Underwater yoga: Great experience – Unexpected benefits

If you are feeling too bored with yoga exercises on the ground, try water yoga right away. This will help you spark your interest in exercising very effectively!

Underwater yoga is a type of yoga that is becoming a trend in many countries around the world. You have heard a lot about this type but still do not really understand? What is underwater yoga and what are its benefits? Let’s see the sharing below with easyhealthylive.com to understand more.

Underwater yoga – Great experience

Yoga is a physical discipline that has been around for thousands of years in India. With its long history, this discipline has evolved into many interesting genres serving many different purposes. One of the most popular types of yoga today is underwater yoga.

Regular practice of underwater yoga can significantly improve mental health

Practicing yoga in cool water will help improve the spirit miraculously

Underwater yoga, also known as aqua yoga, is a form of underwater yoga. Although it looks a bit complicated, this type of exercise is one of the effective weight loss exercises.

Not only that, under the pressure of water, the internal organs in the body are also massaged, the muscles, bones and joints are also completely relaxed.

Practicing underwater yoga and its unexpected benefits

Many studies have shown that regularly practicing underwater yoga can significantly improve mental health. Specifically, this type of yoga can help combat seasonal affective disorder, depression, and stress. In addition to this, when doing yoga in the water, you also get benefits such as:

Train your balance

When practicing yoga on the ground, you may have trouble mastering poses that require high balance like eagle pose or half moon pose. However, when practicing underwater, the performance of these poses will become much simpler.

This can make you feel more confident and ready to try again when doing ground yoga. In addition, if you can hold your breath for a long time, you can also try doing upside down poses (like banana plant) to train your body’s ability to keep balance.

Pain relief and injury recovery

Like other types of yoga, water yoga is just gentle exercises that don’t put much pressure and stress on muscles and joints. In addition, when practicing yoga underwater, the water also makes the internal organs in the body massage, the muscles, bones and joints are also completely relaxed, thereby reducing stress on the muscles.

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When practicing underwater yoga, you need to breathe deeply and strongly, the pressure of the water will help stabilize blood circulation and easily control breathing, increase lung capacity and heart activity. At first, if you are not used to it, you can practice slowly, move slowly, breathe deeply to avoid choking and drink a lot of water.

Before exercising, you should warm up. In addition, you need to drink enough water before exercising to avoid dehydration.

Practicing underwater yoga helps relieve pain and recover from injuries

Practicing underwater yoga helps relieve pain and recover from injuries

Maintain a standard and balanced figure

Water makes the body strong. Doing water yoga on a weekly basis will reduce stress levels and increase insulin sensitivity. From there, your body will burn more calories, reducing the amount of calories stored as fat. In particular, practicing yoga underwater also helps you quickly regain a standard and balanced figure.

Discover new challenges

Water can help you with some poses, but water also presents certain challenges. When doing poses like the inclined plane pose, pyramid pose or underwater triangle pose, you will find this a real challenge. You will need to use the strength of your arms and body to maintain these poses.

Find peace of mind

Immersing yourself in the water is a great way to find stillness for your mind. Even meditating under water for a few minutes is very good for both body and mind.

Take a deep breath and let yourself slowly sink into the water in a cross-legged position. Relax your body and keep your mind still for a few minutes. However, it should be noted that if you feel uncomfortable, don’t force yourself.

Who is underwater yoga suitable for?

We can all practice this type of yoga. However, this subject is really useful for certain groups of people such as:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with chronic trauma
  • People with arthritis, muscle pain
  • People with obesity, neurological disorders

The reason is that for these subjects it is difficult to bear all the body weight. And water will be a great support (note that arthritis people, pregnant women should choose warm swimming pools to practice). Water will protect and shelter you.

Above are some of the great benefits of underwater yoga. If you are doing ground yoga exercises, don’t miss this exciting form of yoga. Of course, to practice underwater effectively and safely, don’t forget to practice under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher from easyhealthylive.com.

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