Top 3 good mineral mud facial cleanser products today

Recently, facial cleansers containing mineral mud ingredients are gradually becoming popular and attracting many people’s attention. Because there are so many cosmetic brands with cleansing products containing mineral mud, making a choice becomes more difficult. The following article shares some information about mineral mud cleansers and some outstanding products on the market today.


Mineral clay is a kind of natural material that is very benign and has many benefits on the skin. For a long time, mineral mud has been applied in beauty a lot in the form of mineral mud masks, physical exfoliation, skin lightening, etc.

Mineral mud mask.
Mineral mud mask.

Uses of mineral mud

Since thousands of years ago, people have known to use mineral mud (also known as white clay) to remove impurities such as oil and dirt from the skin. Scientists believe that mineral mud will absorb substances by sticking to their molecules or ions. When washed away, the mineral mud will carry away dirt, giving us a clean, healthy skin.

Mineral mud from nature
Mineral mud from nature

Some benefits of using mineral mud for skin

  • Reduce oil and acne: The power of mineral mud from absorbing sebum will help with acne-prone, inflammatory acne-prone skin. Mineral mud will remove sebum and prevent acne progression, and has the ability to soothe inflamed acne areas.
  • Protect your skin from the sun: Some studies show that certain types of mineral mud (white clay) make the skin stronger, strengthen the skin’s epidermis, and help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Some sunscreen manufacturers also include bentonite (a type of white clay) in sunscreens.
  • Supply oxygen to skin cells: Mineral mud not only helps to remove dirt and purify the skin, but also provides oxygen to the skin. This improves circulation and gives skin a healthier glow.

Choose mineral mud cleanser for skin?

Mineral mud face wash can be suitable for many skin types, most suitable for acne-prone, oily skin.

With oily skin, clogged pores are unavoidable in hot and humid climates like Vietnam. Oily skin makes it easier to attract dirt, skin looks dull, pores are large and easily clogged, causing acne. Using mineral mud cleanser daily removes excess oil, limiting sebum fibers.

When the mineral mud in the product is deeply cleaned, the skin will return to a bright and smooth state. Clear and clean skin is the first step to say goodbye to acne spots and inflammatory acne. In short, oily skin is the skin type that benefits the most from mineral mud cleansers.

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For normal skin, dry skin has fewer acne problems. The mineral mud in the cleansing product will help purify the skin without drying it out, so dry skin can still be used.

Mineral mud is a kind of natural ingredient, so it is very benign, suitable for sensitive skin. A very small number of people are allergic to this ingredient. Natural mineral mud provides beneficial substances to make the skin healthier, strengthens resistance to fight harmful agents.

Top 3 best mineral mud facial cleansers on the market

1. Oriss Facial Cleanser

With the main ingredients of mineral mud and tea tree oil, the product not only absorbs oil, brightens the skin but also helps reduce swelling and inflammation caused by acne.

Tea tree oil is famous for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin cleansing and mild exfoliation, while promoting skin regeneration for the skin to help improve acne blemishes.

This is the first cleaning product that has a combination of two ingredients: mineral mud and tea tree oil, and also contains corn starch, a very good oil control agent, a new breakthrough in the list of ingredients. part of cleansing products specifically for acne-prone skin.

Oriss acne prevention combo.
Oriss acne prevention combo.

For better results when using Oriss cleanser, apply the product when the face is dry so that the mineral mud and corn starch can absorb all the excess oil, dirt, gently massage then pat a little. water on the skin to emulsify. If the product is applied to wet skin, mineral mud will absorb the water layer and work less effectively.

2. Clay Chameleon Cleanser

With a combination of mineral mud and sea salt, Clay Chameleon cleanser gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. In addition, bamboo and papaya extracts contain enzymes that act as an exfoliant, softening and brightening the skin. This is a product for the outstanding effect of deep cleaning and chemical exfoliation.

Clay Chameleon cleanser
Clay Chameleon cleanser

3. Canadian clay pore cleanser

With a rather long list of ingredients, mainly cleaning and emulsifying ingredients, the product provides a good cleaning effect. Announced by the company to use micro technology, it can clean all makeup, recommended to be used with a face wash to remove makeup.

Canadian Clay Chameleon cleanser
Canadian Clay Chameleon cleanser

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