Top 10 best selling carbonated soft drinks in the world

Market soda increasingly booming with leather products ranging from designs to flavors. This helps consumers have more options to suit their needs and preferences, but this diversity inadvertently makes it difficult for consumers. In this article, Ocany will help you learn more about soda and suggest you the best selling types in the world today.

1. What is soft drink?

Soda Soft drink, also known as soft drink, carbonated beverage, is a beverage that contains sweeteners, saturated carbon dioxide and normally contains added flavorings (natural or artificial).

The sweetener can be sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, or a sugar substitute, such as aspartame (common in diet drinks).

Soft drink may also contain added caffeine, preservatives, colorants and some other ingredients, etc. In addition, other carbonated soft drinks in the world may also contain alcohol, but the alcohol concentration in the drinks This must be less than 0.5% of the total volume.

coke (1)

What is soft drink?

2. Why are soft drinks carbonated?

The water is carbonated because it is made by compressing, dissolving carbon dioxide (CO2) into the aqueous solution, then closing the lid tightly. This creates a bubbly drink, also known as sparkling water, carbonic acid water, soda water, fizzy water or fizzy water.

At soft drink factories, people use great pressure to force dissolved CO2 into water, then load it into the tank and close it to keep this pressure intact to form fresh water. When opening the lid, due to the low external pressure, CO2 immediately flies into the air, the air bubbles will come out like when we boil water.

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Why are soft drinks carbonated?

3. Top 10 best selling carbonated soft drinks in the world

Soda is one of the most popular drinks today and increasingly has a variety of designs and flavors from many different brands both at home and abroad. Take a look at 10 categories with Ocany soft drink The most popular in the world right below.

3.2.1. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola, also known as Coca water, is a familiar brand in carbonated soft drinks in the world, and is extremely popular with consumers. Coca Cola is sold in both cans and bottles, giving users an extremely delicious and refreshing feeling.

coke (3)

Carbonated soft drink – Coca Cola

3.2.2. Pepsi

Pepsi is one of Coca Cola’s worthy competitors, easier to find than Pepsi can be found in more than 195 countries and is the best known soft drink brand in the world.

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Pepsi is a product that has all the things you need from carbonated soft drinks, from taste, feeling of refreshment, fun to the choice of product form.

coke (4)

Carbonated soft drink – Pepsi

3.2.3. 7Up

Soda Owning the famous typical lemon flavor of 7Up also won the hearts of many consumers in the world. 7Up helps you quench your thirst instantly and replenish your body with some essential vitamins. With youthful design colors, 7Up is also the choice of the vast majority of young people today.

coke (5)

Carbonated soft drink – 7Up

3.2.4. Sprite

Sprite is another popular product from The Coca-Cola Company, which is lemon flavored, colorless and caffeine free. Sprite soft drink is one of the carbonated soft drinks in the world that is loved by many consumers today, popular in more than 200 countries.

Sprite’s cool lemon scent helps you instantly quench your thirst and bring a feeling of extremely refreshing excitement.

coke (6)

Carbonated soft drink – Sprite

3.2.5. Mirinda

Mirinda is the product soda owned by Pepsico Group, is one of the most loved brands because of its variety of flavors and sizes for consumers to choose from, from cans, plastic bottles to crockery bottles.

Currently Mirinda has many flavors such as: orange flavor, sassafras flavor, cream soda flavor. Mirinda products are colorfully designed with many colors, but it is still difficult for consumers to be confused by the slanted blue logo.

coke (7)

Carbonated soft drink – Mirinda

3.2.6. Fanta

Fanta is a carbonated drink brand developed by Coca-Cola, voted by the US television channel CNN Go as one of the top 50 best drinks in the world. Fanta is currently present in 180 countries and territories around the world with more than 100 diverse flavors.

The current Fanta flavors in the world market include: orange, sassafras, blueberry, tropical fruit flavor and Fanta + C. At the same time, with its eye-catching design, Fanta has been and is a popular drink. Many people love it, especially young people.

coke (8)

Carbonated soft drink – Fanta

3.2.7. Sting

Sting is a trademark of PepsiCo group, in the world it is produced and distributed by Suntory PepsiCo. The eye-catching red color of soda This makes it hard to be confused with other carbonated soft drinks.

Sting soft drink is a drink that is very popular with young people, especially teenagers. Currently, Sting has 4 flavors, including: Strawberry Sting, Yellow Sting, Lemon Sting and Café Sting.

coke (9)

Carbonated soft drink – Sting

3.2.8. Mountain Dew

Among carbonated soft drinks in the world, Mountain Dew is a product of PepsiCo, besides other famous product lines such as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up, etc. which Ocany listed above.

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Mountain Dew has a refreshing citrus taste quite similar to soda, sweet and sour, extremely easy to drink, because the water is carbonated, so when drinking it also creates an interesting feeling of numbness in the tip of the tongue. The origin of Mountain Dew is a combination of whiskey and soda, so it is very suitable for mixing into cocktails, can be used in parties.

coke (10)

Mountain Dew

3.2.9. Red Bull

In the world, Redbull is often called a bull butt, a famous energy drink originating from Thailand. Type soda This has the effect of improving energy immediately, lifting up the spirit that is feeling sluggish or sleepy.

With its properties, Red Bull is often preferred for those who need alertness and sports athletes.

coke (11)

Red Bull

3.2.10. La Vie Sparkling carbonated fruit juice

This is a product line that brings newness to consumers, owned by the world famous Lavie brand. La Vie Sparkling carbonated fruit drink does not use preservatives and does not contain artificial sweeteners (using sugarcane and stevia sweetness).

In particular, La Vie Sparkling carbonated beverage contains less sugar (12g sugar/1 330ml can). Carbonated soft drinks in the world such as La Vie Sparkling are currently being distributed in the market with 4 different flavors, including: Lavie Sparkling lemon mint flavor, Lavie Sparkling vanilla lemon flavor, Lavie Sparkling watermelon flavor kiwi and Lavie Sparkling apricot grapefruit.

coke (12)

La Vie Sparkling carbonated fruit juice

4. How does carbonated soft drink affect children’s health?

Soft drink very addictive, especially for children. Compared to its uses such as refreshment, good mood, good digestion, etc., the health risks that soda yield is greater.

Because soft drinks may contain sweeteners, preservatives, colorants, flavorings, caffeine, etc., it is not good to consume a lot, especially seriously affecting the health of children.

Here are the possible harms to children when using soda frequent:

  • Soft drinks in the world will increase the excretion of calcium through the urine, causing children with calcium deficiency, not enough calcium will not be able to increase height.

  • Children drink a lot soda It is very easy to be lazy to eat, causing children to lack nutrients to develop, which can lead to rickets.

  • Drinking a lot of soft drinks can make it difficult for children to focus and control their emotions and can increase violent behavior.

  • The sugar in soft drinks stimulates the release of dopamine – a neurotransmitter in the brain, making children feel happier and healthier. But in the long run, children will be dependent on this drink.

  • The ingredients in soft drinks are also the cause of a number of diseases such as kidney disease, fatty liver, diabetes, cardiovascular and dental diseases, etc.

coke (13)

How does carbonated soft drink affect the health of children?

Hopefully the above 10 suggestions on the most popular drinks will help you have more variety and comfort in your beverage selection.

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In general, carbonated soft drinks in the world are considered an instant refreshment supplement, but it is better to drink in moderation on the right occasions, not every day. Especially for young children, soft drinks need to be limited.

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