Tired after yoga: What to do?

Fatigue after yoga is very common, especially for first-timers. There are many causes of this condition and this is not a bad sign that you need to worry about.

Are you going through your first yoga lessons and you find that, after each session, you seem too tired and do not want to do anything? Yoga is a gentle exercise, suitable for everyone, does not require many physical factors, but why are you so tired?

Is fatigue after yoga a bad sign that you’re doing it wrong or that you’re having a problem? If you are having a headache because of the above problems, then let’s continue to see the shares below with LEEP for answers.

Why do you feel tired after doing yoga?

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has practiced yoga for many years, you can still feel tired after practicing for the following reasons:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • The body is not used to stretching. Yoga has a lot of movements that require the body to stretch continuously. This can make you feel tired after a workout, especially if you’re someone who has to sit at a desk all day.
  • Muscles are building strength. Practicing yoga is a great way to strengthen the body. Even basic movements like triangle pose, warrior 2 pose have this effect. Your body is working hard to strengthen muscles as you work out, so it’s understandable that you’ll feel tired after a workout.
  • You are not paying attention to the breath. Breathing is an important part of yoga because it helps you pay attention to your body. Not only that, breathing exercises also help you enter a meditative state and release negative emotions.
  • During exercise, the heart is also exercising. It works hard through each movement and this makes you feel tired after the workout is done.
  • You are not doing the right yoga poses.
  • You are not doing corpse pose properly. Corpse Pose is a relaxing pose that is usually done at the end of each study session to give the body a chance to relax and rest after a period of intense concentration.
  • You chose the wrong yoga class. If you’re a beginner and choose to join advanced yoga, power yoga or Hot Vinyasa classes, you’ll feel extremely tired after practicing.
  • You choose the type of yoga that is not suitable for you.
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If you feel tired after doing yoga, it could also be because yoga requires you to pay attention to both your breath and your body. That means the poses are having a deep impact on the body, so even a simple yoga practice can burn you out.

Not doing the corpse pose properly can also be the cause of your fatigue after practicing yoga

Not doing the corpse pose properly can also be the cause of your fatigue after practicing yoga

The secret to help you dispel fatigue to always be full of energy after yoga

The style and timing of yoga also play an important role in making you feel tired after practicing. Feeling tired can make you feel lethargic, but you can completely reduce this feeling of fatigue with these simple tips:

1. Sleep more

Lack of sleep is a common problem of people in modern life. Lack of sleep not only makes you tired when practicing yoga but it also leads to many dangerous diseases. Therefore, you need to pay attention to a lot of sleep, every night you need to sleep from 7 to 9 hours.

2. Change the time to practice yoga

Do you often feel tired after practicing yoga? If so, try changing to a different time to practice yoga to see if the situation improves.

3. Snack 2 hours before exercise

2 hours is a suitable time for the stomach to have time to digest. If you eat too close to the workout time, you will feel too full and not be able to comfortably exercise. Not only that, but it also makes you nauseous. In addition, you should also eat before yoga with light, easy-to-digest foods.

You should have a snack 2 hours before exercise

You should have a snack 2 hours before exercise

4. Caffeine: Controversial Matters

In the past, yoga teachers often asked you not to use any stimulants, including tea and coffee, before practicing. However, at present, this does not seem realistic.

Because consuming caffeine can provide energy for the body, but it can make you short of breath. Therefore, whether you can drink caffeinated beverages before exercise is a matter of controversy. However, if you want, you can drink it at different times of the day or take it a long time before exercise.

5. Check the type of yoga you are practicing to see if it is suitable for you

There are many different types of yoga to choose from and it is important that you choose the right yoga for you.

  • Vinyasa, power and ashtanga are very dynamic forms of yoga
  • Hatha yoga is usually slow and has long holding times between poses.
  • Gentle yoga, restorative yoga and yin yoga are slow and gentle types of yoga that are suitable for beginners or those who feel in need of a break.
  • Consider taking a basic yoga course to prepare for more challenging classes.
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6. Pay attention to your body during exercise to see which posture is making you tired

You will find that there are some poses that make you feel too tired after practicing. If you are in this situation, you can ask your teacher to give you some advice to improve the situation.

7. Regulate your breath as you practice yoga.

Your breath shows how your body is working. Rapid breathing means you are overworking your body. Slow, deep breathing is best. Allow yourself to fully relax in corpse pose at the end of each workout to give your body time to recover from a low-intensity workout.

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Why feeling tired after a workout can be a good sign?

  • Feeling tired can be an indicator of growth
  • Your body and mind are getting stronger through yoga exercises
  • The body is being stretched and strengthened
  • Your mind is training your ability to concentrate
  • Feeling tired means your body is changing during exercise.

Even those who have been practicing yoga for a long time experience constant physical and mental change through the practice of yoga. You just need to know that this is normal!

Fatigue after yoga can be an indicator of growth

Fatigue after yoga can be an indicator of growth

After a period of practicing yoga, you will definitely find your body gradually getting stronger and your flexibility will also improve. It is quite normal to feel tired after practicing yoga, especially for beginners. However, do not be discouraged by that.

If you feel tired after doing yoga in class or practicing at home, you can try another change of practice, which is to invite a private yoga teacher through the easyhealthylive.com app to see if this condition works. do not improve.

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