Top 05 facial cleansers for men to protect the BEST skin

Not only women, but today men are also very interested in taking care of and protecting their skin. Because men also have the need to beautify and protect their skin. This article will share with readers the top 5 types cleanser most popular for men today.

1. Why do men need to use face wash?

Why do men need to use face wash?
Why do men need to use face wash?

In men, the natural moisture content of the skin and the ability to retain moisture are both much lower than in women, leading to overactive sebaceous glands and oily skin. The above reason makes the men’s face skin always shiny, prone to acne as well as many other skin problems such as large pores, flaky skin, etc. Therefore, it is very important to clean the face after a long day. Essential for keeping the skin dry.

At the same time, a smooth, ruddy skin can leave a good impression in communication and vice versa, a acne-prone, oily skin can also make you lose confidence in daily life. Therefore, to have a clean skin, the most important and basic step is to clean your face with a cleanser suitable for your skin type, removing all the dirt and sebum deep in the pores. hair as well as prevent skin problems effectively.

2. Differences between men’s and women’s skin

Men's skin needs to be deeply cleansed every day
Men’s skin needs to be deeply cleansed every day

Many people mistakenly believe that men’s and women’s skin is the same. But the truth is not so. The skin of these two sexes has many similarities but also many differences. The most different points can be mentioned are:

  • Thickness of skin: Due to the structure and the difference in hormones, normally men will have thicker skin. The degree of thickness is about 25% that of female skin. In addition to thickness, men also have thicker, rougher and less smooth skin texture.
  • Collagen density: Collagen is known to be an important protein that directly affects the elasticity of the skin. Men’s skin often has a thicker collagen density, so the aging rate of men is often slower than the age. This becomes apparent when comparing men and women of the same age.
  • Pore ​​width and sebum: Men have large pores, dry skin and more sebum. So this is What causes acne in men?.
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Because of this difference, you should choose products specifically for men and suitable for each skin.

3. Criteria for choosing a face wash for men

Choosing a face wash for men is not an easy task. Because men often have less choice than women. Not to mention men are also knowledgeable about products skin care for men less so it is difficult to choose the best product for you.

Criteria when choosing products for men are:

  • Do not irritate the skin: This is the first factor that men need to pay attention to, try a little on your hands before using to wash your face.
  • Suitable for skin characteristics: For example, dry skin should use products that provide moisture to the skin, oily skin should use oil-control products.
  • Contains natural ingredients, suitable for men.
  • Refer to the review before use to get the best product.

These are the criteria that men should keep in mind when choosing a product. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right product for each skin type:

Facial cleansers for men also need to be selected appropriately
Facial cleansers for men also need to be selected appropriately

3.1. Face wash for dry, sensitive skin

Similar to women’s skin, if men own these two skins, they should give priority to choosing gentle products that provide good moisture to the skin. You should absolutely avoid products with strong detergents that will cause skin damage. If your skin is easily irritated, dry, and red, your skin is sensitive.

3.2. Face wash for oily acne prone skin

Men with oily skin who will have large pores and acne should choose products that can reduce sebum. The control of sebum will help the skin limit acne and fade acne scars in a short time.

Choose products with AHA, BHA ingredients such as salicylic acid… When containing these acids, the product will be able to help your skin remove dead cells, dirt, and skin becomes clearer.

4. Top facial cleanser products for men

To help readers easily choose the right product for their skin, let’s find out the top 5 facial cleanser products for men to use today in the article below.

4.1. Neutrogena Men’s Facial Cleanser

Neutrogena Men's Facial Cleanser
Neutrogena Men’s Facial Cleanser

As a brand from the US, this company brings products for both men and women. When using the product, it will help the skin stretch, smooth, and tone quickly.

The main use of the product is to help deep clean dirt and sebum for the skin from deep within the pores. Feeling fresh and refreshed after use with a masculine scent. However, this is also a disadvantage of the product because in the composition it contains menthol and fragrance, two ingredients that are easy to irritate sensitive skin.

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The product has a price ranging from 350,000 VND to 400,000 VND, which is quite high compared to other male facial cleanser products.

4.2. Oriss Men’s Facial Cleanser

Oriss face wash for men.
Oriss face wash for men.

Oriss Men’s Facial Cleanser is the best product for men and is very popular with consumers in recent times. Products are extracted from 100% natural ingredients, say no to parabens, mineral oils, corticosteroids or fragrances to bring safety and gentleness to all skin types, including sensitive skin.

At the same time, Oriss also combines tea tree essence imported directly from Australia, with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and effective acne reduction, suitable for skin suffering from acne. acne problem. Moreover, tea tree will promote the regeneration of the skin and help acne-prone skin look healthier, fresher. The natural mineral mud ingredient also contributes to the removal of sebum fibers, cleans the skin and will close the pores. The natural minerals in mineral mud help replenish nutrients for the skin to be smooth and prevent aging.

4.3. L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Cleanser

L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Cleanser
L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Cleanser

L’Oreal cosmetic brand is probably no longer strange to consumers. Men Expert face wash with the main ingredient from activated black charcoal extract should help purify the skin effectively. The product contains many deep cleansing ingredients such as Lauric Acid, Stearic Acid to help gently clean dead skin cells every day. Especially effective for men with skin with many defects such as: large pores, oily skin, blackheads and not bright, rough skin.

Similar to many men’s facial cleansers on the market, the product also has methol ingredients to help bring a feeling of freshness and refreshment after use. Along with the strong scent from Citric Acid (a citrus extract) creates a masculine feeling, so it is easy to cause irritation for men with thin and sensitive skin.

4.4. Garnier Men’s Acne Cleanser

Garnier Men's Acne Cleanser
Garnier Men’s Acne Cleanser

As a brand from Thailand, this product is in the top 10 best-selling acne products today. This product helps to remove acne, fade dark spots on the skin, return an even skin tone. With mint essence, this product is suitable for customers with dark skin. With a compact design, convenient on the go and an affordable price, this product is the first choice of men.

Along with that is the gel design, helping users feel comfortable and comfortable when using. At the same time, the product has a fairly soft foam, creating a gentle feeling on the skin as well as limiting skin damage. Nutrients from the product will quickly penetrate the skin and bring a clean, sebum-free skin. The downside is that this product is not suitable for oily skin.

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4.5. Restoring Face Wash

Thrive's Restoring Face Wash
Restoring Face Wash

The interesting point about this product is that the product ingredient contains extracts from natural plant species originating from the fields of Costa Rica, they have properties to help fight inflammation, soothe, improve improve and nourish the skin such as: Tazma Pepper, Japanese Brown Algae, Coconut oil and essential oils from other fruits and nuts.

The characteristics of most facial cleanser products for men are to bring a clean, dry feeling and immediately reduce the feeling of oiliness on the skin. This feeling is due to the fact that in the product composition there are dry alcohols such as: Benzyl Alcohol, Ethanol, Ethyl alcohol .. and this makes most men unable to resist cosmetics containing dry alcohol. This product is no exception, but those with sensitive skin should be careful when choosing this product because dry alcohol is easy to irritate the skin.

Above are the Top 5 facial cleansers for men that protect the skin the best. Hopefully, the above useful information has helped you better understand your skin as well as find the products that are most suitable for your skin.

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