Too bored when practicing yoga: How to improve?

With just a few small changes in the practice process, you can get rid of boredom and have more motivation to continue pursuing your passion for yoga.

If you practice yoga for a long time, there will certainly be times when you feel bored and do not want to practice. This situation will happen more often if you only practice a series of familiar movements or only participate in a single type of yoga.

When you feel depressed, your mind will easily “fly” elsewhere, concentration will decrease. At this point, you suddenly realize that yoga, which once brought you joy, flexibility and strength is gradually becoming tasteless.

How to change this mindset and get more motivated to practice yoga? will reveal to you some useful tips through the sharing below. Repetition is an important foundation in yoga practice.

As you practice over and over again, you’ll go deeper and see tremendous physical and mental changes in your body. However, repetition will sometimes lead to boredom and you need to open yourself to other approaches.

This will help you stay motivated and get out of your rut during your workout. You will practice yoga with passion and enthusiasm, not the boredom and fatigue of repeating a familiar exercise over and over. Here are some suggestions to help you change your yoga routine to dispel the feeling of boredom when practicing.

Redirect attention to another part of the body

The human body has more than seven thousand parts. If you feel bored because you keep doing the same pose over and over, it is most likely because you keep focusing on one part or small part of your body while practicing.

For example, if you normally do tree pose, you would focus on your legs. To make it more interesting, the practitioner can redirect the focus to the fingers. In bridge pose, you usually focus on your legs or shoulders, so try switching to your head and neck.

This may sound silly, but in fact, putting awareness in a different body part while performing familiar poses will help you get rid of old thoughts. At the same time, you will understand your body in a whole new way.

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tree pose

When doing tree pose, you can shift your attention to your fingers instead of your legs to make it more interesting

Take the time to practice Pranayama breathing exercises

If you’ve been practicing asanas for a while and feel like you’re stuck in a rut, it might be time to take the next step on your yoga path: practicing pranayama breathing exercises.

Pranayama means “expanding the breath” or “controlling the breath”. This is how you master your body and control your wandering mind. Breathing is an important part of yoga. Even so, pranayama is often overlooked in classes.

Practicing pranayama breathing exercises regularly will help the practitioner go deeper into yoga. From there, your practice will have completely new breakthroughs. Not only that, but these exercises also allow you to access your subconscious mind and erase old memories.

At the same time, this subject also teaches you how to focus your thoughts so that you can perform effective meditation exercises. Ideally, practitioners should learn the pranayama technique from a professional yoga teacher.

If you’re ready for the next step on this path, find a pranayama course in the center or a yoga teacher who can teach breathing exercises. Your love for yoga is sure to be reborn as you become aware of the whole new meaning of the practice.

Use assistive devices when practicing familiar poses

If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you can certainly perform poses without the support of yoga tools such as ropes, exercise blocks, etc. But, why at this time? , you do not try to use these tools again with a very different mind and state.

Use yoga equipment

Using assistive devices when practicing familiar postures can bring many interesting things

Using assistive devices can help you create completely new things. Thereby, the body can perform flexible and rhythmic postures, and at the same time get rid of boredom and experience new things.

For example, you can try practicing with yoga bricks while doing a series of sun salutations or sitting on a blanket while doing fixed angle pose. Surely with these tools, the practitioner will once again find interesting things in familiar poses.

Change to a new type of yoga

Yoga is a discipline with a history of more than 5000 years. Over time, this subject has now had many types and exercises to serve many purposes.

If you’re tired of the familiar yoga style you’ve been practicing, try switching to a different form to challenge your mind and body. The best idea is to choose a type of yoga that is the opposite of the one you already practice.

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If you are doing vinyasa with continuous movement, try yin yoga to experience the feeling of stillness and vice versa. If you’re doing ashtanga or bikram yoga with rigid exercises, you can try switching to something a little more advanced like hammock yoga or laughter yoga. It is important that you put yourself in a new situation and discover what we are capable of.

hammock yoga

If you are doing ashtanga yoga with rigid exercises, you can try switching to hammock yoga

Practice yoga at home with a private yoga teacher

If yoga classes have become too familiar and are no longer interesting to join, it is time to leave the class and practice alone.

When practicing alone, you will be able to deepen each yoga movement. The practitioner will have the opportunity to listen to the body and find its desire in every moment. Based on what your body needs, you can choose each position for the best fit.

Not only that, but practicing alone at home gives you the opportunity to develop discipline, self-discipline, and focus. If you don’t know where to start, you can try inviting a private yoga teacher for guidance.

The teacher will guide you with new exercises and motivate you to keep practicing. If you choose the right teacher, you will surely easily get out of the rut when practicing this subject.

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