Toys for children with speech delay promote language development

The use of toys for children with speech delay will increase the interest of young children, thereby helping them to easily develop language and increase their ability to interact with people around them. If this method can be applied at an early stage, young children will have more opportunities to improve communication, rapidly increase vocabulary and develop more comprehensively in the future.

toys for children with speech delay
Children with speech delay will easily develop language if the right toys are used.

Why should we teach children with speech delay with toys?

Speech delay is a condition in which a young child still has the ability to speak and communicate verbally, but the child’s language development rate is not guaranteed and does not reach the general speed for each age group. Although children with speech delay are not affected too much physically, mentally and are not accompanied by other impairments, in general, its impacts on communication and daily life are very significant.

According to experts, each child will have a different growth rate, but based on many combined studies, scientists have also come up with the most common developmental milestone for young children in each stage. different paragraphs. A child is considered to have a speech delay when he or she repeatedly fails to reach a common language development milestone.

The signs of speech delay in each child are also somewhat different. Parents need to pay attention to observe to promptly detect abnormalities in their children, help children quickly intervene and support the best improvement.

Currently, there are many measures that are highly appreciated for language development in children with speech delay. In particular, using a combination of playing and learning is the method that many experts encourage to apply.

The use of toys for children with speech delay brings many outstanding effects in stimulating children’s speaking ability, while increasing vocabulary, making it easier for children to communicate. Specifically, some of the benefits of this method for children with speech delay include:

1. Increase excitement in young children

In fact, any child has a certain love for novelty, colorful, and functional toys. Especially children under 3 years old, children always feel curious and want to explore many strange things around.

Therefore, when seeing a certain toy, children will feel extremely excited and excited. Therefore, the application of toys for children with speech delay will make them easier to access, creating fun and attractiveness in children.

2. Limit your child’s phone time

Based on statistics of recent years, there are many cases of children with speech delay related to the habit of using phones too often or many children are still “addicted” to smartphones. There is no denying the benefits of smart devices, but if used improperly or excessively, its consequences are also difficult to predict.

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toys for children with speech delay
Letting children play with toys helps to control phone time in children with speech delay.

For children with speech delays due to using phones, giving them toys is also an effective way to help children “detox” and develop good language. Parents need to control their children’s play and leisure time, know how to arrange appropriately so that children can both learn and play in the most convenient and easiest way.

3. Help your child discover more interesting things

Nowadays, the toys for children are extremely diverse and rich. It not only serves the needs of fun and relaxation, but also gives children a lot of interesting information and knowledge about life.

Through useful and age-appropriate games, young children will also gradually learn more about people, landscapes and other new things. As a result, young children have more observational abilities, improved thinking, creativity and easier handling of difficult situations.

4. Toys to help children with speech delay develop language and emotions

When playing their favorite games, young children will be extremely excited and want to express their feelings and thoughts. At first, it may be difficult for children to express in words, but when they receive a lot of support from relatives and parents, children will gradually expand their vocabulary and communicate more easily.

Besides, when parents spend a lot of time playing and sharing with their children, it will create more cohesion and closeness between the two sides. Children will increase love, know how to show affection and be closer to family and relatives.

Criteria for choosing toys for children with speech delay that parents should know

It can be seen that using toys for children with speech delay will help children promote their ability to use language and communicate more flexibly. However, not all toys can bring great benefits to children with speech delay.

toys for children with speech delay
Depending on the age and interests of the child, parents should choose appropriate toys.

On the market today, there are many different types of toys, parents need to know how to choose the right type, quality assurance to be able to best support children with speech delay. To be able to choose the right toys for children, parents need to base on the following criteria:

  • Choose toys of the right size, safe for young children. Avoid toys that are too heavy or too bulky, which can be dangerous for children. At the same time, when letting children play with toys that are too small, parents should also observe carefully to avoid children putting them in their mouths or even swallowing them.
  • Depending on the age and interests of each child, parents should prioritize choosing the right toys. At the same time, those toys must also be commensurate with the child’s cognitive ability, so that the child can interact well.
  • Toys for children who are slow to speak should also have high applicability. Specifically, prioritize toys that are easy to play, easy to use, easy to move with diverse and attractive colors.
  • It is necessary to limit the exposure of children with speech delay to games related to phones, smartphones, etc. Also because this can be the cause of many young children’s delay in speech, difficulty in language development and making it difficult for children to speak. Children gradually lose the need for face-to-face interaction.
  • To save money, parents can also make their own toys at home. You can look through books or online to find out how to make your own toys for children with speech delay.
  • Priority should be given to the use of pure Vietnamese toys. For children with speech delay, parents should only teach and communicate with their children in a certain language to avoid language disorders. When instructing children to play, they should also choose short, simple, and easy-to-understand words for their children to absorb more easily.
  • Parents when choosing toys for children with speech delay do not need to be too concerned about the child’s gender.
  • At the same time, you should not be too strict in choosing toys, ignore educational toys that are forced and bound for children.
  • The variety of toys on the market today makes many parents feel worried and concerned about the quality. To ensure the safety of children, it is best to choose products of reputable brands, buy at big stores.
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Toys for children with speech delay that help develop language

In fact, the selection of toys for children with speech delay does not have to follow strict rules. Based on the basic criteria mentioned above, parents can also easily choose suitable toys to help children gradually develop better language, thereby increasing social interaction and communication. Effective support for learning, daily life activities.

Here are some suggestions for suitable toys for children with speech delay such as:

1. Open-ended toys

Traditional toys that do not have specific rules about beginning, middle, and end are the best choice for children with speech delay who need language development. This will help children increase creativity, freely play according to their interests and desires, so that children feel always excited, limiting boredom.

Besides, these toys are often shaped differently with many different eye-catching colors. That is why young children can feel more interested and attracted to it.

toys for children with speech delay
Lego is a highly recommended toy for children with speech delays.

Specifically, some types of open-ended toys are often recommended for children with speech delays such as:

  • Cooking toys
  • lego toys
  • Dolly
  • Traffic toys
  • Play sales
  • Play with wooden blocks
  • Farm model
  • Stuffed animals
  • Clay
  • Play drinking tea
  • Play to the market

2. Simulation toys

Young children, although slow to speak, are always curious about the world around them. However, sometimes we are not able to give children a thorough and direct observation of all the things in the world. Therefore, choose miniature simulation toys so that children can learn and discover more interesting things.

Being able to observe and see with their own eyes the shapes and colors of fruits, animals, and vehicles will help them easily recognize and remember better. When playing with children, parents should also carefully introduce their children to the names of each item and ask them to repeat them to help them increase their vocabulary and develop better language.

In addition, the selection of simulation items also helps children to transform into characters such as cooks, salesmen, doctors, and drivers to interact with their parents. Thanks to these activities, children have more opportunities to communicate and are more flexible in handling situations.

3. Toys with batteries

Young children are often attracted to things that make sounds. Therefore, to increase the interest of children, parents can also prioritize choosing toys that are battery-operated, with funny sounds, music or voices.

These interesting sounds will stimulate children’s curiosity. At the same time, when children continuously listen to melodies and words repeated many times, it will help children easily remember and increase their vocabulary better.

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toys for children with speech delay
Toys that make sounds will help children with speech delays develop language better.

Therefore, if you want to support children with speech delay, parents should let children play with toys such as:

  • Talking doll
  • Talking cactus
  • Electronic Alphabet
  • Audio books
  • Robot can sing
  • Instruments
  • Toy phone

4. Language development for children with speech delay with books and comics

Books are one of the suitable toys and are always recommended for children with speech delay. Depending on the age of each child, parents should choose books with appropriate content.

The best advice is to choose comics and books with interesting and attractive images and colors to attract children more. At the same time, young children when looking at pictures can also easily imagine the content of the story, thereby helping them to absorb quickly and effectively.

According to experts, books and comics not only help children with speech delay expand their vocabulary, increase language, and communicate flexibly, but also update children with useful and interesting information. Besides, when listening to parents or relatives tell stories and convey information from books, children also easily learn through many senses such as hearing and seeing.

However, parents should also pay attention to the process of choosing books for children with speech delay. There needs to be a good balance between what children know and what is communicated. Priority should be given to books with few words, lots of pictures, colors and simple and easy-to-understand content.

In addition, in the process of reading books with children, parents should also introduce the images, characters, ornamental plants, flowers in the story so that children know more new knowledge. Storytelling and reading voices also need to be clear, clear and change the tone flexibly so that children feel more interested.

The above article has suggested to readers some types of toys for children with speech delay, which help children easily develop language, communicate flexibly and develop more comprehensively. Hopefully, parents can accompany and make efforts with their children to overcome this difficult period, helping young children to develop and improve themselves step by step.

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