Couples without children will easily divorce because there are no strings attached. Meanwhile, couples who have had children together will not be able to help but wonder about whether to continue or terminate the marriage.

Children are the most valuable asset for parents. Therefore, many people accept to hold on to an unhappy marriage so that their children can live in a family that is both material and spiritual. Because divorce means that children can only live with one of the two, and at the same time have to face bad rumors and rumors.

However, trying to maintain a happy marriage only brings feelings of fatigue, depression, and suffocation. Moreover, tying each other down for the sake of children can cost both of them the chance of finding a match. Therefore, many people wonder Should unhappy marriages live for children?

Unhappy marriage should live for children

Couples who have had children together inevitably wonder if an unhappy marriage should live for their children

Deciding whether to maintain a marriage for children depends on each person’s point of view. Everyone’s life is different, so there is no universal answer. Either option will have its own limitations and benefits. Therefore, both should think carefully to make the right decision, avoiding haste to hurt their children and themselves.

Due to the influence of ideology and culture, in the eyes of many people, divorce is a very heavy decision. However, ending a marriage is not always a bad choice. Most importantly, both divorce in peace, civilization and always be responsible for children. The proof is that the divorce rate in the US and European countries is much higher than in our country. However, these children are still well raised and educated.

If there is no way out, divorce is sometimes the best solution. Having a separate life does not mean that children lack love. Many couples after divorce still respect each other and make efforts to raise children. At first, children will take a long time to accept but later, they will learn to mature and understand the parents’ decisions.

However, if they do not feel ready, couples still have the option of binding each other for the sake of their children. The cover of a happy family will help children avoid psychological trauma, not be teased, ostracized and can develop without any obstacles.

Choosing to divorce or live for the sake of children is a decision of each person. Before making a decision, both of you need to think carefully about the pros and cons of each option. To avoid regret, couples should listen to their own desires instead of being too influenced by the advice of those around them.

Consequences of maintaining marriage for children

Most people who are parents always think about their children. They fear that their children will suffer from an unhappy marriage of their parents, fear that their children lack love and have a psychological vulnerability. This is the top reason why many couples try to maintain a rotten marriage.

Unhappy marriage should live for children

Binding for children sometimes does not bring happiness to children as many people think

If couples choose to bind each other for the sake of their children, couples must understand the consequences of this decision:

  • When trying to live together just for the sake of children, both will never feel happy. Instead, the only thing the two had to face was fatigue, disgust, and bondage.
  • Binding each other for children is sometimes not really good for children as many people think. Are children really happy to see their parents arguing and contradicting often?
  • Children can feel the artificiality and tension in the family atmosphere when parents only try to live together for the sake of their children. Even many children feel that they are a burden to their parents and the reason why both cannot find true happiness.
  • Children can form distorted thoughts about love and marriage when living in an unhappy family. Binding each other for children can make children think that marriage is just tolerance and humility from one side to keep the family warm. Some children may grow up obsessed with love and fear that they will suffer like their parents did.

Because of these consequences, many couples decide to divorce when there is no longer a relationship. They will prepare psychologically in advance so that their children can receive it in the most gentle way. Reactions of surprise, shock and sadness are inevitable. However, this is one of the difficulties that both parents and children will face.

When divorcing, both must show their children that the end of marriage is not the end but a new beginning. Even though they are no longer husband and wife, parents still respect each other and are responsible for their children. If they can do that, divorce parents will be an extremely valuable lesson for their children to be stronger and understand the true meaning of marriage.

When to tie each other for the sake of children?

Binding each other for children comes with many consequences. However, many people believe that divorce with adults is an easy decision but sometimes leaves too much trauma for children. If only because of their own feelings, pushing children into a situation of separation from their parents, it is too selfish and irresponsible.

In essence, choosing to divorce or continue living for each other has certain limitations. Therefore, the final decision will depend on two people. However, psychologists recommend that both should consider a divorce and should make efforts to live together for the sake of children in the following cases:

Unhappy marriage should live for children

Should make efforts to live together for the child if the child is in a sensitive and mentally unstable period

  • Want to get custody of children but not financially stable
  • Children are in a sensitive, rebellious period or are preparing to undergo important exams
  • When the other party tries to save the marriage and make positive changes

Broken families will more or less affect children. If there is still a chance to heal, both should try to change so that the child can live in a happy family with a full father and mother. However, everyone’s perspective is different, so how you choose to be is worthy of respect.

Advice for couples trying to live together for their children

When you become a parent, your children become your most valuable asset. Many people give up their personal happiness so that their children can live in a family with enough parents, to be loved and nurtured in a healthy way. However, as mentioned, binding for children also comes with many consequences.

Unhappy marriage should live for children

Both should try to get along so that the children don’t feel tired when they return home

Couples trying to live for their children should refer to the following tips to reduce possible consequences:

  • When deciding to live together for the sake of children, two people should agree not to quarrel in front of the children. Should choose a way to resolve the conflict verbally so as not to hurt the child.
  • Above all else, both of them will be the most tired if they try to live for their children. If possible, try to change and reconcile to find happiness again. Because a real home will be much more meaningful than a family with only an outer shell.
  • If the marriage cannot be saved, both should still give each other care so that the children do not feel as a burden that prevents the parents from getting a divorce. Skillful and respectful behavior will make both of them not too tired when living together and also help children more comfortable in family life.
  • Seek professional help to reduce conflicts and conflicts if both cannot be resolved.

Choosing not to divorce is to let children live in a real home. Therefore, both should lower their egos to avoid quarrels and conflicts in life. Thus, the efforts of the two people are really meaningful. However, couples should also choose the right time to release each other. Because tying yourself up in a fake marriage is sometimes not the right choice.

The information in the article is for reference only because married life is diverse. Both should think carefully so that when making a choice, they do not regret their decision. If you can’t decide whether to stay or leave, you can consult a psychologist.

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